Our little Wonder Woman… some good news!

This Momma’s heart is so happy right now. If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I requested prayers for our little one. Our fetal cardiologist appointment got moved up to today and I was very anxious.

I was so anxious to find out about the issues with her heart. I was also anxious about heading to the appointment because that city is currently under a ‘Stay at Home’ order which was one of the reasons the appointment was moved up.

They were screening for COVID 19 and I had to answer a few questions as soon as I entered the building. I also had my temperature taken by a nurse. Once given the OK to proceed I got a sticker to wear.

I hadn’t expected all of that and it did put me a couple of minutes behind but I made it to the appointment.

Little Miss Priss didn’t want to cooperate during the ultrasound so it took a bit longer. Then they had to come back and take more pictures… I was in the ultrasound room for a little over an hour.

Waiting for the doctor to read the report and make his decisions was a bit nerve racking but I made it through.

The doctor and the nurse were very nice. They explained everything and showed me several pictures.

First they went over what a normal heart looks like and how it functions.

Then we moved on to our baby’s heart. It turns out that our little one does have a significant hole in her heart. It is what they call a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

He went on to explain that she also has a Tetralogy of Fallot (pink). This is very mild and he said that if I wanted more information that I just need to research about the VSD.

We will have another appointment before she is born to recheck everything and make sure there haven’t been any major changes.

From what he can tell she will be able to come home as long as she is feeding and breathing well… and as long as she doesn’t have any other concerns. She will need to have open heart surgery between 3 and 6 months but she should be just fine after that.

We did go over some of the complications, like breathing issues or lack of weight gain, that she may encounter. If she has any of these she may need to be in the hospital until she is big enough for surgery.

He also said that there are lots of people with/without Down Syndrome that have this condition. Even though the NIPT test is very accurate it doesn’t mean she has Down Syndrome (we have accepted that she most likely does) but they will do a blood test when she is born to find out if she does.

I know a lot of this sounds very scary but after some of the other stuff we’ve been told I was so relieved. Now that we know what is wrong and what to expect it gives us a peace of mind.

I know we still have some challenges ahead and we are still waiting for an appointment for her brain MRI but God is so good! I am so thankful for all those who have been praying for us … it really does help and God was listening!

The nurse and the doctor kept asking if I was OK and I assured them that I was… I didn’t even cry! I told them that this was probably the first visit that we had gotten such good news.

I told them about our appointment with the genetic counselor and how he had told us all about the downsides of having a special needs baby.

I had to interrupt him and let him know that I have a child with Down Syndrome and I’ve known many children with other conditions. All of these kiddos have their bad days but so do we all and a DS diagnosis wasn’t the end of the world.

I also told the doctor that I felt the word ‘termination’ shouldn’t even be brought to the table until the parent has spoken with the specialist like himself. I mean to hear the other doctors talk I was terrified of whatever was wrong with our baby girl. I did question whether my convictions where valid or not.

Now to know that her heart condition can be fixed and she can lead a normal life I feel so much better. If I had just acted a couple of months ago and terminated then we would never have known that this condition was not a death sentence.

Now I know that we still have another big issue to face but I have faith that God will give us the strength and understanding to deal with it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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