Anyone Have A Square To Spare?

Oh my goodness, what a day!

I’ve had some of the kitchen reno posts scheduled but I think I forgot to show you the new shelf paper that we put up. I took the vacuum cleaner and cleaned out all of the cabinets and then wiped them down really well. After they had dried I put up some new shelf paper that we found at Lowes. It looks so much better than the cow print that was there!

I know this is not something that everyone does but I like that it makes the shelves so much easier to clean… especially the ones that are old and not so smooth to start with!

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Today was pancake day here and since the griddle and pancake supplies were at the new house we had breakfast over there. We also carried over a few laundry baskets full of kitchen stuff on the way over.

We also washed our first load of laundry in the new washer and dryer that I mentioned in a previous post. We didn’t get to try out the dryer as we still need to pick up a new cord as the electrician rewired it as well as replace all of the breakers in the panel box. It worked great and we are in love with the washer so far.

Now we are just waiting on the new dishwasher, replacement shelves for the refrigerator, and for the siding to be fixed… hopefully that will all happen very soon!

I’m just so ready to get moved in… I’ve been watching all the progress that Jamerill Stewart is having with her recent move and I’m just a wee bit jealous… considering we’ve been planning this move since last July!

I’ve been cleaning out cabinets and taking over non-essential items. I also had to have Ms. Caitlyn carry the new vacuum back over to the old house so I could clean out some cabinets as we had some mice move in and boy did they make a MESS!

I’m hoping to get at least two of these cabinets moved over this weekend so I can reconfigure the kitchen cabinets… not sure if that’s gonna happen but I really would like it too!

In the process of putting away things, I have realized that I am going to need to keep my current pantry cabinets for some kitchen supplies but they will probably be located in the laundry room as they were in our old house. I also want to paint them at some point but that is not on the top of the To-Do list right now.

I did, however, manage to tackle a little problem that we had. We don’t have many drawers at all in the new house and Mr. Awesome had planned to just fix a place for me to hang the utensils… like I do now… but I had another idea.

I took an old can… a big can… and just covered it with a bit of leftover shelf paper. Voila, an instant utensil holder that didn’t cost me a thing. I do love upcycling items and reusing them around the house.

After unloading a couple of other baskets I decided that I should probably open my newest kitchen appliance to make sure it wasn’t damaged and that I didn’t need to return it for one reason or another… something I rarely do!

I was amazed at just how big it was… 10 quarts! It is quite a bit bigger than my old one which is now my hinge/lightswitch cooker! I’m really excited to start using this although I did have my eye on this cooker… maybe I’ll invest in one of those later on.

It got damaged somehow… not gonna say which child was responsible but she is a bit passive-aggressive at times and things will go missing or get broken when she is in one of her moods. You just gotta love dealing with hormonal teenagers!

After putting everything away and heading back over to the old house to start on dinnerI decided to check my Sam’s cart and get a few essentials ordered… one of which was toilet paper. Yep, that was a no-go! Nobody and I mean nobody has toilet paper right now. I’ve checked Walmart , Target, Amazon, and a few other locations only to find that it is out of stock… I guess we’ll be picking up one of these contraptions soon! I had wanted to get one for cleaning off cloth diapers so maybe I can talk Mr. Awesome into it!

No photo description available.

Normally this isn’t a big deal because we have plenty but I was a little late getting things ordered this month… plus I thought we had another pack in the shed but I was wrong! This isn’t the end of the world and I just heard that one of the dollar stores in town might still have a pack or two so I guess I will be headed that way in just a few.

I’ve tried to limit our outings right now with all of the stomach bugs and EVERYTHING going around but right now I have a couple of kiddos with the stomach bug so it’s not a lot of fun here. I’m just praying that I don’t get it on top of the ongoing morning sickness because that would be BAD. The kiddos are a bit upset because we did have something planned for this evening but we will be staying home as I don’t want to spread this to anyone else… I’m really not sure where they picked it up from at this point but I’m hoping it goes away just as quickly as it showed up.

How are you and your family holding up during this panic? I certainly hope you all are doing well and I really hope you stocked on TP beforehand!


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2 thoughts on “Anyone Have A Square To Spare?

  1. I like your utensil can! I’d be anxious to move in, too. The t.p. issue is driving me nuts! I think we have enough for a month, maybe longer. I’m hoping this crisis starts to calm by then. We’ve been building up some food storage, without going overboard. I don’t enjoy grocery shopping right now as the stores are super crowded and everyone seems to be in panic mode. It’s stressful! I plan to finish up shopping tomorrow morning and then stay home. Church is canceled. My daughter’s university has gone to all online classes. I’m extra glad we homeschool right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad we homeschool too! I try to do most of my shopping with grocery pickup as I’ve really been trying to limit contact with possibly sick people.

      Luckily my husband found some toilet paper last night… I’ll make sure to stay stocked up on that necessity as well, especially since hurricane season will be here soon.

      We hope you all have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

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