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On the Banks of Plum Creek Week 4 Lesson Plans


We start every morning off with our prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance. Below is a picture of the prayers that we say and a video of the Pledge of Allegiance.


Not the prettiest example but that’s what we’ve been using for the past few years.

Don’t have a flag? Grab one HEREand print it out to put up somewhere… you could even let the kids make a flag to proudly display. Amazon also has some little ones like this one HERE and HERE.

After this we have our calendar time also where we go over such things as the Days of the Week, the months, and some basic math.


This one came from Lakeshore Learning.

The younger kids will also be watching some of these videos while I work with the older ones:

We may also use some of the songs found HERE.

And we will be trying out some relaxing background music with Google.

We also like to use this song during our ‘Morning Time’ to help the kids learn the 50 States. 

Tip: If you want to go to a certain week/chapter or topic simply push the ‘ctrl’ and the ‘F’ button down together and a small bar will pop up. Type in the week number or chapter number you want and it will take you to it.

On weeks where there are several activities listed just choose a couple that interest you the most to work on.

Answer can be found HERE.

Answer Key Password: momsrock

Week 4: Chapters 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23

(The Fish-Trap, School, Nellie Olsen, Town Party, and Country Party)

Here is our lesson plan for the week:

Language Arts


Read Chapters 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23

Discussion Questions:

Chapter Nineteen (The Fish-Trap):

  • How old is Laura?
  • What did Laura not want to do?
  • What did Laura help Pa make?
  • How did the fish trap work?
  • What did they have for supper that night? How did Ma make it?
  • How often did they eat fish?

Chapter Twenty (School):

  • Why did the girls put on their best dresses?
  • What did Ma have for them?
  • How did the girls get to school? How far was it?
  • What did they have on their feet?
  • How did they find the school?
  • What did the boys call them? Why?

Chapter Twenty-One (Nellie Olsen):

  • How did Mary carry the money?
  • What was the money for? What did Pa say about being beholden?
  • What did Willie and Nellie do for their father to fuss at them?
  • How did the girls buy the slate pencil? What do we use now instead of a slate and slate pencil?
  • What games did the children play?
  • What rule did Laura remember that kept her out of trouble?
  • Why was Nellie crying?

Chapter Nineteen (Town Party):

  • Where was Nellie’s house?
  • Did the girls use good manners? Why or why not?
  • Did Nellie use good manners? Why or why not?
  • What happened that caused Laura to be embarrassed?
  • What did Laura have for the first time?
  • What did Ma say about hospitality? What did they decide to do?

Chapter Nineteen (Country Party):

  • What did Ma make for the party?
  • What did Nellie complain about on the way to the house?
  • What lied did Laura tell Nellie about the dolls?
  • What trick did the girls play on Nellie?
  • What did Ma say about the vanity cakes? Who might this have applied to?

Additional Reading:

Older Children:

Each child would complete a reading lesson from our McGuffey Primer Books or other reading materials that we chose for the day.

Younger Children:

Younger kids will also be doing one lesson a day from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

We are also working through All About Reading Level Pre-reading with William as he needed something a little different from what we had been doing.


Print:  On the Banks of Plum Creek Vocabulary Week Four List

Older Kids:

Parents click HERE for the answer key.**see instructions at the top of the page.

Younger Kids:


Older Kids:


Younger Kids:


We will be using the Writing Activity Station Kit from Lakeshore Learning for some of our lessons.

Choose one prompt below:

  • Write a one-page report about vanity.
  • Write a thank you letter to someone for something nice they have done for you.

Watch this video about similes:

  • Identify similes from page 134.

*Remember to use the thesaurus to come up with different words.

Other Activities:**


Older kids:

Younger kids:


You may find it easier to buy a Math Workbook to work through as you go along with the study.

** For fun you may try ‘ciphering’ on a slate with a slate pencil.


Rotate through these activities:

MÖBI Kids-The Numerical Tile Game for Kids in a Whale Pouch with Included Activity Booklet

Older Kids:

  • Work on a lesson in your Ray’s Arithmetic Books or other math workbooks.
  • Work on Khan Academy
  • Special Tasks:
    • If the girls could walk 4 miles per hour how long would it take them to walk 20 miles? 30 miles?

