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Ride the Wind Day

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Ride the Wind Day is a day to celebrate the wind, air, and sky above us. It is celebrated on August 23rd. Click here to learn more about this holiday. This would also be a great day to plan a trip to a local aviation museum.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day:

(Use at your own discretion.)

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Why I Quit Homeschooling My Kids

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It’s true! I’ve quit homeschooling my kids… at least temporarily. We’ve had a busy hectic schedule here and everyone is off routine which means total CHAOS here. We originally planned to start back this past Monday, and we did, but things just didn’t ‘feel’ right. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so stressed with everything going but I am just not in the right mindset at the moment.

Missing Materials

I didn’t have time to plan like I had wanted so Monday and Tuesday felt so ‘rushed’ and ‘chaotic’ that I was ready to cry several times. We had planned a ‘First Day of School’ video but that didn’t turn out well either as partway through the video I realized we were missing some important pieces to our ‘Morning Table Time’. Sigh… it wasn’t pretty as I went digging through drawers and folders to find everything and then trying to find a place to put it back up was another matter.

I do have most of the first few weeks planned out on our Homeschool Manager app but I still had a few blocks that I wanted to ‘fill in’ with some fun activities. If I couldn’t find something I wanted to use I had planned on making a couple of things. Well, with my trip to PA that hasn’t happened. I just really haven’t felt like doing much of anything since we got back and it has really shown this week.

Lack of Space

We had planned a couple of projects over the summer to help out with space issues in our Little House on the Pond but they didn’t happen. That only led to me feeling more and more frustrated.


We also experienced several interruptions each day, many of them while attempting to make our video. Our homeschool area is usually right around the dining room table, although Joey has been using one of the smaller end tables for his independent work, and the table sits right inside of the front door.

This means that every time someone knocks on the door I have to go answer it if the door isn’t open. This causes an interruption and takes us forever to get back to what we were doing. Not to mention that on occasion guests want to chime in on our lessons. Please don’t get me wrong, I do love having others help out with lessons from time to time but I like to know about it beforehand.

Mr. Awesome is great with math and the kids really like it when he helps them with their school work. Plus hearing something explained in a different way from another person may help them to understand something they didn’t get when I first taught it. I usually want to have a little control over who is helping with what lesson because sometimes people tend to wander away from what the intended point of the lesson was or they get long-winded, like really long-winded.

Our house phone is also right by the door as well and the telemarketers can be relentless some days. I have been pretty good about keeping my phone away from our school area and not checking on notifications every time they pop up. (In fact I’ve been trying to implement a ‘social media free Sunday’ here at our home.) The interruptions just kept piling up one on top of another and when I was already feeling a bit stressed it didn’t help my mood.

Busy Schedule

On top of unexpected trips and having trees cut down we still have our normal busy schedules to deal with. We have dances at least twice a week and we are gearing up to start beginner classes next month. As the Publicity Chairman for our clubs I have a lot of work for advertising and communicating with potential new dancers.

Then I have some blogging stuff I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to do a few webinars and courses to help me out. These will also, hopefully, end up benefiting the whole family but they don’t see that. All they see is Momma ‘playing’ on the computer and there is no way for them to distinguish ‘play’ from ‘work’. That’s the life of a work from home Momma, right?

I also had and still have a few blog posts that I need to work on. There are quite a few ideas running around in my head as well as an Inbox full of requests and offers that I need to take care of.

We have also been doing a few ‘side jobs’ like some painting for family and we have a couple of events that we have been planning for the upcoming weeks as well. When we do a square dance event for a company, organization, or other party there are contracts to draw up and schedules to organize. Not to mention that I often need to find child care for those events because we don’t really like to take the whole brood with us to a location we haven’t been to before.

Then yesterday we picked up a nail in our tire when Mr. Awesome went to look at a job. I noticed the warning light come on as we sat outside waiting. It went off after putting some air in the tire but came on again a little bit down the road. After calling the dealership and making an appointment to get the tires checked and an oil change we headed to get groceries. (I hadn’t been grocery shopping since before I left to PA!) 

