Crazy Times

Hey everybody… I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve checked in but I had a few minutes so I thought I try to catch up with you all. I hope everyone is doing well… I know things are so crazy everywhere with LIFE, COVID, and POLITICS but things have been especially crazy for us here lately.

Little Shyanne had her open heart surgery this past Monday… yes, we were scheduled for October 21st but things happened and we got postponed however little miss wasn’t too keen on being delayed and she let us know rather quickly that something needed to be done ASAP!

The past few weeks have been rather scary but we are so happy to be over that part and the road to recovery right now!

I’ve been posting a lot updates on her FACEBOOK PAGE @thelittlegirlwhocould but I will eventually try to get some of them put into some blog posts on here… one day!

We’ve (Shyanne and I) have actually been here at the hospital since last Thursday because she was admitted after a trip to the ER. Last Saturday we got a surgery date and Monday was her big day! That was probably one of the scariest days of my life but I felt like I was incredibly calm… yeah I did have a couple of moments where I just wanted to run to that OR and scoop my baby up and run away but I knew that she NEEDED this to happen. The recovery process has went so much smoother than I had anticipated… I think I had prepared myslef for the worst case scenarios but once again she has proved to be a little miracle baby!

I believe that her progress and success are due to all the prayers that have been going up for her and in part due to her strong will to survive and do her best at everything. We found out after surgery that her type of defect was actually quite rare due to her having two very large holes instead of just the one and the positions of the holes actually ‘broke the rules’… it sent goosebumps through me when the doctor told us this… Shyanne has definitely been out to prove everyone wrong time and time again.

We are so blessed to have such a precious addition to our family… she truly is a joy to be around and she lights up the room wherever she is! We are also blessed to have so many friends and family to support us and pray for us… things have been tough but their love and prayers have been getting us through! I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband as well.

We had planned out childcare and everything for her original date but when that fell through and we ended up in emergency mode he has really been there to coordinate things and keep the house going. I have been home twice since she has been admitted. Once to gather a few things and try to calm some of the chaos at the house as our new fridge decided to die while we were here. The next time I went home to get some groceries to restock the house and wash up some clothes. (I also went to see everyone else and get some big hugs to hold me over until I could get home again.)

The other kids are doing so well with all of this too. I know they miss Mommy and Shyanne but they understand that she is really sick and needs Mommy right now. We are taking a little break from school right now as well and once we get home we will work on getting back into our routine.

Today has been busy here, as usual, with doctors and nurses coming and going. I had remembered to grab my laptop while I was at home and I sat down to pay some bills because there are things that just won’t take are of themselves even in midst of chaos. I was so thankful that I had my bill paying spreadsheet stuck in my laptop so I didn’t have to try to remember everything that needed paid or end forgetting to take care of something. I am very thankful that I have had these little routines and such down because they really do help out when things are so chaotic and crazy.

These past few weeks have been so hard in so many ways that I really don’t know how we’ve made it through… except by GRACE. I can see that some of my past experiences and trials have prepared me for what we are going through so I can see how God has used some of my most terrible experiences for good and I am trying to remember that as we go through this experience right now. He is preparing us for something BIGGER and BETTER in the future.

I can see little miss starting to wiggle so I’m gonna get off of here and go spend some time with her. The change in her is so AMAZING!!! People have been saying that the other side is so good and now we can see it and we can attest to that fact… just a few short days after surgery and she is surpassing expectations and doing so well!

Please keep us in you thoughts and prayers as well as all the other little heart warriors out there and their families… this has been an incredible journey and I’ve celebrated with other moms and I’ve cried with them as some of their little ones have earned their angel wings… you just never know what tomorrow holds. Please take the time today to give somes hugs and let your loved ones know how you feel about them!

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