Critters, coops, and check ups

We’ve been pretty busy around here lately.

We’ve added some garden beds to our yard… thanks dad!

Before we could add those we had to clear and level a space for them and for our future chicken coop… yes, it’s really happening!

Before all of this excitement we also added a new furry critter to our household… everyone say hello to Gizmo!

Then we went to get some plants and supplies at Tractor Supply and ended up with a few extra purchases.

Everyone has been super excited about our new additions, especially Shyanne. We put them in a large dog kennel because she wants to get in the tote with them.

We’ve been working hard on transforming an old pool deck … thank you Granny & Papa!, into our new chicken coop.

I forgot to get a ‘before’ photo so these are some of the ‘in process’ photos. Stay tuned for the finished product coming soon.

We’ve also started actually planning out our yard and garden a bit more seriously. This is a picture of the beginnings of our ‘banana grove’… there are some other things planted and our composting buckets are living here temporarily as well.

We’ve had 4 new banana pups pop up since we planted them here so I’m guessing that they like their new home!

It’s been almost three years since we moved in and things have been so crazy but we’ve been blessed beyond measure in so many ways. Shyanne had a checkup with oncology this week and it went great! She’s been making some amazing progress and we are so proud of her!

There is always some anxiety that sneaks in around those appointments but we try not to think about those too much. Life is too short to dwell on the things that can go wrong. We are trying to focus on the good things around us and the ways that we can make things more enjoyable for everyone because we are making memories that they will cherish for a lifetime!

God bless you all!


4 thoughts on “Critters, coops, and check ups

  1. Hello.
    It’s great to see all the new additions and progress being made in your yard and household, and even better to hear the good news about Shyanne’s checkup. Keep focusing on the positive and making those cherished memories!
    Thanks for sharing.

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