Getting organized a little at a time … January 7, 2023

Whew! It’s been a busy first week of the year but our house is finally ‘undecorated’ all except for the inflatables which are hanging over the back porch railings as they need to dry out.

Yesterday we had our first dance of the New Year at a new location. I tried not to do too much work as I didn’t want to be completely exhausted before the dance… I tried but with my arm, in the condition it is in right now, it doesn’t take much to wear me out at all. I went to one of our sheds to dig out a couple of outfits and then had to go back to find my dance shoes. While we were out in the shed I remembered that someone had mentioned they needed some little boy clothes so I found a tote of clothes our kiddos have outgrown and brought that to the house with us.

After the outfits were laid out for the evening the girls and I did a quick sort of piles in the school area. Some of the items they had received for Christmas were still waiting for homes and some of the games had been opened, play with, and stacked precariously on the bookshelves… an accident waiting to happen. I didn’t get any before pics but Bella finished up by straightening up the ‘lounge’ as she calls it and decorating it with some of Shyanne’s sloths.

It didn’t take us nearly as long as we thought it would and now we have everything where we can find it easily. This area is still under construction, like many areas of our home, but it works for us right now. The kids love this little area and Shyanne spends a lot of time playing here and doing her ‘school‘.

We had some sandwiches for dinner and then went to the dance. I completely forgot to get any pictures… partly because William and Shyanne were both in moods and they kept me busy most of the night. The kids had some more sandwiches when we got back home and Mr. Awesome made a couple of venison burgers for us… so good!

This morning we were all a bit on the sleepy side so we slept in until about 7:30… lol. Shyanne is an early riser and she won’t let you sleep if she wakes up before you so I was thankful that she slept that long.

Our main goal was to get Christmas packed up and put away and that’s what we tackled. Ms. Caitlyn worked on getting the kitchen in order while Ms. Bella helped me in the Livingroom because that was her area this week. The boys kept Shyanne and Louie occupied so we could work.

It was a bit overwhelming at first and I forgot to get some before pics but this one was from the other day:

I just picked an area and got started. Ms. Bella decided to work on the tree so she started by taking off the ornaments. When she was finished I had managed to get all of the paper lanterns down and put them away along with the snowflakes. I helped her put the tree away and we gathered all the items that needed to be packed with the tree. We had a big black trash bag with us so we could throw away anything that really wasn’t any good anymore or anything that didn’t work right as we left some of these items in the totes when we originally unpacked them. We also had a sturdy fruit box for putting things in that just needed put away in other areas of the house.

We divided things up into totes for Advent/St. Nicholas Day, Polar Express, and Christmas. We also have a separate tote for wrapping paper, bags, and wrapping supplies. Hopefully, this will help us out next year.

Here are some ‘in progress’ pics:

We had posted on Facebook about the clothes from Thursday’s closet purge and the baby seat so someone came to pick them up today. I had the kiddos help carry the filled totes out to the shed and when the baby went down for a nap we got them all put away in the shed.

Once the totes were cleared we were able to do a quick tidy of the area… we didn’t do a deep clean but it looks and feels so much better! I am loving this little dust-buster vac that I got from Amazon… it’s perfect for those little messes when you don’t want to drag out the big vac or if the baby is asleep and you don’t want to wake her!

Once we were finished I took advantage of the fact that no one had been using any hot water and I took a much-needed shower! Then I had a quick snack and got to work on making some homemade pizzas. I also finished up some sourdough bread in the bread maker… I’ll post that recipe once I get it tweaked a little bit but the aroma is just heavenly!

Again, it’s not perfect but it is progress and we will continue to work on it a little at a time. Our home is not really magazine worthy but it’s home and we are working to make it better a little at a time. Maybe these pics and this post will inspire someone else to get motivated. I know how easy it is to feel defeated when your home just doesn’t quite function the way you need it to but you need to keep trying and just do the best you can with what you have!

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