Flea Market Finds … January 8, 2023

We made another trip to our local flea market today with Grandpa. The kids enjoy walking through the buildings and most everything is outdoors so it gives us a chance to get some fresh air while looking for the occasional treasure.

There’s nothing like playing a real life version of ‘I spy’ with the kiddos while making sure not to lose anyone anywhere! Shyanne enjoys riding in her stroller and blowing kisses at everyone we pass… everyone loves her!

I’ve got a few things in mind that I am always on the lookout for but I’ve really been trying to reduce the amount of items coming in so I’m trying to be a bit pickier about what I buy.

Before Christmas we had went to grab a few last minute gifts. During that trip I found a few old school desks… one was refinished and the others need to be refinished.

I really love these and they worked pretty well as ‘train seats’ during our Polar Express party.

I had also found this cute metal tote with handle that I am using for colored pencils and markers.

One vendor even threw in an old pencil sharpener with a desk. I’m not sure if this will stay or not but the kids have been getting plenty of use out of it and I often find it tucked in with the colored pencils.

Today I saw another tote/old tool box when we first walked in and I grabbed it for our crayons. These totes are working so much better than the rolling cart we had as little miss Shyanne loves to push the carts around and dump the coloring utensils which then leads to Mr. Louie chewing them up… such a mess!

I’ve also seen a lot of decorating ideas with the wooden dough bowls and I happened to find a couple of those today as well… you just never really know what you will find!

The original intention was to buy some bulk veggies for the month but the vendor wasn’t there. I stayed under my $50 limit that I had set for myself… it’s always good when you stay below budget. I think we might start trying to go at least once a month though which will be something fun to look forward too.

The kids warmed up some leftover pizza for lunch when we got home and I placed a quick grocery delivery order when the baby was down for her nap… that didn’t stay under budget but my first grocery trip for the month usually has a lot of restocking supplies so hopefully it’ll be better the next week.

The girls have been working on some new meal menus and as part of their Home EC lessons they had to make a grocery list for their meals. Ms. Bella made one of her meal plans tonight with Mr. Jacob as her helper.

They put together some homemade subs, three beans salad, and some peaches with cottage cheese. They made it all on their own and it was all pretty delicious!

We also made another loaf of sourdough bread in the bread maker which turned out even better than the first one. I ate a slice of sourdough bread with a fried egg and slice of cheese this morning for breakfast and it was so good!

I can’t wait to get this recipe just right so I can share it with you all!

We hope you all have a very blessed week!

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