Banana-less Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

You’ve heard of milk-less and egg-less recipes, right? Well, this one is nothing like those but I’m sure you could make this one pretty easy.

You need to make sure you didn’t get a good sleep the night before and don’t drink your coffee before you get started… let it sit and get cold on the counter.

Grab your favorite banana muffin recipe and get started. Have one of the kids mash up the bananas while another pulls a cook book out and starts to read through recipes he/she wishes you could make for breakfast.

Forget how much sugar you’ve added when two kids decide to ask you questions at the same time and your caffeine deficient brain suffers is seconds away from a complete circuit overload but keep smiling.

Have another kid dump everything out of the freezer while they look for the stash of chocolate chips you have hidden.

Help clean it all up while getting the kid reading the cook book to line your muffin pans. Go back to mixing and add those pesky chocolate chips before you scoop the muffin batter into the cups and pop them in the oven.

Now quickly grab a sip of your lukewarm coffee as you start to clean up the mess and discover a small bowl of something sitting on the counter. You smell it to discover that it is mashed up bananas… why on earth would someone mash up another bowl of bananas???

The caffeine is trickling into your brain and alarms start sounding… you forgot to add the bananas to the banana muffins!!!

You contemplate grabbing them out of the oven, scooping them back into the bowl, adding the bananas and scooping them back into the pan but decide against it… after all, you did add the chocolate chips and that will be good enough for today.

Don’t toss those bananas! Put them in a baggie and pop them in the newly organized freezer for another day.

It wasn’t a failure as the muffins baked up beautifully and the kids loved them anyway but I thought everyone might enjoy a quick laugh.

I even gave them a banana to go with them… they could always take a bite of banana with a bite of muffin if they truly missed the bananas.


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