Walking back to the van from taking the carts to the corral I noticed that we had a flat, very flat, tire. We do have insurance where someone will come out and change it but it was starting to rain and the kids were tired and hungry. (I was tired and hungry too.)  I felt it would probably be best to try to change it without waiting for help as Mr. Awesome was with us. About 20 minutes later we were on the way home and in desperate need of a shower.

I know that these things are a part of life and they can’t always be avoided so I try to make the best of the situation and remind myself that there is a reason for everything.

Lack of Routines

OK, this is probably one of the biggest downfalls to our homeschool attempt this week. While I was only gone for a weekend that was long enough for the kids to get out of routine and for the house to get more than a little chaotic.

The kids have been sleeping in a lot later than normal which has proven to be a very hard thing to get them out of. They also did very few chores and did not keep up with their household responsibilities. Part of this lies on Mr. Awesome for not keeping up with it but I know he was just trying to keep things simple and easy.

The fact that the routines had not been enforced means that the kids have ‘conveniently forgotten’ a lot of their normal chores. This puts more work on everyone especially myself. While ‘forgetting’ to brush your teeth for a weekend may not kill anyone the ‘forgetting’ to empty the trash might when the smell is enough to knock you off your feet when you open the door after being gone all day.

My routines have also suffered because of all the CHAOS and as a result I hadn’t been to the grocery store. My meal planning has been planned out like a Pantry Challenge for the past week or so. I’ll admit that we also spent more on fast food this past week than I would have on groceries. Not a good thing for someone who has been working so hard to stay on a budget!


So what do I plan to do about all of this and when will we get back to homeschooling?

Well, we do plan to continue homeschooling the kiddos as I still feel strongly about this. In fact I read something the other day that said this year, in Florida alone, there will be approximately 90,000 homeschool students! (I have a post planned on this as well.)

We will continue to do our ‘Morning Table Time’ and probably add the other areas within the next week or two. During this ‘transition’ time I will be working on getting our house back in order. I just can’t function when my house is in CHAOS and disorganized. While our house isn’t that BAD it isn’t the way I’d like it to be.

Last year was rough as we had just moved and trying to get things in order took FOREVER! This past summer we worked hard on getting things organized. So hopefully if I focus my attention on getting things back in order we will have a better homeschool experience.

I will be working on getting lessons planned out and pasting links to videos/articles in the notes section of our Homeschool Manager app(Check out the giveaway here.) I am also going to get things printed out and filed so they are ready when we need them.(Did I mention that the whole wireless system had went crazy while I was gone? I just got it fixed yesterday.) This will hopefully prevent the craziness of tearing everything apart to find what it is that we need at the last moment.

I already have a blog post series started to keep track of everything we are using so that I can post it for others to use as well. This little bit of time spent planning will help to make that series go along a little easier as well. I will try to get it posted week by week at first so that anyone who wants to follow along can have easy access to resources and materials.

The lack of space has been addressed with Mr. Awesome who is working on some solutions. While we have been looking at some ‘new to us’ houses we haven’t found ‘the one’. We also agree that we would like to be a little bit more financially secure before we commit to a mortgage payment. That means we need to get creative and find some ways to make our current space work better for us.

Then there are the interruptions. I know that interruptions are a fact of life and can not always be prevented. Sigh… we just seem to have so many more than I am used to right now. I have registered with the National Do Not Call Registry as well as with some of the local sites. I also make sure to let each telemarketer know that I want to be removed from their list ASAP. I may look into one of these gadgets here to help prevent telemarketer calls from coming through or I may invest in one of these phone systems that has it all integrated in one unit.

As far as the visitor interruptions, most of them come from people we know, I will have to get a little bit more creative. I do have an idea to rearrange the furniture which will put the homeschool area away from the door. I have also thought about coming up with a simple sign to hang on the door ‘Quiet Please… Learning in Progress!‘ or something like that to let them know that we are indeed working on something important.

There are other interruptions that just can’t be helped like the flat tire that I need to go get fixed when I finish here but we will just need to deal with them as they arise.

One of the great things about homeschooling is the flexibility. I know each family can decide how strict or how relaxed their schedule should be. I consider our schedule to be somewhat relaxed but I do have an outline of things I would like to cover/accomplish within a certain time frame whether it be for the day, the week, the month, or the year. When we have so many interruptions day after day it puts us behind and we end up not finishing what I had planned. The flexibility of being able to put things aside can also be the root of stress when things just keep getting put aside for later.

