10 Smart Ways To Spend That Tax Refund

This post might be a little bit late to catch some of you but I do believe that with the various delays the IRS has had this year, there may be many who haven’t gotten their tax refunds yet. If you have, maybe you haven’t spent it and you are trying to think of sensible ways to spend it. Here are a few of the things that we are using ours on:

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com
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Jumping Back Into Normal… well, almost

It’s been such a blessing to be home for the past few months. We have been trying to put the events from last year in our memory but the reality is that we will never be able to completely forget the health scare that we faced with our little one. It has helped us to see just how truly blessed we are to have such a beautiful family and we have been reminded of just how precious life is… and how quickly things can change.

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Shyanne’s Bell Ringing at UF Shands Children’s Hospital

January 2022 Life Updates

I’ve really been meaning to get on here and start blogging more but life has a way of making a mess of our plans lately.

We’ve had a bit of a crazy start to the year. Here are some of our Instagram posts from this past month:

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DIY Walk-In Pantry

Chemo Round 6: Day 25: We’re home!

Chemo Round 6: Day 25: We’re home!

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Chemo Round 6: Day 23

Chemo Round 6: Day 23

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Chemo Round 6: Day 22

Chemo Round 6: Day 22

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Extraordinary miracles for ordinary people!

Extraordinary miracles for ordinary people!

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Chemo Round 6: Day 8: No More Chemo!!

Chemo Round 6: Day 8: No More Chemo!!

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I’ve been waiting to write this post since this journey began…

How We Pack For Extended Hospital Stays

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long while but it seems that I just never have enough time to get it started or completed. I’m going to try to dedicate 10-15 minutes/day until it’s written. I’ll also add to the post as needed. This was actually started a few months ago but I just now got around to finishing it.

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