Quarantine Project: DIY Bookshelves

As you all know we moved recently and you may know that our bookshelves didn’t make it. This was a serious problems because we had no place to put the books and they were cluttering up the dining room as they had been temporarily piled there.

With no place to put the books we weren’t able to put the table together which meant that we had to eat around the island or standing at the counters… the kids thought this was fun at first but that has worn off since.

We had planned to head to IKEA for some Billy Bookcases but they were closed. We checked them out online but the shipping was killer!

We did check a couple of other online places but just didn’t find what we wanted. Mr. Awesome said he could build them so he headed out for supplies.

Don’t worry… no pool tables were harmed during this process!
  • 6 – 1x10x8s
  • Pocket screws

We had all the tools we needed but we had thought about getting some wood glue but figured we could always do that later if we needed.

The ends were cut off the wood to make them as straight as possible.

Four boards were cut to make four six foot pieces and four pieces that were 22.5 inches long. These would be the sides,tops, and bottoms.

The other two boards were cut into eight pieces that measured 22.5 inches. These would be the shelves.

The shelves, tops, and bottoms were then put into the jig to make pocket holes for the screws.

Once everything was cut it was time to assemble them.

The top was first. We tried to keep them as flush as possible… they will have some trim later.

Next was the bottom shelf. It was set 2 inches from the floor.

The remaining shelves were set at 13 inches apart which was plenty of room for what we needed.

The shelves were set in place and we used ‘L’ brackets at the tops to prevent them from tip overs.

Ms. Bella didn’t waste anytime getting the books put up. Momma needs to organize them but I’m so happy they are out of the floor.

It will be nice to eat our first meal at the table here tonight.

All in all we spent way less than what two bookshelves would’ve cost us and these are very sturdy.

We did repurpose a couple of the broken shelves to make smaller ones.

When we finish the homeschool area we will move these in there and build some more. We will also add some sort of backing… maybe some bead board … as well as some trim work to finish them out.

We will also paint everything to match and hopefully it will all look as good as our bathroom project turned out. (Post coming soon!)

We also finished up a couple of other projects like getting curtains up in the den so Mr. Awesome could see the TV.

These brand new curtains were given to me at a job we did last summer. I’ve been hanging on to them and thankfully they match with our current color scheme.

I also managed to get some hooks up in our bathroom for our hand towels and one in the kitchen for potholders… sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

We still have quite a few projects to tackle and a ton of stuff to organize as well. Not to mention we still need to finish moving things from the little house as soon as the weather clears up.

We hope you all are staying safe right now. We also want to thank you all for supporting our blog and our family through our affiliate links. Check out the full list under the affiliate tab.

What are some of the projects you’ve been working on lately?

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