Planning ahead with Cozi, a birthday in the house, and a house update

How are y’all doing?

I’ve started feeling a tad bit better this week… not having constant nausea like I previously had although it still hits and still knocks me down from time to time. I have managed to make all of our ‘normal’ breakfasts for the week… yay! The kids were happy to have French Toast and Pancakes again. I had cheated and bought quite a bit of cereal over the past few weeks… they like cereal but they missed their hot meals.

I had used up all of my freezer meals and was forced to cook this week… dinner was not always on the table at the usual time but it did get made. Sometimes dinner didn’t quite make sense as I was just pulling things out of the cabinets in the order I found them… lol.

Early this morning when insomnia hit I made a decision to get up and be productive… sigh… I’ve tried really hard and it might not seem like I’ve gotten a lot accomplished but it’s been a lot more than I have been getting done so I’m OK with that. We even got quite a bit of schooling done with our By the Shores of Silver Lake Adventure Adventure.

First, was to wish Mr. Joey a happy birthday as he turned 8 today! Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday he was a chubby little baby…


He is going to ride with me in a little bit to pick up the groceries and pick out a cake… I just don’t have the energy left to make one and I think he has his heart set on an ice cream cake so we will see what he chooses. He is also anxiously awaiting big sister’s SKYPE call so he can open his gifts!

I also got our Walmart Grocery Pickup for the week and got started on some meal planning. I love our Cozi app and how versatile it is! I went onto the calendar and updated a couple of months of meal plans. I even added several new freezer meal recipes to the rotation so that I can be better prepared for sick days and times when life just gets busy. I even remembered to add a new 2020 calendar to our pickup as we don’t have one yet and things have been a little crazy without it…

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I’ve really been holding off on doing another major Freezer Meals session because we wanted to be in the new house before I stock everything up. This would keep us from having to move so many cold things back and forth. For the rest of this month and the beginning of February I just have a bunch of slow cooker meals planned out. As long as I can get the food in the crockpot before the first wave of nausea hits we should be good to go!


I would show you a sneak peek of my calendar but I just don’t have the energy to edit it right now so I’ll try to show you an example later on. You can always search the blog for ‘Cozi’ and see some past examples. Did I mention that this calendar is FREEYou can opt to purchase a subscription which is what I have but I did use the FREE version for many years.

I set my meals up as ‘recurring events’ and add the recipes to the ‘notes’ section. I can double-check ingredients on my phone anytime which is really handy when I decide to make something at the last minute while walking through the grocery store. Today I set up some of the freezer meals to alternate here and there so I won’t have as many ‘bulk cooking’ days as I have done in the past and maybe it will make it a little bit easier to stay on top of things. In the event that I want to do a ‘bulk cooking day’, I can still easily access the recipes and ingredients.

Mr. Awesome likes that he can check the calendar from his phone to see what we are having for dinner as well as what I may have planned for the week. We have EVERYTHING on our calendar… Dr. appointments, meals, square dance events, etc… so it truly does keep our LIVES organized.

I am hoping that soon I’ll be feeling a lot better and I can get back to our routines which will get things running much smoother around here. I can only do so much sitting in a recliner…


As far as our house goes not much has happened since my last update. The septic has been inspected and covered but we are still waiting on the electrician, who we were originally told would be here Monday and then Wednesday, and the finishing crew… sigh. We also haven’t heard anything about the steps that need to be replaced.

I told Mr. Awesome today that at the rate they are going I might have this baby before we get moved in! I sincerely hope that isn’t the case because this little house is really getting to me lately… I’ve probably got a touch of cabin fever.

We still have things packed up in the shed and I had ‘temporarily’ put some of our homeschool supplies in totes because we were supposed to be in by Christmas. Well, that didn’t happen and now school supplies are EVERYWHERE and I don’t want to unpack them all! What’s a Momma to do?

No photo description available.

This is a mixture of supplies to go with our current unit study plus some books and stuff we have picked up here and there.

No photo description available.

This is our wire cubbies where I have some of the subjects sorted… or at least I did.

No photo description available.

You can see another tote of supplies in this picture… this really is driving me INSANE as I am normally a very organized person. I looked EVERYWHERE for the Which Way USA magazines earlier this week only to find them right next to where I was sitting. 

I really need to log into my Homeschool Managers account and get the schedules updated so I can print them out for the older girls. One thing at a time though… I think I’ve done about all the computer I can do for the day as my hands are getting kinda numb and tingly but I’ll try to get on a bit more often as I feel better.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!

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