Clinic Visit

Shyanne had a quick clinic visit today for a dressing change and labs. Everything went well with the exception of one lumen is not giving blood return so well will have to have that addressed next week when we return for admission.

The other lumen is working just fine so we have access in case of an emergency. Her ANC was 730 and her platelets were over 300 so we are on track to be able to start the next round of chemo. (ANC must be over 1000 and platelets need to be 100 or higher.)

I had been a little bit worried as she has been a little congested since Saturday evening. I’m guessing it’s allergies of some sort because it came on quite fast and we haven’t been anywhere.

We slept in our bed half of the first night we were home but we’ve been sleeping in the recliner since because her nose is stuffy and it’s more comfortable to be sitting up on Momma’s chest right now.

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We have a Nose Frida but it wasn’t helping as well as it had in the past and I’d seen a post about something else that was recommended but the price about gave me a heart attack. I found this Braun Nasal Aspirator for quite a bit cheaper and I’ll tell you that it was money well spent!

We could actually see and hear all the gunk coming out and she actually loved it and was asking for ‘more’… crazy girl. She loves playing with the Nose Frida and the blue bulb syringe but she hates when I use them. I’m just happy to find something that works well and that she tolerates well.

She’s been playing and playing and playing as she missed all of her toys. She’s also been showing off her new tricks like sitting up.

We’ve received a few lovely packages in the mail from NEGU and The Trium Tribe… Shyanne loves her new Momma sloth with the baby!

We are so happy to be home for a bit. I’ve been a bit lazy/tired so I haven’t gotten as much accomplished as I had planned.

Sunday evening we enjoyed some Domino’s pizza that our friends had graciously provided us with a gift card for. It was nice to enjoy a dinner that we didn’t have to worry about cooking because honestly cooking is the farthest thing from my mind lately. This reminds me that I do need to add the ingredients for tamales to the grocery order so Sissy and I can get some made this weekend.

We have a new printer that needs set up/installed as the old one was acting up while I was gone… isn’t that the way it usually goes? We also have some new cameras and miscellaneous other devices that need to be set up/replaced babies everything seems to act up when Momma is away… kids included.

It’s nice to have the baby monitor cameras up because I can peek in on everyone from time to time and if the internet is behaving we can actually have conversations back and forth.

We did get our ‘go bag’ packed and most of our other bags are ready to go but I would like to unpack a couple and reorganize them. I also want to order a few more supplies to make some more ‘line bras’ as they’ve been lifesavers and make things so much easier.

Little girl is sleeping now and I’m trying to finish up a few things like stuffing some cloth diapers, opening packages, and restocking medical supplies. I’ll also get our little vaporizer going in here before I go to bed as it does seem to bring a little relief and helps her sleep better.

Tomorrow I’ve got to work on getting some more schoolwork printed out. I had started it on Sunday but the hole punch gave out… the new one came in today so once I get the new printer installed we should be back in business.

I just wanted to jump on here really quick and give an update as we’ve had people checking in on us and making sure we’re ok. We are doing great right now and just trying to enjoy the little bit of time we have at home because we know it’ll go get all too quickly.

We love you all and thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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