A Year in Review: Top Posts from 2022

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we pray that you have a Happy New Year! Our house is full as we’ve had some older kiddos visiting but that makes our hearts full as well so we have a good balance going on.

It’s hard to believe that this year is almost finished and a new year is about to begin. It’s definitely been an interesting year in many ways… the past couple of years have been interesting and have brought lots of hardships and trials but they have also brought us lots of unexpected blessings.

I read something earlier about letting out tears from 2022 be the seeds for 2023 and that sounds like a good idea to me. I know that 2022 has been a year of major adjustments here in our household. After spending most of 2021 in the hospital with Shyanne and away from our family, it has been quite an adjustment for everyone. I’ve also been dealing with some health issues but hopefully, I am on the way to getting better. It’s been a tough year for sure and it’s definitely been a struggle to get this far but we survived and I have faith that next year will be even better!

I decided to check out our best posts from this past year so that maybe I can get a better idea of what everyone has been most interested in. Here is what I found:


  1. Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Easy Sourdough Fruit Cobbler
  3. T-Rex Pull-Apart Cake
  4. Cherry Sonker
  5. Daddy Can’t-Wait Casserole
  6. Crockpot Tortellini Soup
  7. Sourdough Battered Squash Blossoms
  8. Easy Chia Pudding
  9. Easy As Pie Blackberry Dumplings with Caramel Sauce
  10. Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken tied with Cookies N Creme Fudge

So, it’s pretty apparent that a lot of people are looking for quick easy meals and yummy desserts that won’t keep you in the kitchen all day! We will work on getting even more of these recipes up… along with some new sourdough recipes. Hopefully, I’ll be including some homemade pasta recipes soon as I just got a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid as a gift!

**This post does contain some affiliate and/or referral links to products and/or services that we use. If you happen to click through a link and make a purchase we may earn a teensy-weensy small commission (at NO EXTRA cost to you) if a purchase is made through these links. These links help to support our family, our blog, and our homeschooling mission. This means that we can keep bringing you great recipes, ideas, and tips for FREE! Click HERE for a full disclaimer.  –Thank you!


  1. Little House on the Prairie Unit Studies (Various posts)
  2. Printable Reading List and Tracker Sheet
  3. Color the Classics Tests
  4. Our 2022-2023 Homeschool Curriculum and Schedule
  5. Homeschool Activities for a 1 to 2-year-old and Our Daily Schedule plus a Weekly Preschool Schedule
  6. Need Science Lesson Help? Grab Your Free Mystery Science Trial Today!
  7. Daily School Routine
  8. 2021-2022 Weekly Lesson Plans: ‘Remote’ Schooling During a Crisis (Updated)
  9. Rock N Learn: Preschool DVD
  10. Pick-A-Trick Matching Letters And Sounds!

This seems to tell me that the Little House on the Prairie Unit Studies were a much bigger hit than I had thought they would be… I love this because I love these books. I promise to start working on these again just as soon as I can! I also see that everyone is interested in what we are using for our homeschool as we have a variety of ages and needs so that will motivate me to share even more products that we use… many of them are FREE or low cost!


  1. Bell Ringing Video Clip
  2. She’s Walking Clip
  3. Supermom Tip: Save the day with a Puke Bucket
  4. How We Pack For Extended Hospital Stays
  5. Natural Face Scrub/Mask
  6. Spice Jar Fruit Fly Trap
  7. Bye-Bye Monster Spray! aka ‘Bedtime Spray’
  8. Jumping Back Into Normal… well, almost
  9. Keeping Up With The Bills Free Printable
  10. Diy Reusable Wipes

This makes me happy to see that so many are actually reading and interacting with our Life posts… things have been rough everywhere and I love to read about other families and sometimes they can motivate me to do more. I can only pray that our posts can help motivate and encourage others as well.

We will also continue to post other Life hacks/tips that we use around our home because sometimes the most ordinary thing in our life seems to be a genius idea for another family!

We hope to continue to share with everyone on a more regular basis and provide hope and encouragement to those in the trenches of parenting with us… it takes a village to raise a child but with the resources we have we can choose who is allowed in our village. It is so important to be wary of what we allow in our homes and we strive to keep our site family-friendly and safe!

Right now we are heading out to a yard sale… the first one I’ve been to in a few years so I’m excited. Then we have some family coming over for lunch. This afternoon and evening I will be busy with some last-minute preparations for our New Year’s Eve Square Dance… we won’t be ringing in the new year at the dance but it will give us a chance to socialize with some friends as we prepare to say goodbye to 2022!

We hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s and a prosperous 2023!! What seeds have you planted in 2022? I plan to share a few goals in another post soon!

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