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Keeping Up With The Bills Free Printable

It’s the 3rd already! Where has time gone? I’ve not been feeling up to par the past week or so and today it dawned on me that I need to pay bills… Oops… I apologize to my creditors in advance. When I finally sat down to get to work I realized that I needed a new sheet printed off. (See this post HERE if you missed my post last year about how I keep track of my bills.)

Well, that was easier said than done as my worksheet was saved on my old laptop… the one the kids killed last year. I had worked on it a bit last January and gotten it to come back up but I have only used it 3 or 4 times during the past year and each time was tricky as the laptop doesn’t act right and still shuts down frequently. Luckily for me (and you) I was able to get to the files I needed and get them saved on my portable drive (which was originally another laptop that a couple of the kids killed a few years ago)… yeah, lesson learned as they are no longer allowed to play on Momma’s laptop.

If you haven’t read the ‘Keeping Up With The Bills‘ post you may want to check it out so you can see how I use these worksheets to keep our bills organized and paid on time. Since I know that many of us have made resolutions to get more organized I am including links to FREE printables for anyone to use.


Monthly Bills PDF


Monthly/Yeary Subscriptions PDF

Happy New Year!

Free Printable Shopping Guide

I know, I know …. some of us just don’t want to think about Christmas shopping yet, even though I have already bought a couple of gifts. However I am getting a lot of requests about what my kiddos want or what sizes they are wearing so I think its time to make up my list so I can send it to those people who have asked for information.

Usually I just write it out on a piece of notebook paper but I thought others might benefit from this idea too so instead of just telling you about it I am including a FREE Printable Shopping Guide for you to use as well.

shopping guide

This can be used to write down information for your family or for information about others that you may need to shop for. You can even file this away for future reference for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Just snap a photo of the completed form and you’ll always have it handy when shopping or if someone calls to ask you for sizes when you are knee deep in the mud trying to rescue a ball from being eaten by Mr. Snappy the friendly turtle… another story for another day.

I will be making mine up just as soon as I hit that blue Publish button. I’ll write or type in each child’s name, sizes (clothing and shoes), their favorite/preferred colors, and anything they might be interested in which for us will be lots of dinosaurs and little house on the prairie… lol. The notes will be used for other information that I might need to give like their ages or ‘assigned’ color. Yeah…. we color code some things around here like cups, baskets, and school items to help keep track of things with so many kiddos.

Anyway here is the link again to the download:


Enjoy and happy shopping!

Kirby’s Kids Grade by Grade Homeschool Reading List

**This post may contain affiliate links to some of the products and resources that we have used. These are provided at no extra charge to you and help to support our blog and family if a purchase is made through these links. -Thank you!

Here is a list of books that we will be reading with our homeschool. I will update the list as we go through this journey. Many of these books can be found at your local library for FREE but I have provided Amazon links where you can find most of them ‘used’ for cheap.

You should keep a record of the books read. You can do this in a notebook or using this printable HERE. (My kids like the plain ones so they can doodle around the margins but I may try to come up with a ‘prettier’ one later.)

You may also like to check out these links for book reports:


First Grade:

Second Grade:

Third Grade:

Fourth Grade:

Fifth Grade:

To be updated!

Sixth Grade:

To be updated!

Seventh Grade:

To be updated!

Eighth Grade:

To be updated!

Ninth Grade:

To be updated!

Tenth Grade:

To be updated!

Eleventh Grade:

To be updated!

Twelfth Grade:

To be updated!

Kirby’s Kids: Our Favorite Homeschool Supplies and Printable Checklist

A lot of what you need for homeschool is dependent on how, who, where, when, why, and what you are teaching. A kindergarten child may not need a thesaurus while a high school child with lots of writing assignments will find it very useful. I have found that a lot of what we use are your basic back to school items that can normally be found on sale before the start of public school.

As I was going through our supplies I thought it might be helpful to come up with a checklist for everyone to go by. I have divided this list into what we use most and then some of the other items that we use on occasion which would be optional. I have provided affiliate links for a lot of the items that I order online because it is just easier for me to have the items delivered. (Affiliate links help to support this blog and allow me to provide more FREE resources.)

Most Used

Some of these items like the pencil sharpeners, staplers, and hole punches are not purchased every year so I try to invest in higher quality ones that will last. The printer we bought last year was a bit expensive and I had to save a while but the money we’ve saved in ink has proven that it was an excellent investment. We have only filled the tanks one time and still have plenty of ink left. Continue reading Kirby’s Kids: Our Favorite Homeschool Supplies and Printable Checklist