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Drying Food, Farm Bingo, And A Trip To The Library

Yet another forgotten post. Just a reminder of how crazy our life got last year… I do enjoy looking back over these memories though! This was from October 2018…

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We’ve had a busy week with drying food, farm bingo, and the a trip to the library mixed in with our regularly scheduled actitivites. These were just a few of the topics we covered in our second week of our Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventure.

Once again the kids are loving this adventure and it has encouraged them to learn so much and they are constantly seeking out answers to new questions they come up with. While this can get quite annoying at time, hey… I’m being honest…., I know that this is an important part of learning.

We started off by reading Chapters 3 & 4 in the Little House in the Big Woods. We always have a nice discussion after reading so the kids can ask/answer questions. They look forward to hearing more about Laura’s adventures in the Big Woods.

We are still working out of our Ray’s Arithmetic Books, and still working on fractions. The younger kids are working on some other activities in math and they love working with Spielgaben set too.  (I thought I had some pictures but I can’t find them.) Continue reading Drying Food, Farm Bingo, And A Trip To The Library


Valentine’s Day 2018 Roundup

The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough around here. Mr. Awesome was sick and then the internet has been down for a bit. (I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks now but couldn’t post it.) Then my computer died… eek! Thankfully all seems to be better now and I am trying to learn the ins and outs of my new computer.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner so I wanted to share a couple of ideas and deals that I’ve found and some that I have tried out myself. (This post does contain affiliate links.) I’ll update this list if I find any other really good deals too!


Free Valentine’s Day Printable For Kids

DLTK’s Crafts for Kids Valentine’s Day Printables

Coloring Pages at Crayola

You can also check out my previous post here ,which I will be updating soon, for more ideas and activities.




Cute Valentine’s Cards:

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How We Make Our Small Kitchen Function Better

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Ok, I’m gonna make this intro as short and sweet as I can so that you can get to work right away on these easy ways to organize your kitchen and make it function better. I know that my kitchen is relatively small so it might not seem like I should have that much to do but it is the opposite. I have a lot of stuff crammed into my tiny kitchen where we cook at least 3 meals a day not counting snacks.

Continue reading How We Make Our Small Kitchen Function Better

Fun And Unusual Holidays To Celebrate In January (2018)

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I know, I know it’s already the middle of January and I’m just now getting this list out and I do apologize. I promise I’ll do better! I kinda dropped these posts a while back but I know I like to find all of the fun and unusual holidays to celebrate with my kids so I am determined to start doing these again!

I do have the monthly links on Kirby Kid’s page or you can click this link January Holidays.
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How To Start Homeschool With 10 Easy Resources

**This post does contain affiliate links with which I may earn a small commission if a purchase is made.

Has the thought of homeschooling entered your mind? Maybe you’ve bounced the idea around but you just aren’t sure it is right for you and your family? I know I thought about it when my oldest kids were in school but at the time it just wouldn’t work for us. I thought it was going to be too difficult but I was wrong and I’ll share some of our favorite resources with you. You can read more about our homeschool journey here. Continue reading How To Start Homeschool With 10 Easy Resources

Updated Shopping Links!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve added some new links on the Affiliate Disclaimer & Links tab just in time for Christmas. Are you still looking for a unique gift for someone special? Why don’t you check out some of these sites below or check out the Affiliate Disclaimer & Links tab for a complete list of companies I am currently working with.   Continue reading Updated Shopping Links!

St. Nicholas Day (12/6)

December 6th

This is the day we have decided to put up our Christmas tree also. I will try to incorporate this into our lessons for the day.

When is St. Nicholas Day?


Santa Who? (This book has some wonderful illustrations and helps teach children about how Santa came to be a symbol of Christmas.)

The Saint Who Became Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend

The Baker’s Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale, with Bonus Cookie Recipe and Pattern for St. Nicholas Christmas Cookies (15th Anniversary Edition)


Crafts and Activities: (Links will take you to other sites.)

Easy Peasy Saint Nicholas Crafts for Catholic Family Activities for St. Nicholas’ Day

Family Activities for St. Nicholas’ Day

Word Search

St. Nicholas Day on Pinterest

Christmas Crafts 2018



A Recipe for Saint Nicholas Cookies

Santa Pancakes


I like to give coloring books and other small ‘stocking stuffers‘ for the kids.

Color & Cut Christmas Decorations Activity Book

St. Nicholas Pin

St. Nicholas”Be Giving” Mug

St. Nicholas Figure

St. Nicholas Figure



Welcome to the What’s in the Bible? Video Archive

Story of Saint Nicholas – Part -1 | English | Story of Saints For Kids

Story of Saint Nicholas – Part -2 | English | Story of Saints For Kids

Who Is St. Nicholas? – JellyTelly Christmas 5 Minute Family Devotional

The History of Santa Claus: St. Nicholas and the Origin of Santa – FreeSchool


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