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When God Says No, Not Yet…

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some BIG NEWS that we might have to share… well, unfortunately that big news is no news a this time. Yes, I’m a little heartbroken, well maybe more than a just a little.

Once again we had set out to look for a house but this time we had found the PERFECT one! It wasn’t too big or too small… in fact it was the only one we’ve seen that felt like HOME the moment I walked in the front door. I was afraid to say anything because I didn’t want to ‘jinx it’. I prayed and had some of my family and close friends praying about it. I also knew in my heart that I needed to be prepared for any outcome.

Everyone seemed pretty optimistic as we filled out the paperwork and submitted it for approval. Let me tell you that waiting, with fingers and toes crossed, is very agonizing. Then we got word that the loan was not approved… my heart sank. We tried again with a co-signer, then again with another company, and another with the same answer. I knew that GOD was saying NO, Not yet my child.

However now we know what the problem(s) are and we are taking steps to fix this in the future. These issues have probably caused us to miss out on this PERFECT house but I know that in the future there will be a time when GOD does say YES and it will be more than we ever expected.

Unfortunately when you are self-employed it can be rather difficult to prove your income and had we realized the issues earlier we could have made changes. One of those changes was that last month I worked on getting my Notary/Wedding Officiant Business up and going. I haven’t had any clients yet but hopefully that will change soon as I have placed a couple of ads here and there.

Although I have been paying down debts that were incurred before, during, and after my divorce my income-to-debt ratio was a couple of numbers above what they really wanted to see. I have been doing a few other miscellaneous side jobs to bring in a little bit of income to help pay down these debts a little faster.

The disappointment still hurts and I have been a bit disheartened by the whole experience. I had already gotten my hopes up, counted my chickens before they had hatched you could say, and was saving Pins and screenshots left and right. I could picture us in that house and it seemed so PERFECT. The view of the pond would’ve been the best thing to wake up to every morning and I was so looking forward to it.

I have really been missing the fact that I haven’t had my own space here… a place where I can just relax and have a time out every now and then. That house had plenty of space where I could chill out and blog or work on one of the many projects I have laying around. It would have also had the perfect area for homeschooling… sigh… it also had two bathrooms and two bath tubs!

Now bringing myself back to reality and out of my daydreams has been hard. Have I questioned GOD? No, honestly I haven’t because I know from past experiences that I must trust HIS plan and not question it because HE knows our future and HE knows what is in store for us down the road. It is a hard thing to accept that HE has said NO to this when it all felt so right.

It is a very hard thing on some days more than others. I can remember when I first walked in and I saw the kids faces… they were so excited! They actually had plenty of room to roll around and play in the floor. The whole layout was just so wonderful… if we ever had the opportunity to build our own house I would probably want a similar layout with just a few minor tweaks here and there.

That will be sometime in the future… maybe. But for today I have to just accept that it isn’t in the plans right now and trust that something will come along in the future. We will keep working towards our goals and hopefully be better prepared when the next opportunity comes around. We do have one more loan request out to a private lender but it may be a little while before we hear back so I will wait as patiently as I can.

The past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. All of the waiting and such had made me quite irritable. Not too mention that we kept putting things off because we were ‘waiting to see’ what would happen. This meant a lot of things kept piling up around us as we were kind of in a limbo. Our little cabin was beginning to look and feel a bit cluttered.

The clutter was really affecting me because I just don’t function well with the clutter. I knew that I couldn’t control what happens with the housing situation but there are some things that I can control. Things like the way our current house looks and feels.

Today I decided that we needed to do a quick spring cleaning of sorts. Earlier in the week I had decided that we would go back to our old cleaning routine as the new one was not working out quite as well as I had hoped it would. Today we got caught up on some of the other chores and moved the furniture to clean thoroughly. We also managed to find a few things that had gone missing.

While our house is still small it definitely looks and feels better right now. I still have a pile of things that I need to work on and I did manage to make a small space to work even though it isn’t really separate from anything. I had to move our ‘Google‘ to another location as the kids love using it to answer questions, play games, and watch videos. Now I have the island pretty much to myself and my numerous projects which have been piling up. For a stay at home I stay pretty busy with a wide variety of tasks.

I think this weekend I will also be getting back to journaling as that helped me so much when I was going through some difficult times before. I will also be going through the school supplies I have stored in the shed to find the supplies I had bought to go with our next Little House on The Prairie Book, On The Banks of Plum Creek.

I had put everything in totes back when we planned to build a new book shelf but like I said everything has been in limbo waiting to see about the new house and now I need to go find my stuff in the shed. I have made up a basic set of lesson plans that I’m really excited about and the kids have been begging to start the next book so this needs to happen this weekend!

Anyways… just remember not to lose hope when things don’t go as planned. Remember that GOD has a plan and HIS plan is ALWAYS better than anything we could imagine. I know its hard to do sometimes but have FAITH and try not to be discouraged.

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Don’t Rob Others of Their Blessings!

We’ve all heard the expression ‘It is better to give than to receive’ but what about when we are the receiver and not the giver?

I was once told, by an old preacher, that I should always accept things that are given to me. He told me that if I refused these kinds of gifts I may be robbing the giver out of a blessing. Whoa! I had never looked at like that but now I do and I try to be as thankful as I can for everything even critical remarks and comments. I definitely don’t want to be considered a thief.

Sometimes God sends us things we need without us knowing that we needed them. He may send them through other people because they are in need of a blessing as well. So swallow your pride and thankfully accept what has been given. This may be their way of showing love. (Look up the Five Love Languages for more information.) By accepting their gifts you are also helping them to grow in a more positive way.