Our schedules are kind of crazy and I try to allow for that when I plan out our homeschool year. This is part of the reason I love Homeschool Manager so much as I don’t have to erase anything or change anything. We can easily rearrange our schedule or simply work off of our ‘back log’, if I like. I can also enter in important events, just as I do with my Cozi Calendar, so that we can plan around them. Both of these make life so much easier.

I do try to get up earlier than everyone else so I can get a little bit of important work done but sometimes that just doesn’t happen because of one thing or another. This is something that I do need to try to improve on though and I plan to work on this during the next week or so. I also know that once the house is back in order then a lot of this other stuff will fall into place.

I am also trying to come up with some kind of idea to help the kids, and everyone else, know when I am working on something important. Sometimes I go to my bedroom and work on a makeshift desk but the kids know where I am so they are constantly interrupting me. I read somewhere, and maybe even posted, about a mom who wears a hat when she is ready to start homeschooling. This lets the kids know that it is time to settle down and get ready to learn.

I don’t think I want a hat but maybe an apron, I did have one with apples and a chalkboard on it so I may need to dig it out, or another little sign will let them know that I am working. I have even thought of maybe scheduling a little time to head to the library for a bit of solitude. I do want to be accessible for the kids but I also need to have a little bit of distraction free time so I can work on lesson plans, blog posts, club activities, or just taking care of household business.

Then we have the routines. While we have our basic routines in place they just haven’t been followed lately. This will take a little work to get back on track but that will be one of main focuses this week. Once we get back into routines things will start getting back to where they should be and our home will once again be working like the well oiled machine that it has been in the past.

When we get there we will be able to start back to our homeschool routine. The little bit that we get did done was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you soon!

Have you ever had to take an unplanned break from homeschool?

Aviation Day

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Aviation Day is celebrated on the August 19th in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday. Click here to learn more about this holiday. This would be a great day to plan a trip to a local aviation museum.

Do you have an aviation enthusiast in your house? Here are some great ideas for them.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day:

(Use at your own discretion.)

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National Honey Bee Awareness Day

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National Honey Bee Awareness Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in August. Click here to learn more about this holiday.

Do you have a honey bee enthusiast in your house? Here are some great ideas for them.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day:

(Use at your own discretion.)

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National Tell A Joke Day

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National Tell A Joke Day is celebrated in August while Tell An Old Joke Day is on July 24th. Click here to learn more about this holiday. It is celebrated on August 16th.

Do you have a jokester in your house? Here are some great ideas for them.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day:

(Use at your own discretion.)

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Homeschool Manager Giveaway

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If you read my post ‘Homeschool Organization. Simple. Flexible.‘ then you can only guess how excited I am to be announcing this giveaway! If you haven’t read that post I encourage you to go check it out ASAP.

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Cozi Back To School 2018 Survey Results are in!

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Recently my favorite online calendar service, Cozi, surveyed all the parents who use the Cozi Family Organizer, to find out what they’re doing to prepare, looking forward to most, and planning to buy this school year. Check out the infograph down below.

  • 47% of parents say getting their family back on routine is their top priority, followed by organizing all the new events and activities (38%)
  • 25% of parents buying something new for back to school this year say it will be a computer
  • The #1 thing they’ll miss is time with family, followed by the relaxed summer schedule

I know I love Cozi and it helps keep this crazy Momma on track. Try the Cozi Family Organizer today. It’s FREE! I know you’ll love it.


A Trip Down Memory Lane!

I survived my first plane trip and wanted to share a little bit about my trip down memory lane with all of you! Be prepared because as my Pop-pop would say, ‘This might take a while’.

Last week proved to be one of the most stressful weeks I can remember. I have been trying to refocus my life in so many areas. And on top of the everyday stresses of a large family and back to school worries I got the call that I really needed to head back to my childhood home.

While I call Florida home right now I was born in Pennsylvania. I grew up about an hour from Philadelphia in the mushroom capital of the world, Kennett Square.


Funny the things you didn’t know, huh? We were also very close to the Amish and Mennonite communities. In fact several of my siblings were delivered by an Amish midwife.


Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

My visit wasn’t about sightseeing or pleasure. I needed to go visit my Mom-mom, our name for grandmother, who isn’t doing very well right now. I had last visited her and Pop-pop, our word for grandfather, around Easter of 2014 when we all traveled to Virginia to meet. It was a wonderful visit and we made some very special memories. Honestly, we thought it would probably be the last time we saw each other.

She is fighter though! She says we get our stubbornness from her. While that may be true we also learned a lot more from her. She was the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman in so many ways. She acted as a mentor to many to teach them skills that their mothers/grandmothers had not taught them. She loved the old ways and she loved gardening.

She suffered many troubles in her life but you never heard her complain. I have never heard anyone speak a bad word about her and she was always willing to help anyone in need. So if I could help her by making a visit I wanted to do this for her. Love can generate the courage we need to overcome any fear or obstacle.

One of the biggest obstacles I had to face was my fear of flying which is up there close to my fear of the water. I have been working on overcoming these fears and I decided that this was something that just had to happen. Granted it wasn’t a decision that came easy as I also had to consider my budget, babysitters, and many other aspects.

Everything came together as my family all helped out. Mr. Awesome said he would babysit while I was away and insisted that I go. Once those issues were squared away I committed to go and my sister soon informed me that a plane ticket had been purchased.

After many instructions about what not to pack I had to decided what to pack. I waited until the last minute to pack but managed to get everything I needed into one small carry on bag. I wanted to keep things simple and I did. Friday afternoon Mr. Awesome and the kids drove me to meet up with my sisters and then we said our ‘Good Byes’.

I really did my best to hide my nervousness and anxiety which by this time was more about leaving my kiddos behind. They were really anxious too as Momma doesn’t go many places without them in tow. I had already decided to make a couple of videos of me reading some bedtime stories for them to watch while I was gone. I got to work on it while I was at my sister’s house.

You can see them all here and I do plan to add some more in the future.


After that was taken care of it was time to head to the airport and tackle my fear of flying head on. This was a totally new experience and it could have been really overwhelming but I had one of my sisters with me and that helped a lot. I had taken a book to read on the flight but I was a bit dizzy and didn’t think it would be a good idea to try to read it.

Later that night we made it into Philadephia, the city of brotherly love, and we were soon on our way to Mom-mom’s house. Both of our phones lost service/died before we reached out destination so we had to rely on our internal GPS to get us home.


I had not been to Pennsylvania in over 20 years and I have never driven anywhere in the state plus it was dark so things were a bit strange. Little by little we started recognizing landmarks and places and we found our way. A little after midnight we pulled up into the driveway of that familiar place. While things looked different than we remembered the feeling was the same.


This was taken the next day.

My mom met us at the car and led us up the stairs that we had climbed so many times when we were younger. The steps where Charlie, Mom-mom’s dog, had once chased me because he wanted to pull the pompom off my hat, the porch where many an ice cream cone had dripped on hot summer evenings,  and the porch where Mom-mom had more than once applied tobacco to a bee sting. So many forgotten memories flooded my mind it brought tears to my eyes.


Part of my family and Charlie. I am the one in red with the pig tails.

Many more memories were waiting inside those walls. It is so funny how things that once seemed so big were now so much smaller. While many things had not changed since I was younger a few things had. I walked around the downstairs looking and reminiscing as we talked to mom.

We knew the next day would be busy so we headed upstairs to get a little rest. Once again being surrounded by so many familiar things. Although the strange noises coming from the open windows were new they were also kind of familiar as I remember having trouble sleeping there because of the noises and the lights.


My first birthday party with my older brother and two of my cousins.

The next morning we had a surprise visit from one of our cousins who, along with mom, fixed us a nice breakfast. We shared a few stories over coffee before getting started with our day. We also visited with another cousin on Sunday. I checked in with Mr. Awesome and the kids to see how everyone was doing.

These are some of the messages and photos I received:

Followed by:

And then there were some like this:


After talking with Mr. Awesome I wanted to walk up the steep path to the garden, curious to see if the berry bushes and the apple trees were still there, but the rain had made everything very slick. I walked up a little ways but decided to make my way back down before I fell and broke something like Mom-mom had many years ago.