Younger Kids:

Geography and History

1. State Study

  • This week we will study Virginia.
  • Complete your notebooking pages.
  • Older kids can write a report about the state.

2. Landforms & Mapping


  • Discuss what you have learned.
  • Look at a map of where you live.
    • What symbols do you see?
    • Can you find the capital of your state?
  • Do one activity from:


  • Waterfalls

  • Deltas

3. Bonus


We will also be using this People Long Ago Resource Box from Lakeshore Learning to go with our lessons.

People Long Ago Resource Box&nbsp;- Gr.&nbsp;<span style="white-space: nowrap;">1-3</span>

There are also some other resources available here:


1. Pick one or two topics to learn about:

  • Fish

  • Blue herons

  • Snipes

  • Waterbirds

2. Learn about the weather and seasons.

  • Seasons

  • Droughts

3. Read:

Extra Activities:

Life Skills

1. Memory Verse

We will be memorizing Psalm 51 during this unit study. Print it HERE.

  • Work on memorizing a verse during the week for a special prize.
    • Verse 7: Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
    • Verse 8: Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice.
  • Older kids can copy the memory verse down in their notebook.

2. Character

  • What character does the peacock remind you of?

  • Do you remember how Laura wanted to get even?
  • Was this a good idea?
  • What should she have done?

3. Manners

– Read pages 43 through 55 of Emily Post’s Table Manners for Kids and discuss the manners used in each situation below:

  • What are some trickier foods to eat?
  • What are some different things you may see at the table?
  • How do you handle a spill?
  • How do you handle a burp?
  • How do you handle something you don’t like?
  • Practice these manners when you eat.

4. Fun Activities

5. Bonus Skills — Choose one or two to work on

Practice these until you finish this unit study and then we will move on to new skills.

Emergency Preparedness

Kids Cook Real Food 

Skill Trek

  • Work on at least one task a week.
  • Practice your new skill this week.

Back to the Basics

Learn and practice some traditional skills from the book.

  • Read pages 504-511
  • Discuss what you learned.

Herb Study

Dog Training

We are using Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days as a guide for training our puppy.

  • Discuss what you have learned
  • Practice the techniques with your puppy this week.

  • Discuss what you have learned
  • Practice the techniques with your puppy this week.


We will also be using:

PE, Health & Safety

1. Medicinal Uses of Leeches

  • Discuss what you have learned.

2. Leech Removal

  • Discuss what you have learned.
  • How does this compare with how Laura removed them?
  • Do an activity from the Health & Safety Theme Box

3. Games/Outdoor Play

Music, Arts & Crafts


Rainbow Fish Template



Sing Uncle John to the tune of Yankee Doodle:

You can check out my Pinterest page Little House on the Prairie Crafts for even more crafts and activities.


**This post does contain affiliate links to products and/or services that we use. We may earn a teensy weensy small commission (at NO EXTRA cost to you) if a purchase is made through these links. These links help to support our family, our blog, and our homeschooling mission.

 –Thank you!

Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness Day is a day to give and receive forgiveness. Click here to learn more about this holiday. This is celebrated on June 26th.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day:

(Use at your own discretion.)



Teaching Kids About Forgiveness – Meaningful Mama

Children forgiving others – Forgiveness craft – Truth for kids

Forgiveness | Kids of Integrity

Hands-on options | Forgiveness | Kids of Integrity

Forgiveness: A Virtue-Building Lesson Plan | Brilliant Star




Just a twinge

Last night I was reading over some things on my computer when I happened upon a very nice comment left for someone regarding something they had written. There was nothing wrong with the comment, nothing wrong with the person who wrote the comment, and nothing wrong with the person it was directed to. When I read it though I felt an instant twinge of jealousy. Why? I really wasn’t sure.

I admire the life she has. She seems to have everything going for her. The profile picture shows a happy family with a handsome, smiling husband and two kids right beside her. She has many accomplishments listed in her profile and she has traveled the world. So many things that I had planned on doing when I was younger.

When I felt the twinge I knew why, well at least partly. Then I thought about my family and all the things that I have done. If I had been in school or working I might’ve missed out on some of the opportunities that I have had. I instantly knew that I am where God would have me to be at this moment in time and I felt a sense of peace. I asked God to forgive me. Then I also asked him to bless her and her family as I know that they are right where He would have them to be.


