All-Purpose Breader

This has been a lifesaver for those of us who crave fried foods even though I tried to make them sparingly since we started our healthy eating journey. Mr. Awesome has had a craving for fried chicken so when he saw that I had set out some chicken to thaw he bugged me until I gave in.

If you fry them in refined coconut oil or palm shortening they can be a bit better for you though and this all-purpose breader seems to be a winner with even the pickiest eaters here… they devoured almost all of the fried chicken before I could get a picture! Continue reading “All-Purpose Breader”


All-Purpose Baking Blend

As many of you know we are on a healthy eating journey and I have been scouring the web for alternatives to many of our favorite recipes. The hardest thing for me was finding a baking blend that we liked. Many of the blends were either too expensive or just didn’t have a texture that everyone seemed to like.

After a little bit of trial and error, we have found a blend that works well for us and we have been testing this out with some of the Trim Healthy Mama recipes that call for their baking blend. This recipe has worked well for us so far but if I find anything that needs to be tweaked I will update the recipe. You may want to try making a half a batch when to give it a try before making the big batch that we make here. I also found this great container to hold my big batch. (You can also find it and most of the ingredients below at some Walmarts or just add them to your grocery pickup order so you don’t have to search for them.) 😉


All-Purpose Baking Blend

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Gluten Free/Grain Free Recipes

We do not currently eat a gluten-free or grain-free diet but we have been including more of these recipes into our diets.

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