She was such a strong woman. She made that trek up the steep hill on an almost daily basis. On one of those occasions she fell and broke her ankle. Charlie stayed by her side as she made her way back down to the house to call for help. You know who she called when she made it home? My mom. She wanted someone to come help her clean herself up before getting medical attention. She said she was so muddy and bloody that she didn’t want anyone to see her like that.

tube rose.jpg

She did eventually make it to the hospital where she received a metal plate and several screws to fix the damage. I remember staying with her that summer to help her as she recuperated. I also remember her doing several things that I wasn’t supposed to tell Pop-pop about including her driving to the post office and helping her get to her hidden stash of Tube Rose. I hadn’t told anyone until this past weekend.

While we were at the house we looked through pictures like these pictures of Mom-mom and Pop-pop.

They were such a good looking couple, weren’t they?

We also found some that we had no clue she even had like these:

Yep, that’s me in 1988 dressed as a clown. The  right picture is of my granny and some of her great grandchildren. I’m the one in red again.

There were also several older pictures that we aren’t sure of who they are:

One of these is my great, great grandmother.

We spent as much time over the next couple of days at the nursing home. She was so surprised to see us. We had taken her and Pop-pop a couple of jelly donuts as these were one of their favorites.


As you can see in the picture above she insisted on making everyone take a bite. She wouldn’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. My tears from seeing her were soon replaced with laughter.


We also brought several other treats to share with Pop-pop. We sat and talked and listened to her sing. She told us stories that we had never heard and some that we had heard many times before. She apologized for things that had happened in the past and explained things that we couldn’t have understood when we were younger.

We looked through old pictures and talked about those already gone. She did talk about how she didn’t have much time left here but that she was ready to go home.

While this was sad to think about, many tears were shed during our visits, she reassured us that she would see us again in her new home. She reminded each of us of how much she loved us and how special each every one of her grandchildren are to her.


The nursing home staff were wonderful and accommodated us on so many levels as they knew we didn’t have much time to spend with her. We were able to have a ‘family dinner’ with her in one of the rooms that they weren’t using one evening. It was so nice to sit around the table with family. She had wanted to pretend it was her birthday and we had an ice cream cake after dinner.

It was also good to see both of them eating so well. She was constantly reminding us of how much macaroni and cheese we ate at her house.

Our last night there was hard. We didn’t want to go but we knew that we had other obligations, like my family at home, that we had to attend to. My brain tried to come up with a solution to spend more time but nothing feasible could be found.

We were able to stay with her until she went to sleep that night. Later that evening I sat with Pop-pop as we shared a 3 Musketeers bar. His favorite candy bar. He told me that the thought of losing her scared him and he didn’t know what he would do without her. I told him it scared us all and we talked for awhile before he was ready to go to bed.

I cried when he told me he didn’t want me to go and I had to explain to him that I have kids that need me too. We said our ‘Good Byes’ before he headed upstairs as we knew we had to leave early in the morning.

Morning came too early and soon we were in our brother’s car headed back to the airport. The plane ride home was sad but another new experience as well as it was daylight during this trip.

The closer we got to home the more anxious I got. I was so ready to see everyone. I was so happy to see the coastline as I knew I was closer to being back home.

We finally landed and my sister picked us up from the airport. Mr. Awesome arrived shortly after and we headed home. I was exhausted from the trip for various reasons but I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go and I am hoping that I may have a chance to visit again.

My Mom-mom is one of the greatest women I have known. She was wise and understanding. She could be trusted with anything big or small. She was caring and loving in her own way. I don’t remember hearing her say she loved us so many times as she did during this visit.

During our childhood when things were bad or crazy she stayed the same. She was our constant though difficult times and I am so thankful that we had her for the time we did. Even when we moved away she was there for us if we ever needed her but I admit I did lose touch with a lot of family members for a while.

If I could be half the woman she has been I will feel like I have accomplished something. The treasures she will be leaving behind may not be physical and may not mean anything to anyone else but she will be leaving behind a legacy that all of her family will cherish forever.

I am going to do my best to follow in her footsteps as much as I can. I hate that we missed so much time together and I hate that I didn’t have the chance to learn so many of the things she could have taught me. For now, I will keep pulling memories so I can be sure to teach my children some of those valuable lessons that she taught me when I was younger.

