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Emergency Preparedness: Prepping For Hurricane Dorian

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Ahhh… it’s been a busy week as we’ve been trying to get back into the school routine and trying to keep an eye on a storm that was headed our way. Earlier in the week, our fears were confirmed and now every county in the state has been declared a state of emergency. The models have been changing almost every time I check for an update and the latest ones I have seen are predicting that it will be a Category 4 by the time it makes landfall south of where we are.

Needless to say, there are a lot of people panicking and some evacuating. Many Floridians, like ourselves, will be staying and weathering out the storm. This means that we need to be prepared for at least a week without power. Maybe that doesn’t sound too bad for some of us who may enjoy those camping trips but if you aren’t prepared for this it could be a disaster. The little town where I grew up was known for power outages that lasted a week or longer at a time. They could happen in the dead of winter so we learned to be prepared.

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My 2019 New Year’s Goals

As you read the title you may be rolling your eyes because we all make resolutions but many of us, myself included, don’t quite keep to them or just never even start them. I know last year I had some really great ones that were not so specific but somehow they managed to slip away from me.

Part of the blame falls on some major life changes (big sister moved away/death in the family), an illness that took me a while to recover from, and LIFE which seems to get busier everyday. When you combine all of those with the fact that we had recently downsized and moved (from 2,000 sq ft to just barely over 600 sq ft) its no wonder I didn’t accomplish everything I had set out to do but I did manage to make a little progress in each area.

SO what are some of the top resolutions for 2019? According to an abc news article they are as follows:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Save money
  3. Travel
  4. Make new friends
  5. Get a new job or hobby
  6. Find love

Hmm… some pretty interesting resolutions. Have you thought about yours yet? I have given it a bit of thought and here are my goals for the upcoming year in no particular order:

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