Guess what? We finally moved!

Yes! You read that right. We have moved and last night we spent our first night in the new house! Yay!

It wasn’t like we moved very far… only about 120 steps from the little cabin and we are still on the pond… just not on stilts!

It seems like it’s taken forever to get to this point but it’s good to get here. We still have a ton of things to do and lots of organizing to get done but I’m hopeful that we will get it knocked out quickly.

I actually started this post a couple of days ago but between having little to no cell service, no internet, and lots of bad weather I’ve just now been able to finish it up on my phone.

On Saturday Nanny J helped me move most of the kitchen which made things a little bit interesting that night.

Before we could start moving things we had to straighten up the new house though. We managed to get the majority of the construction stuff condensed to one room.

We also moved most of the books to the new house as well.

We had quite a mess and unfortunately we still have an even bigger mess as the bookshelves didn’t survive the move!

We just bought some wood to build some custom bookshelves as IKEA was closed. I really did have my heart set on some of their goodies but the shipping was going to cost just as much as the items I wanted so Mr. Awesome to the rescue. Hopefully we will have these up soon and then we can build some more to fit when we get the homeschool area ready.

Yesterday we moved most of the remaining items.

This was probably the most disorganized move I’ve ever done… lol. In hindsight I realize that I should’ve went ahead and ordered some boxes because we definitely needed some.

Normally when I move I spend a day or two just packing and labeling everything. Every box, every item would be labeled with a color coded label and then the rooms in the new location would also be labeled with a color coded label. This makes things so much easier.

We did a little break to find Easter eggs after moving. They found all but one.

We did get quite a bit straightened up today though but there is plenty more to do.

The kitchen is pretty well put away and organized although everything still needs a good wipe down.

Our bathroom was quite a mess but I did manage to find the floor today. You can catch a glimpse of the baby bump in the picture below.

Since this pic was taken I also managed to finally get the tub cleaned out.

I’m still not sure if I want to bathe in it but Mr. Awesome did pick me up a hand held shower for the faucet so I may be able to use that to ‘shower’ if the other bathroom is occupied.

The guys also tackled their own project this afternoon.

Yep, that’s a pool table. It was given to Mr. Awesome and I agreed to having it in the ‘homeschool room’ as long as he could make a top for it so we could use it for our school table.

I’m not sure if this was a good idea or not but we’ll see how it all works out. Not being able to use this room right now has made things a bit difficult as we’ve had to put some of our cabinets and shelves in other rooms until we can finish this room.

I did try to keep up with some routines today. I’ve done some laundry and got the bed semi-made this morning.

I also gave the bathrooms a quick swish and swipe as well as doing a quick organizing in the kitchen. The spices were my main focus this morning.

I hadn’t really planned on using these racks but I needed some way to organize our spices for the time being.

We also managed to get the area under the sink semi organized as well.

Well, the kids are running wild at the moment and I have a few things to take care of. I had planned to get the art cabinet and our supply cabinet organized yesterday but that didn’t happen.

We needed to get some groceries and that was just pure craziness… maybe because some people had received their stimulus checks? We did end up getting enough food for at least a week but there was no TP to be found.

I will be working on a couple of pickup orders from Sams and Walmart (links under the affiliate tab) so we can get stocked up soon. I’ll need to walk over to the cabin or to Papa’s and Nanny‘s house for internet though. Ours won’t be transferred until next week.

I just fixed me a big glass of lemonade and I’m gonna get off here and try to get motivated to get a few things finished up so this house will start to feel more like home.

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