Nanner Puddin’ Time

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The boys have been begging to make something so I decided to let them have a try at banana pudding this past week. I must say that they did a great job and we all enjoyed their tasty dessert!

They had a lot of fun making it as well. We used our Easy Banana Pudding recipe.

They all took turns cutting the bananas with these cute little knives I found on Amazon. Continue reading “Nanner Puddin’ Time”

Easy Banana Pudding

This is an easy dessert that my whole family loves, especially grandpa. There are so many different variations of banana pudding that I usually just make it the easiest way I can.

The kids really enjoy helping to put this together and sometimes add a few sprinkles to the top to make it extra special. They can slice the bananas with a butter knife and layout the vanilla wafers. I just have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t eat all of the cookies. I also like to put the pudding mix and milk in a container with a tight lid and let them take turns shaking the pudding. Continue reading “Easy Banana Pudding”