The key to overcoming this feeling is to be aware of it. Don’t let it grow or it will overwhelm your emotions. I realized it immediately when I felt it but sometimes it is an emotion that comes on more subtly. It creeps into our minds and our hearts without us noticing it. We may start to feel discontent and not know why.

We may admire something someone has or something someone else’s husband has done for them. These feelings may trigger other feelings of insecurity and doubt about ourselves, our marriages, our families, and our lives. These feelings can grow and manifest themselves into bigger uglier problems like resentment, distrust, and anger.


Maybe you know or admire someone but you feel anxious or resentful towards them. Maybe you compare yourself to them and you feel like you are never enough or that you just can’t measure up to them. Maybe you wonder why they always seem to have all the luck. Maybe you wonder what they ever did to have or to earn the things they have.

You need to recognize that these feelings can come from being jealous. I know, I know, we don’t want to admit that we could possibly be jealous over someone else but it happens. We might laugh at someone if they suggest that we could possibly be jealous of a certain person.

You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere humans? – 1 Corinthians 3:3

The truth is that we are human and we have emotions. We feel things like no other creature on earth. We also have the ability to control these feelings. What do we do about this?

First, you need to recognize the feeling. Let yourself acknowledge it but don’t let it over take you. You can’t let it control your emotions, your actions, or your life. Accept responsibility for the emotions.

Second, take a look at why you feel the way you do. Take a step back and really look at the situation. Are you jealous of someone’s relationship? Are you jealous of someone’s appearance? Are you jealous of the recognition someone else gets from their job or other accomplishments?

Third, remember that you have the power to change the way you feel. The root of the problem lies within yourself and your own heart. Think about things you can do to improve yourself. Look at your own strengths and build on them.

Fourth, stop comparing yourself to other people. I mean it! Stop! You need to remember that what you perceive to be true is not always as it seems. Look at everything you have been blessed with and be thankful for what you have. Remember that if it is in God’s will for you to have something then He will give it to you in His time. I know how hard it can be to watch things fall in place for others when it might feel like your own life is falling apart. Just remember that everything is working together for the good.

Fifth, pray about it! Admit the feelings you have and ask God to forgive you for feeling that way. Ask God to help you develop a more positive outlook on life and to help you make positive changes in your life. When you recognize your faults and weaknesses you can ask for specific changes. God hears your prayers and He knows the innermost thoughts of your heart.

If you are struggling with jealousy God can and will help you. He can take away those feelings and He can create a new heart in you. He can help you overcome these feelings. Jealousy is a tool that Satan uses to get to you and he will use it to destroy you.

I pray every morning that God will help me to take away any feelings of jealousy, lust, envy, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness or discontentment that may be hiding in me. I may not see these until its too late and I have done or said something that I will regret later.

I ask Him to give me strength to prevent these emotions from creeping into my relationships with others. I ask him to help me remember that I was beautifully created by His own hand and that He loves me even when I don’t love myself. I also ask Him to prepare me for the changes He is making in my life and to help me accept the things that I can not change.

I trust in God and His plan for my life. He only wants the best for us and He has a plan for each and every one of us. So when you are dealing with jealousy or anything else you need to hand it over to God. He will help you just as He has helped me.

Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD. -Song of Solomon 8:6

December 3, 2016

Good morning everyone! It is such a beautiful day, isn’t it? I hope you all answered a big ‘Yes’.God is so good to us each and everyday. My cup is truly overflowing this morning. He has blessed us so richly and many times we just take those blessings for granted.

I am thanking him today for my family, for our health, for a roof over our heads, for food on the table, for the clothes on our backs, and the shoes on our feet. He supplies us with all of our needs and so many of our wants. Thank you Lord for being so good to me, my family, my friends, and the one who is reading this right now!

Yesterday I finally managed to get all of the Fall decor down and out to the building. DD17 helped me to carry out the totes. While we were in the building, which is a big mess, we dug out the Christmas totes and carried them to the house as well. I also restacked some of the other totes to make it easier when we need to retrieve them in the future. I am in the process of color coding our holiday decor so we can immediately tell by looking at a tote what is in it. This will help when I assign future tasks for the kids to help me with.

I am sitting at the island right now drinking my cup of coffee, typing this post, and working on my To-Do list. ( I am also messaging my friend and listening to some Christmas music as well.) The kids are finishing up their breakfast, Dutch Puff, and discussing their plans for the day which makes me smile.We do have one case of the grumpies, DS3, who kept insisting that he ‘needed’ brownies for breakfast.

