Happy Thanksgiving… just a little early

We celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday as Shyanne is scheduled to be admitted tomorrow for Round 6 of chemo. This should be her final round and we are praying she gets through it smoothly and that we can hopefully be home before Christmas! Yay!

We didn’t get a lot of pictures from yesterday as we were so busy preparing things and dealing with semi frozen turkeys … 🙄

It all worked out in the end and we have a great meal with family. Some of our favorite dishes were taken from an old menu here. We just parked down the list to keep it fairly simple… even with fewer dishes we had tons of food leftover.

The kiddos are eating some leftover rolls with flavored butter, warmed up ham, eggs, and cheese. Most of them put their stuff together to make a huge breakfast sandwich which looks delicious.

I’m having a cup of coffee and a slice of pecan pie while Shyanne has been enjoying some dry cereal, eggs, and a bit of pumpkin pie. Mmmmm… that’s her favorite word right now! She had some nasty medicine to take this morning so I gave her some pie to get the taste out of her mouth. She’s always so good about taking her medication, maybe she knows it lets her stay home if she takes it.

She has also been wanting to join the big kids at the table. I usually sit at the island with her so her back is to the other kiddos. Right now she is turned around in her seat watching them talk as she eats… she’s getting so big!

Anyways, I’ll keep this short as I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

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