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Super Busy Start To The Summer

Oh my goodness, the past few weeks have been so super busy… but then again it seems that we are always so super busy anymore which is something I definitely want to work on because this Momma is exhausted! Anyway, hopefully, we will see the rewards of some of the projects we’ve been on and will be able to share them here soon.

The past couple of weeks we have been doing some major cleaning and organizing around here. I started in the storage shed where I bought a couple of big shelves from Sam’s Club when they had a special going on for Memorial Day.


The kids wanted to make bunk beds out of the shelves and I’ve seen some Pinterest ideas where they have used them as such but I needed them for organization. They did go together fairly easily which was a good thing. I put both shelves together one morning and then worked on the shed for a couple of days. Here is a rather embarrassing picture of the shed before:


As you can see, it was nearly impossible to find anything without moving a ton of junk beforehand.

And after:

I can find my square dance outfits easily and the kids love having space where they can play with some of the neat homeschool resources they haven’t seen before. I do need to sort through a lot of stuff and donate a bit but I am so happy that I finally have all of my homeschool stuff in one place! Really, you just don’t know how happy that makes this Momma!

We also decided to tackle the porch and the results have been great even though there is still a way to go before we can start enjoying the porch like we’d like to.

Here’s a before and an after photo:

I’ve never been able to walk off of that side of the porch before and I can actually set up my Gazelle and exercise out there… I haven’t yet but I could. We can actually find our fishing poles too now when the urge to fish hits us. The kids have had great fun running in circles through one gate and out the other… Oh, what I wouldn’t do for just a wee bit of that energy!


We also cleaned up the yard quite a bit and gathered up limbs, trimmed trees, and I finally got my little flower garden looking halfway decent, it still needs some mulch of some sort. We have also marked quite a few trees that need to be taken down because of various reasons. This will probably happen sometime during the next week or so.

That reminds me that we are still working on eating healthier and I am constantly learning new tricks and tips on this journey and I have been reading through my Trim Healthy Mama books over and over for more information. I can honestly say that I am feeling so much better than before and even though the scale isn’t showing a lot of progress you can definitely see and feel a difference.

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We’ve definitely found some winning recipes and then we’ve also found some ‘not my favorite’ ones too while also coming up with a few of our own. I’m also working on tweaking our old favorites to make them a bit more trimmified… is that even a word? You can check out our menu for this week HERE.


In addition to the healthy food habits we’ve been working on I also decided to get a Berkey. You can read more about that HERE if you haven’t already. We are really enjoying the fresh clean water and it tastes SO GOOD! I also feel good knowing that we have a good way to purify water in the case of an emergency.

Click here to learn about why the Berkey Water Filters are so good!

It has also helped the littler kiddos be a bit more independent as they can reach and operate the Berkey without help. Instead of whining and complaining that no one has filled up their water bottles they can take care of it themselves… unexpected wins are GREAT!

The kids have also been learning about Emergency Preparedness in their On The Banks Of Plum Creek Adventure. They were surprised to see that the Herb Fairies Book they are currently ready actually mentions the book, On The Banks Of Plum Creek, that we are reading also.

Yes, I know most kids are out of school for the summer but we’ve decided just to go year round as we often need to take little breaks here and there for different things that come up. It also seems that if we break for more than a week or two at a time it takes FOREVER to get some of the kiddos back into the school routine so this is what works for us right now.

On top of all this, we are still square dancing at least two times a week and trying to keep up with two businesses. I have a wedding to officiate later this month and I need to work on some things for that as well as decide exactly what I plan to wear… I might need to buy something to wear but don’t tell Mr. Awesome… Shhhh! I’ve also been working on getting the kids caught up with dentist appointments and just made appointments for everyone to get their yearly physicals… Oh, what fun that will be! I’ve really been enjoying the ease of the Walmart Grocery Pickup service as I can go to the dentist and pick up my groceries on the way home… multitasking at it’s finest.

I’m sure there are a ton of things that I’ve forgotten to mention but maybe I’ll remember them and include them in on the next one. I hope you all are enjoying your summer and have a lot of fun plans! I’ve got to get off of here as I still have a ton of things to do today like give the dog a bath and make dinner among other things.

Talk to you soon!

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Meet Our New Berkey!

Oh my gosh! I was so excited last night when we got home from the dance. I had a couple of big boxes sitting on my recently cleaned off porch… another story for another day as we’ve been doing a lot of changes around here and may have even more to come.

Ya’ll know that we’ve really been trying to make some healthier choices around here and one of those is to drink more water. Now we did drink our fair share but I know that I need to increase my water intake a bit because water is so vital to being healthy and I want to set a good example for my kiddos. I just had a harder time with it for a couple of reason.

Our water is hard water and even with the water system, it has had a kind of smell and taste. Well, to me it does. There are a few people who don’t seem to notice it at all but I grew up on spring water from the mountains and this water is not spring water! On top of the smell and taste, it has had a bit of an orangey color to it… GROSS! TRIPLE GROSS!

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Wishes To Reality Update

As you probably know from reading our latest posts we have been staying CRAZY BUSY in 2019 just like we did before. However even though our schedules have been busy I have been trying to work in some changes, a couple at a time, to help us turn those wishes into realities.

My first wish of having the kids to listen better seems to be going along fairly well. I have been making it a point to work more one on one with each of them as I can. I have also not had to speak to them as much because I’ve went over what I expect and given them a list of rewards for when the goals are met or some consequences if they aren’t met.

I had also noticed that I was yelling more… ok, I felt like I was yelling. People sometimes laugh when I apologize for yelling because my yelling doesn’t seem like yelling to them… anyways I was having to talk much louder than I preferred and I didn’t like that. Did you know that yelling makes it seem like you aren’t in control? Well that was definitely not the message I wanted to convey to this little army I have here!

I also know that yelling doesn’t fit into the overall picture of wanting to create a more loving and peaceful home. We have a small home so when one or two people start yelling it begins to sound a bit like a busy coffee shop in NYC!

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