Peanut Butter Pie w/Meringue

img_9577A sweet old lady shared this recipe with me many years ago when we worked together at a little restaurant. This was her signature pie and people came from all around for a slice of this!

She didn’t really measure so I had to catch her one day when she was whipping this up so we could get it written down.

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Apple Pie Filling For Canning

This stuff is so good… even when you don’t put it in a pie! This can be made in bulk and canned for later use. I always had a stockpile of this on hand when I was into canning. I really do need to get back into it again soon! I’ve never tried freezing it but it should be ok.

This recipe works well for the Apple Crisp Recipe I have. For a pie simply pour a jar into an unbaked pie shell and top with another unbaked pie shell. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour.

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Mama’s Southern Pecan Pie

Pecan pie doesn’t have to be hard to be delicious… give this easy recipe a try. Just make sure to get all the shells out of the pecans if you hand shell them… it’s probably a good idea to check your store-bought ones too!

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Super Simple Graham Cracker Crust

When you see just how easy this is you may never buy a store-bought crust again! I recently saw a similar curst made with gingersnaps and a touch of cinnamon… I know what I’ll be trying out soon!

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Blackberry Pig in a Poke with a Brown Sugar Glaze and a Traditional Glaze

You can read more about how this recipe came to be HERE.

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A Special Christmas Treat

Ok, so I’m not entirely sure what the real name for this should be but this is the name we came up with last night. Papa D has been talking about this dessert that his Granny would make and how much he enjoyed it and would love to have some. The only problem was no one had the recipe nor did anyone know the real name for it.

When he explained it to me I thought it sounded similar to the Blackberry Dumplings my mom-mom always made. Yummmmmmmy! So for the past few months, I have been researching and trying to find this mysterious recipe. I’ve gone through some of my old cookbooks and then looked online too. I’ve found many similar recipes but nothing that seemed to fit what he was describing so I figured I’d just kind of ‘wing it’ and make my own recipe. Continue reading “A Special Christmas Treat”