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I’ve been working on a few ebooks and such. Just playing around a little bit here and there to try to make a little extra money. Below are the links for some of them:

31+ Breakfast Ideas And Recipes, ebook


31+ Breakfast Ideas And Recipes, paperback


Kirby’s Korner Blog: Top 40+ Family Favorite Recipes (ebook)

I’ve been known to try out a few different ‘work from home’ things from time to time. I have also made a little extra income from some of these opportunities. Unfortunately some of the ones I had used in the past are no longer around now. Below are some of the ones I currently use successfully. These don’t pay a lot but they do add up and I can use the money to buy a few extras around the house.

Disclaimer: I may get a referral bonus for signing up new people to some of these links.

  • You can get free gift cards for discovering things online with @Swagbucks just like I did. Use my link to try it out. (I currently have over $5.00 here from this month.)
  • Ebates where you get paid to shop as you normally do. (I have earned $40-$50 in one month.)
  • Check out FusionCash to earn money. (I earned over $5.00 yesterday.)
  • Honey finds & applies coupon codes at checkout FOR YOU so you can get back to wasting time on Twitter 😉 (I earned $11.00 just doing my normal shopping last month.)
  • Panda Research is looking for panelists to complete simple surveys in return for Cash, Free Stuff and Bonuses.

Again, these sites are not ‘get rich quick’ but they do provide a little extra spending money.

Here are some more links to promos and product reviews:

Product Reviews: Estroven

Amazon Promos 7/16/17

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