Save the Dishes Oven Placard

I don’t know about your house but here we often have different people doing different things in the kitchen. One rule is that they need to check the oven before turning it on because sometimes people tend to ‘hide’ things in there and forget about them.

I’ve had many things that have been ruined because one person put a dish in there and the next person didn’t check it… most recently it was a plastic cover for one of my casserole dishes and the whole dish of peach cobbler that had been made for dinner… sigh.

This dish alone will cost me almost $40.00 ** to replace as I haven’t been able to find the lid sold separately… luckily the carrier is still alive!

More often than not it was my bread dough that was hanging out in there… minding its own business when someone would forget to check, even with the oven light on they forget, and then the temperature would go up and ruin the dough… (crying face).

I came up with a very simple solution to prevent this from happening so much… nothing is perfect and everyone forgets. I made a sign with a plain piece of paper that just folds over the clock on the stove so that they have to move it in order to set the oven… sometimes it’s the simplest idea that can make the biggest difference!

Today I decided that I needed to make a new sign as this one was a little dirty looking… I figured I could go ahead and share this on the blog as well, just in case anyone else has been having a similar issue in their home. I printed mine on bright colored paper and included some lines to show where to fold the paper… so simple that my kids can print it off if they lose this one. This lives in a drawer next to the oven where we keep the silicon mats and such… this bright pink should stand out and make it easier to find.

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