Where oh where did my motivation go?

Whew! I feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train this morning!

For the past couple of mornings I’ve been waking up with a slight discomfort which I believe is caused by the way little Miss Priss is laying… she already has her favorite position. The only way to get any relief is to either get up and walk around or lay on my back. Laying on your back while pregnant is not recommended so I usually end up getting up… no wonder I’m so tired.

I know in our area we are still peace the social distancing. In some counties nearby they are actually under orders to stay at home. It’s getting a little crazy but we are just trying to keep busy and keep to ourselves as much as possible.

As I’ve been going through things and moving I was trying to keep an eye out for some of my old cleaning routines I had printed out because we will probably go back to them when we get completely moved. I will share them with you all when I find them or I may just start from scratch and make some new ones.

I had all these plans of things I wanted to accomplish but my brain and body are not cooperating. Right now I’m cleaning out the bathtub so I can bring in the refrigerator shelves to wash them… we finally got most of the missing parts so I’m gonna clean it all up and get it ready.

We have a load of laundry washing… the jury is still out on how much I like the new washer and dryer. Part of the reason is because I just haven’t had time to sit down and read all the instructions so I’m sure I’ll get it figured out sometime soon.

I also have a load of storage baskets in the dishwasher… yep, we got the new one installed and it works! I have a ton of storage baskets but they needed cleaned as they’ve been in storage for a bit.

It looks just like the old one.

We also brought over one load of homeschool stuff. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen what we’ve been up to in the new house. Below are a couple pics of our homeschool area progress.

We had a couple of things in the shed that needed unboxed and a couple that needed put together. I realized that I’m missing a few boxes of clear cubbies but it’s been so long since I ordered them I doubt the company will send out replacements. Luckily I have some clear shoe boxes that will work.

Speaking of boxes… isn’t it funny how much fun kids can have with a box?

We moved quite a few loads of homeschool supplies and we got their cubbies set up. They weren’t too happy that Momma had them clean out their work boxes.

We did make a bit of progress. Here is an older before picture of the spaces in the little house:

It was so neat and tidy!

Here is the current state of affairs:

It’s starting to look a little different over there. I just finished setting up the calendar so I know Mr. Evan will be excited to see that when he comes over the next time.

A lot of this will need to be reorganized at a later date but I thinks it’s really coming along so far.

Over the weekend we did tackle a bit of work in the bathroom like installing the new exhaust fan/light combo.

We also came up with a plan of action for finishing up this bathroom and getting moved in. It is written on the bathroom wall so I snapped a quick pic of it so it doesn’t get forgotten about because I’m so ready to get moved.

While Mr. Awesome worked on electrical I changed out a few door knobs. We even got a couple of locking knobs for our bedroom as it is the access for the only working toilet right now. Our bathroom has no door so the locks will help with a little bit of privacy.

I don’t remember if I showed you all the new door we installed as well. We didn’t have a door to the laundry and I really wanted one their for various reasons so Mr. Awesome got me one. 😊 I’m such a lucky girl.

Anyways I guess I should get back to work and at least get this refrigerator cleaned out before lunch time. I might need a nap afterwards… lol.

I might also try to come up with a plan of action for getting those bookshelves over here. Papa O will bring a trailer over to load them and carry them when I’m ready… I just need to decide exactly where they are going. I also want to have a couple of other shelves cleared so we can bring them all at one time.

To be honest I’m really afraid that the bookshelves may not hold together and I might be out of some necessary storage! I’m probably gonna start a home wishlist on Amazon because some people have asked what we need and maybe they might just help a homeschooling Momma out here. 🤞

Our plan is to eventually make the ‘great room’ our homeschool area but right now is a construction zone.🚧 The bathroom issues really messed up our plans and then the electrical and plumbing issues didn’t help either.

Yeah, there a few more items that need to be relocated before we can do any school work in there. Most of the construction materials will be relocated to a shed outside. However the shed is full of furniture which needs to be moved to the little house. I need to clear an area in the little house to put some of said furniture though. Ahhh… what a mess!

So long story short… I really need to get my butt in gear and get some stuff moved. I really can’t believe how much stuff I had crammed into that little house in the first place. It seemed that we’d have an over abundance of room and storage in the new house but it’s proving to be a bit trickier than we first thought.

I never imagined moving next door would be so hard! (We are just about 120 steps between from each house!) I’d almost rather just get a bunch of boxes, rent a truck, and pack the whole house, drive next door and then unload it all but that would be really impractical.

I really hope you all have a wonderful day and stay safe!

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