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Cabin Fever

WARNING: This post is probably one of my whiniest, depressing, and just gloomy posts ever!

I think we’ve all heard of Cabin Fever but maybe you haven’t really ever had to deal with it. I know the term gets thrown around here and there but actually experiencing it is no fun at all.  It is described as:

cab·in fe·ver


noun: cabin fever
  1. irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter.

Well, this past week and weekend I have had a horrible case of it even though winter has passed. (I’ve also come down with a bit of a cold after taking the boys to the doctor and I haven’t felt very well.) It has been raining, raining, and raining like crazy and we’ve been stuck in the house quite a bit.

Then when we do go out we are usually headed to a dance and dodging mud puddles with dance shoes and crinolines on is not a whole lot of fun.  (I don’t really know why it has been so bad right now as I’ve spent many a week or more snowed in when we lived up north and I don’t ever remember dealing with Cabin Fever to this extreme.) Continue reading Cabin Fever


Bathroom And Extra Room Kleaning Missions Weekly Wrap Up

Hey everybody! I haven’t been doing daily updates this week as we haven’t done a whole lot of major cleaning missions at all. I overdid it last week and had to call in reinforcements just to get a few projects tackled this week.

Luckily Ms. Olivia was free for a couple of days and she came to stay with us. The kids loved having big sister back home and she really did help out quite a bit.

This week has been a very dreary week with rain and storms almost everyday. Not great for getting motivated to work but perfect for sleeping. The good side is that we haven’t had to water the garden at all!

This week was also a pantry challenge week for us and since we just finished organizing our pantry last week we had a pretty good idea of what needed to be used up. Continue reading Bathroom And Extra Room Kleaning Missions Weekly Wrap Up

Mother’s Day Weekend Wrap Up

Oh my! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We did here but it has left me pretty much exhausted from all the fun. Continue reading Mother’s Day Weekend Wrap Up

Kitchen Kleaning Friday Mission: Final Touches

SO sorry guys! This was set to publish last week but for some reason it didn’t… been having that issue a lot lately so I’m not sure if it is with my internet or what but here it is.

As you know everything have been on a mission to get this little house on the pond organized. Last month was the bathroom and this week our main focus has been in n the kitchen. Our kitchen is small but it has many functions and we’ve been working hard to make it work better for us.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons this week. We’ve learned that is really is nice to be organized and when everything has a place life is much easier and so much less frustrating. We’ve also learned that our family can work very well together to achieve our goals. This is amazing as we’ve been having a few issues with our ‘tweenager’ who normally doesn’t want to help out at all. This week she has been asking for tasks to do!

I have shown the kids time management skills as well as organizational lessons. They are also learning to be more responsible with the exception of pencil sharpeners.

We’ve also had a lot of fun rearranging things and talking about random ideas that pop in our heads. We’ve worked together to pick out items for the kitchen and came up with ideas for decorating the rest of the house too. Hopefully by incorporating everyone into the planning process it will pull everyone together and help us to reach our goals together.

We have an art project in mind for the kitchen window so hopefully we will be posting pics of that soon!

This week has been a wonderful week. We have accomplished so much more than what I had expected.

Kitchen Kleaning Thursday Mission: Cabinet Organization

I am so happy with the progress we have made this week. The whole family has been chipping in with tasks, working together, and surprisingly enough fighting a lot less! Maybe we should have started this a while back.

We didn’t have very much left to do in the kitchen. It seems we have kind of found a rhythm and developed our own little process for tackling these areas. The biggest thing is to remember to break the big tasks down into smaller tasks. I’ve found that once we’ve completed a couple of smaller tasks it helps to motivate us to the next one. Continue reading Kitchen Kleaning Thursday Mission: Cabinet Organization

Kitchen Kleaning Wednesday Mission: Pantry

Ahhhh… it’s Wednesday, hump day, and we are halfway through a whole week of working in our kitchen here. (I started writing this yesterday.) Today was a tough day for us here with cranky kiddos and many, many interruptions. Jacob was really excited to get started this morning. Continue reading Kitchen Kleaning Wednesday Mission: Pantry

Kitchen Kleaning Tuesday Mission: Refrigerator

Well today has been a bit more eventful than I planned. I am writing most of this post on the way to a dance. We did accomplish quite a bit today though.

My goal was to get the refrigerator corner of the kitchen cleaned and organized a bit. Continue reading Kitchen Kleaning Tuesday Mission: Refrigerator

Kitchen Kleaning Monday Mission: Stove and Spice Storage

If you read yesterday’s post you probably know that I am in the process of cleaning my kitchen. Now it had a fairly thorough cleaning last August before we moved in and I have rearranged a few things here and there but it is still a work in progress. Small house living has its pros and cons and can be quite aggravating when you can’t get to things you need on a regular basis.

Last month I tackled that problem in our bathroom and reorganized it from top to bottom in one day! Now it still needs a thorough cleaning and a bit of work but it is much more user friendly and I have a much better storage area too. You can check out more here.

The kitchen was next on my list as that happens to be the FlyLady Zone right now. (I love this site!) My first mission was to tackle the stove area. This whole project took me 30-45 minutes (in between loads of laundry and helping with schoolwork) to complete. Continue reading Kitchen Kleaning Monday Mission: Stove and Spice Storage

April’s Bathroom Mission

I know I’ve mentioned a couple of times about the bathroom decluttering I did last month so I figured I’d give you guys a peek of what I did.

I didn’t take before photos but here are a few of the afters… a big improvement! I’m glad I was able to get most of the cleaning supplies in the locked cabinet. (Yep, that’s my vacuum in the bathroom because I still haven’t found a better place for it and that’s my press on the table too!) I did add another shelf in this cabinet which helped out a lot! Continue reading April’s Bathroom Mission

Last Minute Easter Ideas

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Ahhhhh! Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday? Man, where have I been? I’m telling you guys that time has just been slipping away from me so fast this past month or two. I’m still dealing with side effects and exhaustion from being so sick last month.

Here’s a couple of ideas from Katie over at Kids Can Cook Real Food that I found interesting:

How Do you Make an Easter Basket Without Junk?

No Mess, No Food Coloring Easter Egg Decorating

I have managed to throw together a quick shopping list for Easter dinner on Sunday and I think I will just try to do one giant Easter basket like I usually do for the kids. Hopefully we will get around to coloring some eggs this weekend too. I’d also love to attend a Sunrise Service but not sure if that will happen or not.

What plans does your family have?

Wishing you all a very blessed weekend!


Pi Day Party With Numbers Alive

As many of you may know this past Wednesday was ‘Pi Day’ as the date 3-14 represents Pi (3.14). We celebrated here at house with a Pi Party… lol… we had everyone bring their favorite pie, some people brought pizza pies, and we just had a great time. Our Party was a Featured Party opportunity from Tryazon. There were 249 similar parties taking
place last week here in the United States. Continue reading Pi Day Party With Numbers Alive

Product Review: Instant Peel Exfoliant by Earthen Skin Care

Has this winter weather done a number on your skin like it has mine? My face has been dry and rough and it needed a little bit of pampering. Well the kind folks at Earthen Skin Care sent me a free sample of their Instant Peel Exfoliant product and let me tell you that it did make a difference. My rough, dry, dull skin was immediately transformed and now it feels soft and silky smooth, not to mention that it has a nice glow to it as well.  Continue reading Product Review: Instant Peel Exfoliant by Earthen Skin Care