They made brownies last night with DS17. Then while the brownies were baking we worked on our Advent Study, which I still need to pull out the nativity scene, and then enjoyed some warm brownies. I am really thankful that I did manage to get some of it together as the kids are enjoying it. I know when I get the nativity set out and they actually get to do the activities suggested they will enjoy this study even more.

So now we have a mountain of green totes in the Living room. This makes DS14 crazy but I have assured him that they will be out of the way soon. My kitchen island looks so bare right now, actually the whole kitchen does as it held the majority of the Fall decor, but I will use this as a chance to give it a good cleaning.

My To-Do list for the day also includes getting my stack of Christmas card addressed and ready to mail. I really hope that I can get them in the mail but that will be a bonus if it happens. I have the cards, the stamps, and the addresses on my desk so it probably won’t take too awful long to get them finished up. It is just finding a moment to actually sit down and work on it that my prove difficult.

We also plan to put up a few of our holiday decorations today. Yesterday the kids did stick Santa in the yard but someone had pulled him off his stake before we managed to get all the totes in the house. So that probably needs some attention too. We decided to wait until St. Nicholas day (December 6th) to put up our tree and the anticipation is driving the littles crazy! I don’t really know if there is a ‘right’ time to put up the tree. I figured we would do a lesson on St. Nicholas and try to incorporate the tree decorating into the lesson.

I’ve also noticed that something got into the trash bin during the night. So that will be on the top of my list to take care before the wind blows it all over the yard. It is an unpleasant task but needs to be done. Sometimes taking care of the not so fun things first will motivate me to take care of the other things on my list.

For now though I am going to enjoy a few minutes with the littles. DS3 has brought his plate to the island and is sitting beside me. DS4 is dragging sheets and blankets to the laundry room and just informed me that he had wet the bed last night. That doesn’t happen often and I know that accidents will happen from time to time.

It makes my heart happy to see that he is attempting to help with the clean up and that he is admitting what he did and accepting responsibility for it. He knows that it does affect the way I feel about him. He knows that he is loved and accepted and that we will not belittle him or make him feel bad about what happened. He also knows that we will help him clean up whatever he needs help with. He just told me that he will try harder to remember to use the potty before he goes to bed. So he is attempting to learn from the situation and prevent it from happening again.

We can learn so much from this. Life happens, accidents happen, mistakes happen. When they do happen we need to remember that God still loves us and that He is there for us. When we come to Him and tell Him what we have done, when we repent and ask for His help He will forgive us. We can use our mistakes as learning tools and try not to make them again.

As a parent we can also use these accidents and mistakes as a model of God’s love. We can listen to our children and remind them that we still love them. We can show them the same mercy and grace that God has shown to us so many times. We can show them the power of forgiveness and not make them feel guilty about things.

We also need to remember to be quick to admit our faults and mistakes. We need to apologize to them and ask for forgiveness if we have done them wrong in one way or another. This sets a good example for them. They will see that we are not perfect and that we make mistakes too.

I pray everyone has a blessed day!

God is everywhere, even at McDonalds

I just read a post on Facebook that really touched me. It was originally posted January 20, 2015 by Gerrard B. Laidler. This is a very moving testimony and reveals how great and awesome our God truly is.

He can reach down to anyone in the deepest darkest moments of their lives and he can bring them out of whatever situation they are in. Then he can use those that he has helped and lifted up to help others.

So please remember that no matter what your past is God can use it for His glory. Your story may be the story that one certain person needs to hear, you may be the only light that can lead them to Christ.

44 Then he turned toward the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I came into your house. You did not give me any water for my feet, but she wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. 45 You did not give me a kiss, but this woman, from the time I entered, has not stopped kissing my feet. 46 You did not put oil on my head, but she has poured perfume on my feet. 47 Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”

48 Then Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.” – Luke 7:44-48

Below is a copy of the post from Facebook and it should link back to the original post, if you wish to read it there as well. I hope it touches your heart like it did mine.

