Counting our blessings

This was actually meant to publish back in March but for one reason or another it didn’t. A lot has happened since then … the biggest thing being Shyanne’s leukemia diagnosis.

Hey everybody! We hope you all are doing well… everyone here is doing pretty good.

The kiddos have been catching up on school work. They’ve not been too happy to double up in some lessons but they are getting it done. One of the younger boys said that he knows we need to work a bit harder to catch up for the days when we didn’t do anything because we were going through a ‘crisis’. That just goes to show that kids know more than they let on.

Little Miss Shyanne is doing great. We had an insurance issue so it doesn’t look like she’s going to be getting a helmet to shape her head but it seems like it’s worked itself out anyways. She’s eating and growing… oh, I almost forgot!I almost forgot! She got her G-tube removed last month… yay!

We are still having issues with our house… hopefully this latest issue will be the last of the really expensive ones. We have been making plans to swap around a couple rooms and to get our homeschool room organized but that had to be put on hold because we were experiencing some MAJOR electrical issues.

The kitchen had lost power to half of the outlets as well as part of one of the other rooms had lost power to half of its outlets. I had to run extension cords from one side of the house to the other to keep the fridges going.

We had flickering lights, we had things that were going off and coming on with no warning, and our panel box sounded like it was frying bacon! It has been just complete craziness here for a bit… we were beginning to think we had a poltergeist and weren’t sure if we needed a priest or an electrician.

If you’ve followed our house progress posts from last year you’ll know that we’ve had one issue after another with this place. The dealership (W. F. of M…) has not been returning calls or emails for quite some time. Every time they sent someone out to fix the issues they were not fixed correctly.

We hired an electrician to come out and check things out and got were we in for a surprise!

We had loose wiring underneath the house.

Yes, it was HOT!!!

It was a good thing no one had needed to go under for anything or they might have been seriously injured! This wasn’t the first time we’ve found loose wires like this.

We ended up having to replace the whole panel box and breakers because the breakers were welding themselves to the box!!! That was the bacon frying sound we were hearing!!! So scary!!

We are really counting our blessings right now and so appreciative of everyone who has kept us in their thoughts and prayers because we know there was a bigger force in play that kept this from causing a disaster!!!

Anyways we really hope you are all doing well and we look forward to seeing your comments! We thank you all for all of your love and support you continue to show our family!

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