There have been many times where people have blessed me unexpectedly. I have been in line at the grocery store on more than one occasion and had the person behind me pay for my groceries. I know I have thanked them and even cried because sometimes this has happened when I really wasn’t sure if I was going to need to put something back or not.

There have been other times when I was more than capable of taking care of my own needs and someone would bring me something. One time was when a pastor from the local church had shown up at Thanksgiving with a turkey and a box of food. I tried to turn him away and told him we really didn’t need it. About the time my old pastor’s words were coming to mind the pastor told me that a couple from the church had actually bought all of these items specifically for my family.

I was brought to tears to think about the kindness that was being bestowed on my little family. When I went to put away the food I knew that someone had chosen each and every item especially for my family. There were snacks and other items not usually included in the ‘Thanksgiving boxes’ and these items just happened to be some of my family’s favorite things. Things that I would splurge on every now and then for special occasions. Even now I am tearing up remembering that gift.

There have been so many occasions that God has brought me things in unexpected ways. I know that He loves me and I know that He has a plan. He has a reason for using others to provide us with things that we need. He may need us to show that person love, gratitude, and compassion. The giver may actually be receiving something far greater than what they have given.

When we accept gifts we are recognizing the kindness of the giver. This can help to build relationships. We are also letting go of judgmental ideas such as: I don’t need this or I don’t deserve this.

Many times we are afraid of accepting things because of the fear that they may expect something in return however is something is genuinely gifted to then nothing would be expected.

By swallowing our pride and accepting the gift we are learning important lessons. When we have little ones we are also teaching them important lessons. We may also be setting ourselves up to receive even bigger blessings in the future.

So the next time someone offers me something I will be kind and accept it graciously. If I offer someone a gift and they refuse I will offer it again and ask them not to rob me of a blessing.


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Getting Back to Routines

I think it was last Tuesday when I wrote my last blog post, Getting Back to My Morning Routine, where did time go? It seems the older I get the faster it slips away.

Anyway we are still working on getting back to routines here. I do believe the laundry has been caught up, for now that is. Routines are coming more natural now as we continue to settle in. I am gradually adding a few more things to our routine schedule and trying not to get too overwhelmed. If it isn’t working then we make changes.

For instance last week the porch was really bothering me …. it still does for that matter. I had added it to my ‘Hot Spot’ list along with the table, the command center, and a few other areas that seem to be clutter collectors. The hardest part of living in a small home for me has to be the speed at which clutter overtakes things. This means I probably need to get rid of more stuff and teach everyone to put away the stuff when they finish using it.

Getting back to the porch, one area of the porch was sectioned off and tarped to use as a makeshift storage area for things that just wouldn’t fit in the house. Well, the intentions were to to close in the porch and turn it into a utility/storage room. Hurricane Irma hit before we could really get any progress made on that and caused us to delay those plans. Unfortunately, some of the stuff got wet and therefore needs to be gotten rid of. I have realized that some of the other stuff is really just stuff and not that important to me and I am trying to get rid of it.

Sighhh…. if only I had one day to dedicate to it I could probably do away with most of it and find homes for the rest of it. Then there would be space to actually make it an utility room or do something else there. For now I am going to keep my goal of 10 items/day and do what I can because every little bit is progress towards my goal.

That was a rather ambitious goal and I think I have managed to put three boxes of stuff in my truck to take to Goodwill. I also found some of my exercise equipment and made a temporary home inside for it… haven’t actually used it but I’m working on getting that back in my routine.

Another area on that Hot Spot list are the bookshelves. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many books, unless you live in a tiny space that just can’t handle it. Books are really hard for me to get rid of and I really am trying. My goal for these areas are one shelf a day. I also realized that some of the kiddie books are on a shelf that is not easily accessible to them and some of my more important books are a little too easily accessible for them… lol. I will be swapping some of that stuff around as well.

As far as our normal routines we are doing pretty well.

Today I caught up on my ‘weekly routines‘ (they may have changed a bit since that post) like scrubbing my kitchen sink (watch for that post coming soon) and cleaning out the fridge (post coming) and microwave. The FLyLady zone this week is in the bathroom so I have been doing a little extra work there and will probably put out some posts soon.

We’ve also worked on our ‘daily routines’ like laundry and such. I have chicken in the crockpot for Crockpot Italian Chicken and the kids are down for ‘quiet time’. I figured out how to upload pics from iphone to my laptop and now I am working on getting caught up on a couple of blog posts.

I must say I am proud of the kids and myself for being able to stay on routine as well as we did and for adjusting as well as they have. We have had our days, like yesterday, when I wonder if this move was really for the best. The kids were super cranky with a cold and I cried for awhile as I had to throw away some food because a freezer had gotten unplugged.

In my heart I know this was a good decision and that life will get easier as we go. It is so easy to doubt ourselves and lose faith when things get rough. I have to remember that God has a plan and that sometimes His plan includes runny noses, grouchy kids, and spoiled food.

Our little house may be old and dusty. There are cobwebs in the corners and plenty of things that need done. Our house is full of love though and we are working one day at a time to make it our home. I am hoping that by sharing our progress it will help to motivate others who may not be happy with where they are and help them to find contentment wherever they are.

We don’t need a new house or shiny new appliances. We may want them but that is something totally different than needing them. I am thankful for what the Lord has blessed us with and hope to help others feel that way too.

Note: If you read last week’s post you will see that I chose to wear purple last week as you can see in the picture… lol… today the kids think I should wear pink.