2021-2022 Weekly Lesson Plans: ‘Remote’ Schooling During a Crisis (Updated)

How we will use these lesson plans:

This year is a little different for us as Baby Shyanne is undergoing chemotherapy for AML and Momma is away at the hospital with her which makes our schooling a bit complicated but we will find a way. These are the lessons that we have come up with to make life easier for everyone who is helping out at home. I plan to print out copies of worksheets and such for each child’s binders when I am home but in the event that I am not able to anyone can see what needs to be completed for the week.

(Its hard to believe that the featured photo was taken just a couple of weeks before we got her AML diagnosis… how fast life can change!)

I basically took the books and activities that we wanted to include for this next year and then figured out approximately how many lessons were in each one. We plan to school for the 3-4 weeks while we are inpatient and then take a week or so off when Shyanne and Mommy are home. I know that we will be schooling for 36-40 weeks this time around so I just tried to divide them up as equally as possible… Will we finish them all? Probably not but we’ll have fun trying.

I will continue to update this as more books and activities come in or if we make any changes to the plans. (We may switch out our math curriculum when I get a better idea of how well everyone can work independently.) We hope you can find ideas to use in your own homeschooling experience. We happened to have a lot of these resources already available as I have WAY TOO MUCH homeschooling stuff… please don’t tell my husband I said that ya’ll! You can also find lots of FREE resources HERE and under the Homeschool Tab.

This is what our dining table has looked like for the past couple of days… Mr. Jacob is testing out a new game I installed on the computer and Miss Isabella was helping to get some lessons ready.

I don’t know where that electric hole puncher has been all my life but it has been a lifesaver! Our printer/copier has been getting quite the workout as well but we love how easy it is on ink! We’ve had it for a few years now and only filled the ink twice so far!!! (That’s less than $40.00 in ink!!!)

‘Quick Find’ and Affiliate Links

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Click on the links below for products you may want to purchase. I will update these links as we get them finished. **Although I try to provide as many FREE resources as possible this post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. We may earn a small commission, if a purchase is made through these links, which helps to support our blog and our family. Thank you!


Lessons will be printed out and placed in your binders for you to complete. DO NOT write in workbooks, please use your notebooks or notebook paper to write down answers.

Please leave your completed work in your binder for me to grade and record when I get home. **The Girls can read the selections aloud.

NOTE: Computer games/activities other than Xtramath and Teach Your Monster to Read will only be allowed after ALL of your regular work is completed, and ONLY if time allows. NO MORE than 15-20 minutes per activity per person!!!

Morning Time (Can be done at Breakfast Time)

  • Daily
    • Pledge of Allegiance:
      • Place Right hand over your heart and say, “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
    • Morning Prayer:
  • Calendar Time:
  • Change Calendar
  • What is today? (Day of the week, Month, date, year) ex: Today is Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
  • What was yesterday? (Day of the week, Month, date, year)
  • What will tomorrow be? (Day of the week, Month, date, year)
  • Say/sing the days of the week.
  • Say/sing the months of the year.
  • What month is it?
  • What month was last month?
  • What month will be next?
  • Address & Phone number:
  • Repeat address:
  • 8359 SW 127th Place,
  • Starke, FL 32091
  • Repeat mom’s phone number:
  • 386-438-9224
  • Exercises: do these 2-3 times/day
  • Weather:
    • Describe the weather. Ex: hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy

Life Skills

  • Daily
    • Daily Chores
    • Weekly Chores — see the House Blessing on Daily Chores

Language Arts


Geography and History


PE, Health & Safety

  • Daily work, Group lessons and extra activities can be on Wednesdays/Fridays, as time allows
    • Group:
      • Daily Health & Hygeine Skills (Geared more towards the older students but the younger ones can follow along.): 1-2 pages/week
      • Outside Play: Daily, as time/weather allows
      • Social Strategies For Kids DVD: 1x/week, repeat sections as needed
      • Nutrition Interactive Science Activities (Computer Disc): 1x/week, as time allows
      • Physical Ed DVD: 1-2x/week, as time allows
        • do a different activity each week
      • Safety Videos on YouTube: 1x/week

Thinking Skills



As always we try not to charge for any printables or resources that we offer but we do appreciate any donations that you may feel like giving. You can use the ‘Tip Jar’ link on the Home Page or send a donation via CashApp to ‘$happy2bmyownboss’. Thank you so much for your support!

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