If I could just ask everyone who reads this to please say a little prayer for my family as we go through this difficult process. I know this is something that almost everyone must go through at some point in their life but it isn’t easy. Just pray that God will have His way and that He will give us all the strength and courage to get through this. There are still so many preparations that need to be taken care of and I know that there will be so many decisions to make in the next few days, weeks, and months so I pray that He will guide each and everyone of us.

Thank you all!

Do you have someone in your past that was a great role model? What is your favorite memory?

You’re Invited To Join Our New Tribe!

Cover Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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Hey y’all! I am excited to announce that we’ve just created our very own Tribe on Tailwinds. What is a Tribe? Well, it is a new Pinterest tool that allows people like you and me to meet others with similar interests. We can use this tool to share our experiences and grow our blogs/businesses.

‘Tribes is Free for anyone to get started, even if they aren’t using Tailwind already!’

I’m so excited to start our Kirby’s Kids Homeschool Tribe and would like other homeschoolers to join us as we help each other on this journey. I know I don’t have a lot of homeschool support close to me and I am always looking for ideas and solutions to problems we encounter. If I am looking for these things I know others are too and I just wanted to make a place where everyone is welcome to post ideas, tricks, and tips to that they have found which may help others.

As a member you can share up to 3 posts per day with the request that you will repin/reshare 3 posts (or more) from other members. Feel free to share anything related to homeschool, parenting, or anything else that might help a busy mom keep it all together. I look forward to seeing all the great tips and advice as well as watching each member help another to grow and learn on our journey.

If you join our Tribe right now you can get a very special surprise when you join with this invitation link right here.

Continue reading You’re Invited To Join Our New Tribe!

Building Up An Emergency Fund

I’ve done a couple of posts here and here about getting out of debt, and hopefully staying out of debt. One of the ways we can stay out of debt is to be prepared for unexpected circumstances.

Now that I’ve gotten my $1,000 emergency fund built up and I’ve been working on getting those bills paid off it’s time to build up that emergency fund so I can handle anything that comes my way.

Ideally this will cover between 3 and 6 months worth of expenses. I should definitely be setting up a separate savings account for this to keep it from tempting me to spend it on something I might want.

You can read more about this approach with Dave Ramsey’s book here.

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Top 5 Back To School Worries For 2018

It’s almost time for many of us to get those kids ready to head back to school. Well, my kids have never left…lol. That’s a plus to homeschooling but sometimes it can be a downside too because this Momma just needs a BREAK every now and then. If my kids can see me then I am ‘on call’. In this tiny house that is pretty much 24/7.

We are gearing up to get ready to start a fresh homeschool year which will be our 5th year! Wow! Where has time gone? Anyway I am so excited to be using the PRAIRIE PRIMER this year. We have enjoyed reading the biography which I had hoped to have finished by now but we aren’t quite there yet. I have pretty much gotten our first four weeks planned out. I still need to look through a few activities and plug them into a few gaps.

1. Learning Disabilities

I am also going to look through some of the new items that we purchased for William. His learning disabilities mean that we do have to practice some things more than others and I really try to keep things interesting. I know I get tired of doing the same thing again and again. When William gets tired of repeating something that usually ends up in disaster. And I realize I am off topic… Oops, sorry guys! Continue reading Top 5 Back To School Worries For 2018

Preventing The Back To HomeSchool Meal Planning Madness

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Hmmm… have you thought about what you’ll be feeding those hungry learners? If your kids were in public school you may not have had to think much about it before. If you plan to homeschool then you will be feeding them at least three meals a day and maybe a few snacks in between.

This can turn into a chaotic juggling act if you aren’t prepared. How do we prevent meal time chaos in our home? By meal planning. I even plan out snacks sometimes so I don’t forget to include them on my grocery list. Check out this link for some Healthy Snacks to Go.

10 snacks your kids can make star (1)

It might seem like a lot of trouble but when you find a system that works for then it is so easy. It will actually save you time and money in the long run. This is also a helpful thing even if you don’t homeschool.

Check out this post for some quick and easy breakfast ideas to help you beat that morning chaos and fill those tummies with a nutritious breakfast to start their day off right. Here is another link for even more ideas: The Healthy Breakfast Book. Continue reading Preventing The Back To HomeSchool Meal Planning Madness