Yet Another Unexpected Roadblock! (Updated)

Hey there everyone! How have you been? I’ve been on the computer most of the morning taking care of some paperwork and applications for the kids’ schooling and such. Our slow internet makes things take two or three times as long as they should and it’s making me CRAZY! I’m actually writing this post as I wait for some scholarship information to pull up.

I was hoping to be writing with some good news but unfortunately, we have hit yet another roadblock with the house. Disclaimer: This post may be a partial vent! This past weekend we had planned to get quite a few things accomplished and possibly get quite a bit moved in but that didn’t happen.

Mr. Awesome had left his work trailer at a job and he forgot to bring home the tools he needed but that wasn’t a big deal as we figured we could focus on getting things moved… as I’ve only been able to move smaller items. I’ve already got a plan for where everything will go… it’s actually my second plan as the bathroom issues caused my first plan to be put on hold. We don’t want to move things into the homeschool room until we get the walls and stuff completed.

Saturday morning we had our new washer and dryer delivered. I was so EXCITED because I thought I’d be able to use them this week but as we know… things NEVER SEEM to go as planned with this house. I’m seriously beginning to think someone has hexed the house and I’m ready to pull out the sage and do a serious home blessing!


The delivery guys had a bit of a time finding the house so Mr. Awesome told them he could hook everything up if they carried it into the laundry room. Then when they unboxed the dryer they found that it was DAMAGED! It didn’t appear that it would affect anything so we took the discount they offered and called it a day… well, almost.


Mr. Awesome and I got busy hooking it up while the kids ate some Blueberry Oatmeal Bread and OJ for breakfast. They love eating breakfast in the new house even though they have to stand at the counter for right now as we haven’t brought the table over. We hooked the dryer up first and it went rather easy. The washer went fairly easy as well except that the hot and cold receptacles in the house had been replaced with similar knobs so we had to guess as to which was which… we got it right the first time around though.

They look pretty good in the laundry room and I threw a couple of rags in the washer for a test run.


While the washer was running we headed to the kitchen to see if we could figure out the dishwasher… that was such a mess! I had to turn off several breakers so that Mr. Awesome could try to figure out where the power was supposed to be coming from. Nothing made sense in the kitchen but we eventually figured it out and got the dishwasher to come on. Then we had no water coming into the dishwasher. After troubleshooting the water supply we concluded that the problem is within the dishwasher and not something we could fix ourselves.


We made a few calls, sent a couple of texts, and then an email or two to the dealer who really wants nothing more to do with us. He has actually told us this on a couple of occasions… The dealer did eventually get back in touch with us and said he would send someone out again to fix the dishwasher and to replace the missing parts on the fridge which we hadn’t really worried too much about as we had another but then we found that the new fridge won’t fit in the kitchen space… 😦 


Mind you that we were told that all of the appliances were brand new but for some reason, our fridge didn’t look new and now the dishwasher doesn’t work… it has actually never been used. I can understand how the dealer is frustrated but we tried to explain to him that we are just now finding these issues as we are just now able to try to move into the house because we’ve been dealing with one issue after another. We have really tried our best to deal with as many things as we could as we don’t really care to deal with this dealer anymore either.

When the service guys come out they are supposed to fix some of the siding that has come loose AGAIN as well.


After the dishwasher episode, we went to the back to test the dryer… when we turned on the dryer there were sparks flying out of the main electrical panel! Yeah, not good! Now the power is shut off to the house, AGAIN, as I am afraid of something bad happening. The dealer is supposed to be sending out an electrician to look at the problem… we haven’t heard from anyone as of yet so we aren’t sure when they are coming out.

I realize that this was probably a blessing in disguise that it happened right then as I may have thrown the clothes in on Monday and then left the house… who knows what could’ve happened? We also found that the dryer is not wired into its own breaker and we can turn off all the breakers with the exception of the main breaker and the dryer still has power???

We are really just about at wit’s end with this house and with the dealer… it’s just been so much that has happened and it seems that there is no end in sight. I’ve already changed my address and my driver’s license so I am anxious to get in. Not only are we anxious to get completely moved in I’ve already been experiencing some ‘nesting’ and I REALLY need to get settled! We have been paying utilities and such on both places so it’s really becoming quite a burden to not be able to live in our new house.

I really am glad that I’ve been documenting most of this process on my blog as unfortunately there may come a time in the future when I need all of this information. This experience really has been quite trying and stressful… especially given the fact that I am also dealing with a lot of issues related to this high-risk pregnancy. I just really don’t even have the time or energy to keep dealing with this dealer… you wouldn’t even believe some of the things that they have told us in regards to the issues at the house. For now, I’m just gonna pray that they get out here ASAP… I mean what would this be like if we had no other place to go? 

Yes, I feel myself going to the dark side so I’m just gonna try to focus on something else like I need to find a new internet provider as the scholarship keeps bumping me off the site due to some kind of error…Grrr. We all have those days when nothing seems to be going your way and you just want to give up but we can’t. I know there is a lesson, or two, that can be learned from this situation and I have definitely seen that GOD is there watching over us. There have been so many instances where our house could’ve burned or someone could’ve been seriously injured and He has kept His hand around us to protect us and we are so thankful for that.

Please send some happy thoughts our way and pray that the dealer really does get this mess fixed so that we can FINALLY get into our HOUSE and make it a HOME. We hope you all have a great week!


The electricians came out and replaced all the breakers in the main panel as well as the receptacle for the dryer. They said the dryer was wired for a different receptacle so they fixed the problem. Now we just need to buy a new dryer cord.

They also said we were lucky because of the ‘arc flashes?’ were pretty bad. Apparently some of the breakers were so bad that even when they were flipped ‘off’ they weren’t totally ‘off’… pretty scary!

They did assure me that the breakers would trip to prevent fires and that we are good to go as far as the electrical is concerned now.

Now we are just waiting on the service guys to come out and finish up the appliance stuff and the siding issues.




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