Tears of relief

Gerrard B. Laidler

TEARS OF RELIEF…(a Testimony Nugget)
The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. As I sat in my car while the insanely “cheap gas” filled my tank…out of nowhere this woman taps on my window, “Can you please buy me something to eat?” Opening my car door, I took my headphones off and said, “Excuse Me!” She responded: “Can you please buy me something to eat?” Instantly frustrated: It’s 34 degrees outside. I just worked 12hrs overnight from 7pm-7am. I’ve been under the weather for the past few days. And I just want to go home, take some more NyQuil and tap out again (Big Sigh). “Go inside and I’ll be in shortly,” I motion to her. Still sitting in my car, I replay the words of this lady in my head and say to myself: “She did not ask for money, but for food!” I’ll definitely do this, I concluded as I hopped out of the car.

Inside of McDonald’s…

I approach the counter and the lady appears from behind me like a dark shadow. I motion towards her, “What will you like”? “A two for three Egg Mcmuffin,” she exclaims hesitantly. In this moment I decide to get me a “two for three” as well, but I substitute the Mcmuffins for their biscuits (y’all should try this). Meanwhile, once our food is placed on the counter, I walk to the back of the restaurant to divide our sandwiches. In a hurry, I quickly tell her “you don’t need to be out here in this freezing weather like this!” “I don’t have a place to stay,” she mummers. “I’m homeless!” The conversation continues. “What is your name?” I ask, politely. She replies and shares a bit more about herself as I listen intently. “Sir, I can’t be over here by you for long. My boyfriend is jealous and he will jump on me if he sees me talking to another man!” At this point I’ve recognized a golden opportunity for ministry as I blurted out: THAT COWARD AIN’T GON’ DO NOTHING TO YOU (y’all pray for me. I can’t stand to hear about a man beating on a woman).

Sharing My Testimony…

Ma’am, look at me! I slowly make a handgun signal with my right hand, point it directly in her face, and pull the trigger while shouting…”POW!” I continue. “Can you look at me and tell that I was shot at point-blank-range in my face?” She nods her head in disbelief. “Ma’am, I should be dead, but God kept me here to talk with people like you.” In addition, I share my notorious 10 year drug history and prison background so as to come down to her level of common ground and reasoning. For the most part, I realize one important aspect of ministry, is this: If You Have No Common Ground With The One You’re Ministering To And Cannot Relate To Their Pain Or Struggles…It’s Less Effective In Pulling Them In. This explains why Jesus wrapped himself in our human flesh. He knew that in order to save mankind, He had to experience all of the tears, all of the burdens, all of the pain, and all of the sorrow of mankind, including death (Heb. 4:15). Frankly, It’s just something about it when you have previously worn the filthy shoes of the one you’re now trying to convince that they should remove off of their feet for their own good.

Tears Of Relief…

With the stage set, I asked the most reckoning and eternal question that every human being alive must answer someday: “Do you know Jesus Christ as your ‘personal’ Lord & Savior and the free pardoning of your sins?” (John 14:6). Tears begin to roll down her face. The question pierced her heart. She rebuts, “I’m afraid to accept Christ, because I’m afraid I will fail Christ!” I explain to her that due to our fleshy nature and frailty, walking in 100% complete perfection as a Christian is a myth from Satan. We strive for it, however, we are constantly changed daily through prayer, studying scripture, and submitting to the power of the Holy Spirit within us. The biggest lie the devil presses upon our minds is that we are just out here alone to fend for ourselves. We have Peace, Power, and His Presence within. The Tears Are Pouring Heavier and Profusely.

Brighter Days Ahead…

With the Spirit of God moving, I grabbed her by the hands and asked her plainly: Would You Like To Settle Your Eternal Destiny & Resting Place After You Depart This World? Tears Steady Flowing. “Yes!,” she finds the strength to speak. Holding her hands firmly, I said repeat after me. We Began: “Dear Lord, Jesus. Please Forgive Me For All Of My Sins…I Know My Heart Is Not Right With Thee…” Tears Of Relief Are Pouring. And Oh!…How A Peace And Calm Filled That Section. Heaven Rejoiced! Meanwhile, to encourage her of Brighter Days Ahead, after being released from a Federal Prison, I reflected back on how God has blessed me with two jobs: One that provides a 401K, full health, dental, vision, and another life insurance policy. And the other, a night shift manager to further develop my professional, communication, and business management skills as I seek to press forward after everybody counted me out since all I’ve ever did for money was sell drugs. Finally, I said “You are beautiful. Your life has purpose and meaning. And if God can turn my life around I am speaking over your life for TRANSFORMATION, RESTORATION, EXALTATION, and Financial REHABILITATION! You may not understand if you’ve never had it hard in life. But I was elated that I pushed myself aside so that God could use lil ole’ me. What A Beautiful Picture Of Tears Of Relief… ~MrGBL

