Adorable Chicken Cakes

I know I’ve posted these pics before but I thought I’d share some of the progress pics when I was making these… I forgot to take pics while making the second cake and the cupcake but they were super simple! These were inspired by Pinterest!

I made these for little miss’s birthday but these would be super cute for Easter as well!

I also forgot to take an up close picture of the picture of the little caterpillar but it was just some green fondant balls with a couple of candy eyes and antennas (flower stamens) added. I probably should’ve use red but Isabella picked out these pink ones.

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The white chicken was made with 4-six inch cake layers. I used some straws to stabilize the layers. I did a crumb coat and set it in the fridge for 30 minutes while I made the fondant accents for the cakes. The six inch cake pans have been my favorite size here lately! You can see more cakes made with these pans in this post HERE.

I frosted it with some coconut flavored buttercream icing and then added the coconut to the sides. I used a little bit of buttercream to attach the fondant pieces… even the ones that had toothpicks.

I then added some chow menu noodles for the ‘nest’ and made some fondant ‘eggs’ to complete it.

The yellow chick was made with a Barbie cake pan and a 12 inch cake layer underneath for her to sit on. The ‘feathers’ were piped with a large leaf tip (included in the Russian piping set). The ‘grass’ was a large tip from my Russian piping set that I haven’t used much.

The cupcakes were piped with a piping bag that had the end clipped off. Then we added some candy eyes and orange sprinkles (we found an unopened container from last Halloween) for the beaks because I really didn’t want to mix up any orange icing. We also added some flower sprinkles for a little extra touch.

We also made some Sugar Free Salted Caramel Cupcakes made without any flour! I used the recipe from one of my Trim Healthy Mama cookbooks but substituted Monk Fruit for the sweetener. If you don’t have the cookbook you can find the recipe HERE. Your guests will never guess what your secret ingredient is!!!

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