Our 2022-2023 Homeschool Curriculum and Schedule

I know most families are just now finishing up their 2021-2022 school year and looking forward to a few months off but we aren’t like most families. We’ve decided to adopt more of a year-round school schedule which allows us more flexibility to take time off whenever we need a break or have something important or unexpected come up… which has happened a lot lately!

We have it planned so that we can take a one-week break every three weeks or so with a two-week break around Christmas and at the end of our school year. We can adjust this as needed, for example, we could complete six weeks of school and take a two-week break if needed. Or we could have two weeks of school with a break and then have four weeks… we have a little bit of flexibility for whatever we need to do without feeling ‘rushed’ to get finished.

We finished our 2021-2022 school year back in March and I was tempted to take a few months off and not start back until August/September but I know from past experiences that this doesn’t go well and that it takes FOREVER to get a couple of the kids back into the school routine. You can read more about last year’s curriculum and routines HERE. Last year was pretty crazy but we adapted and we survived!

Last year I switched to some Living Education Books from Master Books for our Language Arts and Math and we absolutely loved them so we went with them again for this year. We used some materials that we already had on hand and I ordered a few new things to go along with our studies. So far, everything has been working out well and many of the studies have been overlapping/going right along with each other which has been really nice as it helps to reinforce what we are learning and gives a little bit of review as well.

I also have another post with activities that we use for little miss (20 months old right now.)

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Here is a rough schedule of the books/materials that we have chosen for this year:

Days are listed for items that aren’t used on a daily basis.

Girls are in 7th Grade. Boys are 3rd/5th/ESE.

8:30 Morning Circle: Time to put on my ‘teacher hat’ and get started

Family Morning Basket from Master Books

9:00/9:30 Independent Studies:

10:00 Snack/Quick Break

Just part of what is included in the Spielgaben set which comes with a sturdy wooden box with drawers for easy access. This set is suitable for ages 1-12, with proper adult supervision for kids under 3.

12:00 Lunch/Quick Clean Up

On Mondays, we finish school at Lunch Time and then use the remainder of the day for our ‘Home Blessing’ and Free Time.

12:45 Group Studies

  • Science:
  • History:
  • Geography:
    • Mapping the World by HeartI have found this a little confusing but we have been making it work. We are currently working on the United States and I have pulled out our old books to use with it. We may just get through the states this year and finish up next… I’m not decided yet.
    • Which Way USA books
    • We also use the U.S. States videos from Homeschool Pop on YouTube to learn more about each state.
    • We have been filling in a map to go along with our lessons. You can find some maps HERE and a game HERE.
    • We use this sheet with the Homeschool Pop to review our facts:

2:00 Snack/Quick Break

3:00 Finish School – YAY! I get to take off my ‘teacher hat’ for the day and just be Momma!

Free Time when schoolwork and chores are completed.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

We also have a ‘Study Hall’ time, from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, when the kids can use the computers for school assignments. My kiddos don’t have FREE ACCESS to electronics and they must ‘earn’ electronic privileges through good behavior/chores. They do not have INTERNET ACCESS unless supervised… there are too many predators out there looking to steal away the innocence of our children and I try my best to protect them.

We have a wonderful all-in-one printer that we use to make copies of the work so that we can use/reuse the books/materials multiple times which helps to cut down on the cost of books every year. Our old one lasted for several years so we just bought an updated one to replace it. We also try to stock up on school supplies when they go on sale and/or on school tax holidays to help save money.

Remember that there are numerous FREE Homeschool Resources available and we have some listed under the Homeschool Tab at the top of this blog! If you need a way to keep track of your homeschool schedules and grades check out this post HERE for the app that we use and love! We hope you all have a wonderful summer and that maybe you find this list helpful when selecting your new curriculum.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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