****Prophetically, I’m Believing A Behavioral, Relational, Occupational, and Double Financial Turnaround For Everyone Who Shares This Timely Post On Their Page. The World Needs To Know That Nothing Is Too Hard For God…#Type AMEN! #Share

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It’s true, I went to a bar!

I’m not perfect. And who knows how many times I’ve fallen short. We all fall short. That’s the amazing thing about the grace of God.’- Tim Tebow

If you have read some of my previous posts then you may understand this quote. I have been dealing with a lot of gossip and rumors for a while now. Some of the rumors have some truth to it and some of them are just outright lies.

I will admit to anything I’ve done. I won’t lie and try to cover it up. In fact, maybe sometimes I am too honest about what I have and have not done. I’ve always asked people to come to me if they have questions about anything in my past. Well, unfortunately there are some people who don’t do that and would rather try to publicly humiliate me.

The past few weeks have been really bad for me as someone spread a lot of rumors about a night out that I had with my best friend. We went to a bar, yes a bar, and we had a good time. By good time I mean we enjoyed the music and we talked. We talked a lot about everything. Our marriages, our children, our pasts, our regrets, and the opportunities that may come our way in our futures.

We did not go bar hopping as people have claimed. Nor did we go to pick up anyone, in fact we didn’t even talk to any males that were there. We were simply there to get away from some of the stresses at home and to talk. Yes, I know there are probably other places we could’ve went but we did enjoy the music there the time we had been before.

Gasp! Yes, I just admitted that we went to the bar another time before this one. Again we did not go bar hopping or to pick anyone up. We ate some dinner together and enjoyed the music. (Yes, we did have a couple of drinks.)

That time we did talk to a few members of the opposite sex only because they had come to talk to us. There were no long or inappropriate conversations with anyone else and we did not dance with anyone. We didn’t even accept any drink offers, not even from the bouncer.

I didn’t feel the need to post about these outings as they were outings with my best friend. I didn’t realize that these outings would become such a big deal to so many other people. It wasn’t that I was hiding the fact that we went out, as anyone who mentioned it to me knows, but I never felt that it was something that needed to be publicized. We don’t make it a habit to go out to bars and I never imagined that this would’ve been such a big mess.

I don’t like people who hide things. We’re not perfect, we all have things that people might not like to see, and I like to show my faults.’ – Grace Jones

We are often times so afraid to admit things we have done for fear of what others might say or do when they find out. I have come to learn that in this day and age there is almost nothing that is done in secret and everything will be found out in one way or another. The thing is that God already knows what we did or didn’t do.

When I have done something wrong He will convict me just as He does for everyone else. We are the ones who will decide whether to repent or not and to turn from whatever it is that we are being convicted of. It is not our place to judge one another for what they have done or haven’t done.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? – Matthew 7:3

So I apologize if I’ve misled anyone to think I was perfect or that I am not human and I don’t make mistakes. I am flesh and blood and make mistakes just like everyone else. I try to learn from those mistakes and I also try not to repeat them.

If you have something that you have been judged for then take it to God. Ask for His wisdom and guidance about the matter. Remember that it is best to be honest about it in the beginning. If you try to hide it then others will just try to hold it over your head. They may even start making personal attacks on you and your character. Please remember that nothing you have done can separate you from God’s love.

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November 18, 2016

Turning I Can’ts into I Cans

Who Am I?

Coming Home

At this time of year many of us will be traveling to visit friends and family. Some of us will be headed back to our childhood homes. Often times this can create a flood of memories and emotions that can overwhelm us.

We had planned to visit with family but a stomach bug has hit our house so I think we will be staying home. However yesterday I was blessed with my own ‘coming home’ experience. It was a precious moment to say the least.

I had only left to run a couple of errands but my littlest was still napping when I had left. He always likes to tell me good bye and make sure that I know he will be missing me while I am gone.

