I got a toll ticket for somewhere I’ve never been!

I know I read about these weird stories sometimes but this one has got me bumfuzzled for sure. I’ll let you guys know what happened and the steps I’ve taken to resolve this issue. I’ll update the post later to let you all know what happens.

I’ve been waiting all week for our zoo membership cards to arrive so I have been eager to check the mail. This afternoon as I was doing a quick sort I noticed a letter from the FDOT. I passed by it at first but went back through the mail when I saw that our zoo passes had not yet arrived. Upon closer inspection, I saw that this was actually a toll violation!

Ahhhh! My mind started racing… where did I go on the date in question? Hmm… it was a Friday so I should’ve been at a dance but no… we didn’t have a dance that night so I most likely stayed home. I checked my social media but of course, I didn’t post a thing on that day so I had no clue as to what I had been doing that day but I do know that I haven’t been more than 50-60 miles from home anytime lately. I also know that I haven’t been the one driving when we’ve been that far away so there was no way it was me.

I looked at the picture and I honestly can’t distinguish what the tag number is but I know that is not a vehicle that I’ve driven. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have a vehicle in my name not to mention a license plate! Granted this invoice is for a whopping $2.03 but it’s the fact that my information is connected to this vehicle that has me worried and I start to panic.

I call the customer service number only to get lost in the automated system so I tried again. After a long wait I was able to speak with Daren, yes I’m taking names! He was helpful and I filed a dispute and tried to get a little more information from him. He had no clue where this road was located but the violation had occurred on March 29th at 8:48 pm. Ok folks, I haven’t been out that late anywhere except to a dance and I’m certain of that.

I know that it also says it could be from a vehicle I’ve rented or such but I haven’t done that in years either.

After I got my service ticket number and hung up with Daren I googled the location. It turns out that I was apparently somewhere in Tampa! That’s a good 2-3 hours from where I live so I think I’d remember that but then I realize that isn’t even the issue. The bigger issue is that I don’t even have a tag registered to my name!

Ahh… I’m close to losing it as I think of so many crazy scenarios. Was this my tag at one time? It did seem vaguely familiar. If it was indeed an old tag, had I forgotten to surrender it? If so, who in the world has my tag?

I log onto the virtual DMV which helped to alleviate my worries a bit as I DO NOT have a license plate in my name. I did notice that I still had a vehicle registered so I printed off the form to fix that and have it ready to mail. I still had so many unanswered questions and didn’t feel completely safe that the issue would be resolved by filing the dispute so I called the customer service.

After a very long wait, I was finally able to speak to Lewis who was indeed very helpful. He was able to verify that the plate in question had been my plate but was surrendered back in 2015! He suggested that I may need to obtain a proof of surrender and he gave me the information to obtain this which I will be doing in just a moment.

He also suggested that I need to request that this tag number be flagged and that additional filters be placed on it. He explained once this has happened it may keep happening… sniff. Big deep breaths as I try not to get too excited and cry but I thanked him for this little piece of advice as Daren had not even mentioned this as an option.

So now what? Now I will fill out the request for the proof of surrender. I will also put this invoice along back into the envelope with all of the scribbled notes on it and put it in a SAFE place. Then I just have to wait… sigh, this is CRAZINESS!

Hopefully, we will get to go to the zoo soon and they did have better news for me. We can go before we get our cards as long as we talk to someone at the membership window and get a temporary pass… Whoo-hoo! I’m so ready for a break!

I do encourage anyone who has had this happen to take care of it and dispute it IMMEDIATELY. I know this was just a teeny weeny little fine but if I had paid it and this person happens to be a habitual offender it would have been harder for me to dispute it later on. I’m praying that I have taken care of it or that I will have all the information handy to have it taken care of soo!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I pray that your week has ended with a note of CRAZY like mine.