Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 7 Lesson Plans

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We Start every morning off with our prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance. Below is a picture of the prayers that we say and a video of the Pledge of Allegiance.


Not the prettiest example but that’s what we’ve been using for the past few years.

Don’t have a flag? Grab one HEREand print it out to put up somewhere… you could even let the kids make a flag to proudly display. Amazon also has some little ones like this one HERE and HERE.

After this we have our calendar time also where we go over such things as the Days of the Week, the months, and some basic math.


This one came from Lakeshore Learning.

Tip: If you want to go to a certain week/chapter or topic simply push the ‘ctrl’ and the ‘F’ button down together and a small bar will pop up. Type in the week number or chapter number you want and it will take you to it.

Week 7: Finishing Up

Here is our lesson plan for the week:

Language Arts


You can work on a lesson in your Ray’s Arithmetic Books or other math workbook. (The lessons below reflect what we worked on.)


Rotate through these activities:

Click HERE to check for updates.

Older Kids:

Younger Kids:

Geography and History

1. State Study **

  • Review the states we learned about and choose a state to research more.
  • Write a report about the state and include at least 3 interesting facts about the state.

2. Continue to Research the Gold Rush. **

  • Finish your speech!
  • Give your speech!

Bonus: **

Research the main ways of pioneer transportation.

  • How do our methods of transportation differ?
  • What ways, if any, do we still use today?

Here is an interesting video about transportation methods you can watch.

Fun things to do:

The Scrambled States of America Puzzle and Book Set


1. Pick out a previous topic to research more and write a report about it.

2. Check out some other forest animals. Which ones have you seen before?

3. Check out these other videos for more information for you Gold Rush Speech.

  • How is Gold Mined?
  • How is Gold processed?
  • How is Gold used?

Fun Projects:

  • My kids also enjoyed reading:

 Bears on the Brain (Science Solves It!)

Life Skills

Be sure to continue practicing your manners at home and away from home.

1. Research Maple Syrup as an alternative natural sweetener

  • Discuss what you learned.

2. Research the history of Johnny Cakes

  • Watch this video:
  • What are two other names these are known by?
  • Bonus points for making up a batch of these today! Here is a recipe.

Check out these Pioneer recipes that are still around today:

3. Learn about the Sabbath Day.

  • Discuss what you learned.
  • How can you observe the Sabbath Day in your home?

Bonus Lesson/Activities:

  • Make some Pioneer Taffy.
  • Check out this video about preparing for a Pioneer Trek. (Mormon Pioneer Trek Preparation Demo)
  • Learn how to clean a gun, with your parent’s permission!
  • Look up at least two Bible verses about Gold, choose one to memorize.
  • Research Pioneer Fashion

Here is one about Amish clothing which is similar to the pioneer clothing:

  • Discuss what you learned.
  • How do these differ from our clothing today?

PE, Health & Safety

    1. Practice making healthy food choices
    1. Research Cabin Fever and ways to prevent/cure it.
    1. Make a Giant Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • Bonus: Research Tobacco.

  • (mentioned in Chapter 9)
    • Discuss what you learned.
    • List 3 different side effects of tobacco use.
  • Games/Outdoor Play

  • Play any of the games listed above or choose your favorite game to play.
  • Continue your Square Dance lessons.

Music, Arts & Crafts


  1. Choose a previous craft that you haven’t done yet.
  2. Make a Spoon Doll p. 14 Pioneer Crafts for Kids
  3. Make a Pioneer Doll p. 32 Pioneer Crafts for Kids
  4. Make a Log Cabin Photo Frame p. 36 Pioneer Crafts for Kids
  5. Make a Pioneer Life Diorama p. 51 Pioneer Crafts for Kids
  6. Use My Book of Little House Paper Dolls: The Big Woods Collection to reenact and retell the story to someone.
  7. Build a Pretzel Log Cabin
  8. Make a log cabin with Lincoln Logs.


  1. Choose a previous project that you haven’t done yet.
  2. Draw a picture of your earliest memory and write a story about it.**


  1. Am I A Soldier of the Cross? p. 138 Laura Ingalls Wilder Songbook

2. The Star Spangled Banner p. 80 Laura Ingalls Wilder Songbook