Progress towards goals, sweet treats, and a date night

This past weekend one of my sisters gave me a special treat… she offered to babysit so we could have a date night! This was unexpected but very much appreciated. Not only did she come down to babysit but she also sent me to get a manicure… something I haven’t done in quite a while.

I tried to resist but I was glad that she insisted because I really did need that little bit of quiet time without anyone else. It allowed me to clear my head a bit and make some plans for the next couple of weeks. I made a few goals to work on and tried to form a plan of action to achieve these goals while I was out and about by myself… I probably should’ve written some of this down but I didn’t.

If the weather hadn’t been so chilly I might have stayed gone for a bit longer but I was freezing by the time I finished at the salon and ran a few errands so I headed back home… little ma’am was happy to have me back and she covered me with kisses when I returned.

Sunday morning Mr. Awesome had an event to attend so I was at home with the kiddos. I spent the majority of the morning working on some of the goals I had made the day before. I started on the next set of Little House on the Prairie Academic Adventures. I made some great progress but I’m not sure how soon it will be ready so keep an eye out for this in the next couple of months.

Mr. Awesome and I went out to a local restaurant and then headed to Walmart to check out the clearance aisles and pick up a few things he needed. We looked at some planners as I know it will soon be time to start planning our next school year. We weren’t gone for very long but it was really nice to have a little bit of time without interruptions… something that rarely happens at home.

I ended up ordering a couple of planners on Amazon to see which ones I liked… I may end up just using my own pages again though. Planner 1, Planner 2, and another one that I got for the girls to try out. **

The kids were super excited as Auntie brought some Krispy Kreme donuts for them to enjoy. The girls were happy to show off some of their culinary skills with some new recipes they had made for a Home Ec Lesson… I had been supervising their cooking while working on my computer.

Everything was pretty quiet when we got home which was a little strange as it was still before 8:00 pm. She was helping them sort through some of the messies in the bedrooms… it seemed that they were actually being pretty cooperative and making some progress. I guess donut bribes may need to be a more regular occurrence?

We are so grateful and blessed to have so many loving family and friends who jump in, help out, and push us to do things even when we don’t feel like doing them!

We also had a birthday last week and I made a cake for a friend of a friend… I definitely need a little more practice on my flowers. I also need to get this shoulder back to normal working order so that things won’t be quite so difficult/awkward to do.

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