Being Grateful When Things Are Bad

The past couple of days have been a doozy here. As you all know my kiddos have had the stomach bug, then Mr. Awesome caught it, and then I got it. It seems to be taking me a bit longer to get over it but today I do feel like I’m on the mend. I’ll spend today focusing on getting rehydrated and trying to eat a little bit.

Even if you aren’t sick I know this time is harder for some than for others. We are facing a lot of changes and uncertainties that we’ve never dealt with before.

Just yesterday a lot of our local schools announced that they would be closed for at least an additional two weeks. I know the burden this can put on so many parents. I’ve been that single parent who depended on my income with no one to help out when the kids were sick or out of school. My heart aches for those in this situation right now.

There are many employers who are giving paid time off for their employees but then there are some companies that aren’t. Employees are faced with the decision to expose themselves , and potentially their families, to this virus or go without a paycheck.

Then you have the self-employed individuals who may or may not have work right now. The ones who work face to face with customers are seeing many cancellations/postponements already. Others are seeing a decline because people are trying to save their money for the unexpected things yet to come.

The Bible tells us not to worry or be afraid… I know this is a hard thing sometimes but we really do need to keep our hearts focused on the good things.

Our family has been sick but everyone is feeling better now. In the past I have usually ended up at the hospital if I got a stomach bug while pregnant. Little Miss Priss is happily bouncing around which lets me know that she is doing well.

With everyone being stuck at home we get to spend a lot more time with each other. This is something a lot of families aren’t used to but it can cause them to learn so much about each other.

This also gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to teach children valuable lessons that they don’t learn in school. (There’s been quite a bit of fishing going on around this little pond here.) I have tons of ideas listed under the Homeschool tab if you aren’t sure where to start.

Another idea I’ve seen is to have your kids write letters to the nursing homes. This is a skill that seems to be going out of style but I know there are so many people who would love to receive a letter from anyone right now!

There are so many things you can do outside with your family as well. Take an afternoon to lay on your back and watch the clouds. You can also take walks (just try to keep a safe distance from others) and explore places that you’ve always wanted to check out. My kids love watching all the different birds around the pond and they are always wanting to look up the different species.

It might be hard to think of a good side to a smaller paycheck but there can be many good sides. You can save money on groceries by going through your freezers and pantries. Get creative and come up with some crazy meals… let the kids help too.

You can also let the kids help find ways to save money elsewhere. What ways can you save on your electric bill? Can you hang your clothes out to dry? Work together to brainstorm some ways to be more resourceful around your home.

Just think of all the time you have now to catch up on that To-Do list. We started working on our bathroom but got that got waylaid by the stomach bug. Hopefully it’ll get back on track this weekend.

If you are like me you probably have a pile of ‘someday’ projects laying around. Well, ‘someday’ has arrived. Maybe you wanted to work on a better budget, or research some online classes, or maybe there is a new skill that you want to learn. Now is a good time to start.

Every circumstance we are faced with will have its Ups and Downs. We just need to decide how we want to look at it. We need to be grateful for the things we do have and not to worry or stress over the things we don’t have.

Eventually things will go back to ‘normal’ and we will all be stronger and better equipped for things to come. So try your best to find something to be grateful for today and try not to worry to much about what tomorrow may hold.

Praying for you all during this time!

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