When I pulled into the drive I saw him come running from one side of the play yard to where he could see me better. He was jumping up and down and waving. It was his little smile though that got me. He was lit up from ear to ear with genuine happiness.

As I pulled behind the house to park I could hear him yelling, ‘Mommy’s home, Mommy’s home’. I brought in the groceries and headed to my room to put up a couple of things. I heard him come in and start searching for me. He quickly went from room to room asking others where I was.

When he found me he was still wearing that sweet smile. He hugged me so tightly and I could feel his happiness and joy transferring to me. Of course, I picked him up and hugged that little guy right back. It was a beautiful moment. I know there will probably come a day when he doesn’t want to hug me so I will cherish this little moment.

This made me realize that coming home and being welcomed by those who love us and are genuinely happy to be with us is such a wonderful feeling. They will bring us joy and love and it will bless us in so many ways.

So, no matter what is going on around you right now, please remember to take a few moments during this holiday season to make sure that those you love really know that you love them. Give them a ‘coming home’ experience that they will cherish forever. It will not only bless them but will bless you as well.

November 18, 2016

This week has been hard, really hard. It has been painful and upsetting. I have been dealing with a lot of gossip and rumors for what seems like an eternity. Every time things get bad I have tried to find the source to no avail. However there has always been one person in the center of it who wants to know everything.

This person is a family member. This person is someone I should be able to trust to look out for my best interests and well being. I don’t know how anyone could constantly want to keep stirring up trouble for others, especially those who are close to them.

It seems that every time things are going well for me or my family then the rumors start. If my attention seems to be going to someone other than this person then the rumors start. If I seem to be having too much fun or enjoying life too much then the rumors start.

I always seem to be the last person to hear about it. Then when things get really bad someone will let me know what they’ve heard. Then it always seems that there have been previous tales that no one wanted to mention but considering the latest news they feel the need to mention them. This time it has been said that some of the rumors can not be repeated and that everyone knows I would not have done what was said.

The pain from this can get almost unbearable and can cut through my soul like a knife. When I hear the rumors I know that it is someone close to me and that breaks my heart. My heart has been broken so many times in just the past few months that it is scarred more than you can imagine.

It leaves a person afraid to trust anyone. I don’t have many close friends because of this. I don’t want to possibly drag anyone else into this constant drama that I am dealing with on regular basis.

When confronted this person does not seem to have any remorse for the damage and pain they have inflicted on me, my family, and others around us. They deny any knowledge of who could be responsible or why they would be doing it. They always pass the blame on to others and say it is because of jealousy. They can build a convincing case against anyone.

The sad thing is that this person can also convince others that the gossip they spread is true. The rumors have gotten outrageous and out of control lately. I had chosen to ignore them thinking that the ‘do nothing’ approach would quiet the storm. It only seemed to make it worse and this person redirected their attacks on me.

There is usually a bit of truth to the gossip they tell, as is usually the case with gossip. However they embellish the stories and take them way out of proportion. They intentionally add details to hurt others and to cause people to question one another’s true character and morals.

This week, as in times before, these rumors and lies have caused major misunderstandings between my ex husband and myself. It has taken us a long time to get to the friendly place we have been at lately but now that relationship is strained again. This in turn has affected our children as he has not come to visit them or to take our little birthday girl out to dinner.

Earlier in the week I was on a mission to track down the source, once again. I made several calls and sent a few texts. I finally came to one conclusion after talking to many different people. That conclusion was that the person who I had confronted about the situation before was indeed the one who started the gossip yet again. Granted, each and every individual who passed on the gossip is guilty too, but this person is in my house everyday.

I have struggled a lot this week to treat this individual in respectable way. I want to scream and yell at them. I want them to experience the hurt and pain they have caused me. They saw me in tears Sunday night when I learned of the rumors. They listened when I explained part of what was going on and yet they showed no emotions, no remorse, nothing. They immediately pointed the finger at a person I hadn’t talked to more than once in the past few months.

I admit I have been a bit cold towards this person this week. I admit I don’t know how to handle this situation. I have prayed and prayed and prayed. I pray when he comes in the door, when he sits and watches TV, when he leaves, even when he isn’t here. I pray that God will give me wisdom when I speak to him and that he will give me the words to say. I pray that he will give me the strength to get through each and every day because I know that it will get easier as the days go by. This is a lesson I have learned so many times just this past year.

