Getting organized a little at a time … January 5, 2023

So it’s been a busy time here and I’ve been very slow about getting things undecorated but we don’t usually take our tree down until after the 6th anyway so that’s ok. I’m sure the neighbors will be glad when we pick up our poor inflatables out of the yard though.

I haven’t really set any goals per se but I would like to get our house more organized. I had high hopes of getting it right last year but 2022 turned out to be pretty crazy and life had other plans for us.

We had lots of catching up to do from 2021 and lots of checkups but Shyanne’s one year post-chemo checkup went well and everything looks good. This means we don’t have to go to monthly oncology checkups now… they will be every two months now.

First thing I did was to print out some new bill paying sheets and get everything written down. I also paid off a couple of small bills… boy does that feel good. I also placed some orders for household staples while I was at the computer.

The next thing I did was to get our next three weeks of school planned out. I had planned to do this over Christmas break but it just didn’t happen. I was able to get my plans written out and made copies of most of the worksheets we need… still have a few more to do for our social studies though.

I took it somewhat easy for a couple of days as I was in a lot of pain… I had called my doctor and she had me stop taking some of my new medications and then Mr. Awesome picked up something else so I’m feeling much better today but I’m still very tired.

We actually finished up our schoolwork early today so after lunch I put the baby down for her nap and decided to do a little straightening in my bedroom as it was looking a bit like a train wreck. Speaking of lunch… the girls tried a new recipe for tuna salad that I’ll have to share soon!

I started by making my bed and spritzing it down with a little homemade air freshener. What a difference that made! I then decided I would do a 15 minute cleaning session and then rest, if needed. I really should’ve taken some before and after but I didn’t even think about it at the time.

To get motivated I put on some decluttering videos on YouTube and gathered a couple of garbage bags, a big glass of water, a couple of boxes, and a basket for ‘put away’ items and got to work. I find it easiest to pick a corner and work my way around so I started at the door.

I did a quick straightening up on our shoe shelf which the baby quickly undid when she got up her nap but it did look good for a minute. I gathered some dirty laundry from the floor and that went straight to the hamper.

As I went around the room, I gathered the rolls of wrapping paper and took them to the living room where the bulk of the Christmas decor is. I figured if I get it all to one location it should be easier to put away. I quickly filled a trash bag with paper scraps and packaging materials that had mysteriously made their way to our room.

The 15 minutes went by rather quickly but I felt motivated to keep going so I just tackled one small pile at a time. I smoothed out tissue paper and carefully folded gift bags that could be reused. I threw out any that were badly damaged so I wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore.

The kiddos helped by putting away the items that needed to go to other rooms. They also carried out the trash bags when I was finished.

I even had enough energy to sort through my closet and turn the hangers backwards for the new year so I can keep track of what I’ve worn over the year. I let go of some clothes that are too small as they just remind me of past goals that I haven’t been able to meet. I also got rid of anything that didn’t fit well or just didn’t look that good on me… someone else will be blessed with these.

Our house isn’t anywhere close to where I would like it to be but we are making progress. The little bit we accomplished today has already helped the house to look and feel better and I feel a bit more encouraged as I have a comfortable place to retreat to now.

We plan to put away the Christmas decor over the weekend so I’ve been enlisting the kiddos to help gather it all up and put it in the living room. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort it out and decluttering some of it as we pack it up. This will help make next year’s decorating even easier!

What have you accomplished in this new year? What plans do you have for the new year?

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