Non-Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Families

I know some of us aren’t really ready to talk about Christmas shopping yet but I wanted to throw a few ideas out there really quick. I’ve been getting lots of requests for sizes and likes for the kids so I know there are some busy little elves about. I’m so glad that I printed out this Free Printable Shopping Guide – Makes Christmas Shopping So Much Easier!I filled it out too which is always a good thing!

Katie over at Kids Cook Real Food has some great ideas for simple, inexpensive gifts that won’t clutter up your house. This is great for Mommas like me who HATE clutter… our house is so small that it doesn’t take long before things get cluttered in here and Christmas time is probably the hardest part of the year. Even though we’re hoping to be in our new house by Christmas I really don’t want to clutter everything up! Continue reading “Non-Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Families”

Our First Christmas Decoration For The Little House On The Pond!

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I don’t know about you all but this Christmas has not went as planned here in the little house on the pond. We did manage to get a tree up but it hasn’t been decorated yet… and how many days ’til Christmas? I’m afraid to check.

The kids don’t seem to mind that the tree isn’t decorated as Nanny J let us borrow her fiber optic tree and it is so pretty! They also know that Olivia has wrapped some gifts to place under there as well. Momma hasn’t wrapped a single gift, yet, but I do plan to wrap some later today.  Continue reading “Our First Christmas Decoration For The Little House On The Pond!”

Another Gift Idea: Zoo Membership

Another great idea came to me earlier. I know that my kids love going to the zoo. For us it actually comes out cheaper to buy a yearly membership than to pay full price for one or two visits!

Our local zoo offers some special rates and discounts at this time of year. You can make the purchase online or in person which also makes it a little extra convenient. Your loved ones will remember your thoughtfulness every time they visit their favorite place!

Reblog: Stuck for Ideas for Christmas Presents for Your Man?

I know it may be too early for some of us to think about Christmas while others have already finished up their shopping but some of us are kind of piddling with ideas and while working on my own list I found this article which I thought I’d share with you all:

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