Do you know what has kept me from acting out towards this person? Love. I love this person and I could not cause them the pain and hurt that they have caused me. I know God loves this person too. God loves me and He has shown me that love time and time again. I have to pray when it is hard that He will help m continue to show His love, mercy, and grace. That He will not let my light be dimmed by this situation.

When we truly love someone we want the best for them, even if it hurts us. We share in their joys and triumphs. We grieve with them when they are hurt or have lost something important. We encourage the ones we love and we do our best to build them up and support them. Even if we have the chance to expose their flaws and shortcomings, we don’t if  we truly love them.

I pray that God will touch his heart and help him see what he is doing. He doesn’t just do it to me but to everyone around him. I pray for God to help me to forgive him but also that God will help me not to give him an opportunity to spread any more lies about me. His lies have caused major misunderstandings with a close friend of mine also. I have pretty much given up on repairing that friendship and have left it in God’s hands. I pray that God will build a hedge around me, my family, and my friends to protect us from this gossiper.

I also pray that God will keep reminding me that it is Satan who is working through this person to get to me. I am trying my best to remember that and it makes me pray even harder for this person.

I keep reminding myself that nothing that happens today can separate me from God’s love or God’s will for me. He loves me no matter what has been said and He knows me. He knows where my heart is and He knows what I’ve done or not done. In the end that is all that really matters.

Turning I Can’ts into I Cans

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Beware of the Jezebels

Recently I was doing a study on being a help meet. I have done this same study before when I was married and I just needed something to occupy my mind. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to refresh myself on it in the event that the good Lord may send someone my way.

As I was reading there was a section on Jezebel. It concerned me greatly because of recent events going on around us.You can read more about her in 1 Kings. There is also mention of her in Revelation 2:20. (As I write this I am referring to Jezebel as a woman but men can also have this evil spirit within them too.)

She will prey on people who are smart and intelligent. She will want to be friends with those in power like the pastor, the boss, or other people with positions of leadership and power. She will gradually corrupt their visions and thoughts. She will poison them and everyone around them. She can and will destroy them and everything around them. This includes marriages, families and churches.

She will prey on those who are weak. She will find weaknesses where there seem to be none. She may start out as being a follower to these individuals only to assert her power over them at a later time. She will use her followers like puppets to spread her poison throughout.

Jezebel will often appear to be a very spiritual person. She will appear to be more religiously devoted than others and will often claim to be inspired by God, a prophetess. People will follow her advice only to find themselves deceived in the end.

She will defend and become confrontational if accused of doing something. No matter how horrible, sick, or perverted the act she will never admit any wrongdoing and will never repent. She will justify everything she does by her ‘visions’ or by her spiritual insights. She will never show any true humility.

She will challenge authority figures and will attempt to be a leader in every situation. She will go to extremes to discredit the leaders and to cause them to fall. She will be very critical and judgmental and will be so convincing that others will fall victim to their lies and believe them as well. Jezebel will constantly eat away at their victim’s self confidence until there is nothing left. Jezebel will constantly play mind games and create situations that cause themselves to be the center of attention.

The Jezebel spirit is an extremely powerful demonic spirit of perversion, lust, manipulation, mind control, witchcraft and the occult. It can manifest itself in various forms such as lies, rumors, strife, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, competition, bitterness and hatred.

We can see these traits in many women of power. These women claim to be working for the good and may seem to be charming, friendly, trustworthy and generous but they will and have deceived us.

When we use them as role models we see our lives falling apart, our families, our marriages, our communities, our churches and our country will also fall apart.

When a Jezebel is in a position of leadership then she will bring shame to her position. She will cause the downfall of whatever endeavor she is involved in.

If a Jezebel is trying to control her marriage then it can be devastating. She will attack her husband’s role as head of the family. This spirit will undermine her husband and make him lose interest in his responsibility to his family. He will become distant with her and will not feel that he can trust her with his feelings.

Eventually it will cause all kinds of chaos and strife in the family. Parents and kids will constantly be fighting and arguing over everything. There will be no peace to be found.

If you can relate to any of these traits then you can begin by asking God to forgive you. Ask God to show you the way out of the darkness and he will begin to make the change.

If you see this in your church or somewhere around you then be prepared for a fight as this spirit is very powerful and it will take a great battle to rid this spirit.

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