Where is your donkey?

I’ve been trying to get up early to have some ‘Jesus & Me’ time and I’ve been listening to different people.

This one happened to pop up today after my first devotion and I felt like there were probable others who needed to hear this. That’s why I’m standing here with a towel on my head scrambling for the words to write. I’ll try to insert links to other related posts later today.

How many times have you just felt overwhelmed, forgotten, or stuck in place? You wonder why you keep having all those little interruptions, crazy errands to run, and what purpose does have God in store for you. You may be thinking that your life isn’t important and you may be dreaming of a life you could have if/when your circumstances were different.

This right here hit home! Don’t be upset about those humble, mundane tasks that happen because God is using them to put you where you need to be!

God has already reserved something special for us and He is just waiting for us to arrive at the place He needs us to be! Momma’s take heart and know that you aren’t forgotten! He sees you and He knows what you need!


I really love what she says in this video especially about Providence as we have been reading a lot about the Providence that was evident during the early history of our country. I will be using this explanation to help me explain it better for my kids.

This women also happens to be the woman who wrote War Room, one of my favorite books/movies. I once had my own ‘War Room’ and I’ve been contemplating making another one. This video today has prompted me to make an effort to find a place where I can squeeze a ‘War Room’ in to our current house.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!

I really encourage everyone to have their own ‘War Room’ or area where they can meet with God on a daily basis. I felt like I didn’t have the time or energy but I made a commitment and have been trying to stick to it. I listen to devotions during my morning exercise and shower... using my Bluetooth earbuds when possible so I don’t wake the kiddos up too early. It has made a significant difference in my attitude and energy levels. I have found a new outlook and a new motivation to accomplish things that have been waiting ‘for the right time’… who knows, maybe these are the things that have been holding me back from what God has in store for me?

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