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Help! I’m Drowning, Or At Least It Feels That Way…

I started out this morning with over 2,000 emails which was a bit overwhelming. I had cleared a few hundred of them on Saturday but it barely made a dent in the pile.

Then today as I was catching up on emails and such I happened to see that we have HURRICANE MICHAEL headed our way. Just another thing to add to the list of things to think about. While we are not on the coast nor have we been put under the ‘State of Emergency’ the counties right next to us are so that means we do have potential to see some damage. This also means that we need to make some emergency preparations and be prepared for when the storm hits. As we have learned in the past the storms don’t always go along their predicted path.

**Update: The state of emergency has been expanded from 26 counties to 35, including ours, since this post was written. Our prayers are going out to all of those in the affected area as well as the first responders, National Guard, and all of those working to keep everyone safe. Continue reading Help! I’m Drowning, Or At Least It Feels That Way…


I didn’t clean my house last week!

Can I tell you a secret? I didn’t clean my house last week or even this week yet. We didn’t have school last week and probably won’t this week either. Sometimes we all just need a break, a time to do nothing, a time to just enjoy life. 

Ok, so maybe I did clean a little bit. We kept up with our basic routines and I did declutter the playroom but no other ‘real’ cleaning took place. We took down our Christmas decor and carried it out to the building for next year too. 

By the ‘basics’ I mean that the dishes and laundry were washed and put away everyday. The bathrooms were wiped down with a cleaning wipe every morning. The table and counters were wiped down after each meal and the floors were swept. We also made our beds and the kids picked up theirs toys. 

We didn’t vacuum the carpets other than the playroom. We didn’t mop and so far no one has stuck to the floor. We also didn’t dust or polish and yes, you probably can write your name on the mantel. 

We didn’t have any ‘formal’ lessons or structured learning. However the kids did take it upon themselves to work in their workbooks. They also did some ABC mouse on the tablets and computers. 

You know what happened? We survived and the house doesn’t look like a complete disaster. 

The kids also learned a lot about sharing and working independently. They got to be kids and that’s important too. 

Our routines kept us together and kept our house running smoothly. So when someone is sick, out of town, or just plain tired the house can keep going as normal. 

What routines do you have? Make them as simple as you can so they can keep your house running when you need a break.