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Getting Routines Started 101

‘Your first obligation as a parent is to not bring chaos into your kids’ lives.’

OK, I should’ve written this before I started on the other posts about routines. I didn’t realize, until I was writing another post, how complicated and daunting routines can seem. Truth be told we all have some kind of routine already.

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Trying to find a new balance

Original Blog Post May 20, 2016
I haven’t posted in a bit as I’ve been so busy here at home. We went on a camping trip to RELAX… yeah, not a lot of relaxing when you take kids and grandpa with you. It was a very fun and interesting trip though. I will definitely want to do it again soon.
For now though we just finished up school and we are still working on wedding plans. I managed to get most of my post divorce paperwork and changes completed. Now I am just waiting for everything to ‘get situated’ and return to ‘normal’. Whatever that may be. I’ve been questioning a lot of things lately, mainly my sanity at times. I’ve tried a few new things and looking forward to exploring new places around me. There are so many things that I want to do and try.
One of those things was fishing, from a boat, and we did that this past weekend. It was WONDERFUL! I think I am a saltwater fishing addict now. On the other hand I also have my kids to tend to and look after. They alone are enough to keep me busy. My house is a wreck right now and lets not even talk about the yard work.
So how do I find a happy balance between work and play? I’m working on that a little at a time. Lately it has been more tempting to play more but the house work is starting to tell on me. So this weekend will probably be spent cleaning and taking care of yard work. I still get overwhelmed at times, dealing with post divorce stuff and planning my daughter’s wedding. Not too mention stress when things don’t go as planned like a NO SHOW for visitation. Or when the kids decide to act out at the same time. Its hard but I manage one day at a time and with lots of prayer.
I know I fail every day in one way or another but I just pray for forgiveness and strength to keep pressing on. I will keep putting one foot in front of the other and hoping for the best each day. I know that every day will get easier and that sometimes I will have really bad days but they will pass. All of these struggles will shape me into a stronger person and I am so thankful for that.