St. Nicholas Day 2022

Yesterday afternoon I had the kiddos help me dig out the Christmas decorations and the tree. I’m so thankful that we’ve used color-coded totes (dark green for Christmas) for our seasonal decor as this makes it much easier to find the necessary items.

The kids were a little upset that we didn’t put the tree up last night but they were super excited to find some early gifts on the table this morning.

It wasn’t as fancy as I normally try to do because I’ve just not been able to do a lot as I’ve been a bit incapacitated with a shoulder injury.

Please pay no attention to the messy train set… they’ve been having a blast setting it up and building a village around it.

This year we had the traditional gold coins as I found them last month and picked up a couple of bags. We also got a lot of arts and crafts projects… something to keep them busy until Christmas gets closer.

We may use some of these ornaments on our tree and maybe give a few away for Christmas because handmade gifts are always precious!

I’ll try to post some links at the bottom of the page for items you can find at Amazon. Some of the smaller ceramics came from Dollar Tree last year but they did have a nice selection of DIY ornaments this year as well.

We have made it a kind of tradition to put our tree up on St. Nicholas Day so I guess that’s what we’ll be doing again this year.

When does your family normally put the tree up?

One thing I need to change this year is to find a different colored tote to put our advent goodies in so we can pull that out after Thanksgiving.

Next year I think we will try to make some ‘wooden shoes’ … I’m thinking of using paper mache, maybe? I’ll also have the kiddos write their letters to Santa and leave them out on the table.

Item links:

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