Life Update: January 3, 2020

Whew! What a time we’ve had over the past few weeks! I apologize for not getting to post anything on a regular basis. A lot of the recipes that have posted had been typed up prior to November, when my oldest daughter left for Kansas, and then scheduled to post later… good thing I did that or I wouldn’t have had the energy to do anything all month!

I’m having an OK morning so far so I wanted to go ahead and try to type up a quick post to fill everyone in on what has been going on around here! So just in case, you missed some of our most recent news, here is a quick update:

  • Mr. Awesome and I got married on Christmas Day with a surprise wedding!
  • We also officially announced that there will be a new addition to our family later this year!

Yes, we had a surprise wedding which I’ll try to post more about later… I just don’t know how long I have before I start feeling sick again so I’m gonna try to keep this short and sweet. Let me start with a quick house update before I go any farther…


Our house is not ready to move in yet… they moved the septic tank on New Year’s day as it had been placed too close to the house. I’m not sure when the inspector will be back out… he may have already been back out but I’ve been too tired to notice if he has. After the inspector gives the go-ahead they can come out and cover up the septic and drain field… it’s a muddy mess out there right now.

The electrician is scheduled to come out the beginning of next week sometime and the finishing crew had been scheduled to come the week before Christmas but they have not made it out yet… I just got word that they will be out here next Wednesday. We are also waiting for the correct steps for the back door.

Once the electrician comes out then the power company should come out to connect the power to the house. Then we just need the inspector to come and hopefully give us the OK to move in. Once that happens they can send someone out to close up the bottom of the house and we can start making it feel like home.


Even though we couldn’t move in yet we did celebrate Christmas in the new house with no power or water… everyone had to make the trek to the little cabin when they needed to potty but no one complained. We had a great meal and then surprised everyone with a wedding! It was a pretty special day.


Mr. Awesome was so happy that he was the first one to post it on Facebook and he changed his relationship status before I even had a chance to think about it. It wasn’t long before my phone started going crazy and I was trying to figure out how everyone found out so quickly… lol.


Well, we had already decided that we would announce the newest addition on Christmas day as well so I had the post ready to go and went ahead and sent that out as well… double whammy for some and I’m sure it definitely gave quite a few people something to talk about but that’s OK.  We are excited to meet this new little person later this year.

This pregnancy, however, has already been one of the most difficult ones I’ve had. Considering that this is my 10th pregnancy that is saying quite a bit. It seems that the older I get the harder this is on me.

Earlier in December, about a week after we found out, we made a trip to the local ER as I was having some issues. I was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage and low potassium. We figured the potassium issue may have been a result of the morning sickness that had started that week.

They did an ultrasound and were able to see our teeny tiny little jelly bean with a flickering little heartbeat so that was very reassuring! The doctor said the baby looked good and everything else looked fine so they felt that the bleeding had nothing to do with the baby. They gave me two doses of potassium while I was there and then let me go home.

That week was kind of rough as the issues continued off and on through the week but eventually eased off and I’ve had no more problems since. They did some bloodwork at my next doctor’s appointment and then I went back the next week for a followup. They also gave me a prescription for some anti-nausea medicine. (I’ve been trying all of my tried and true remedies from previous pregnancies with no relief… the prescription was definitely a last resort for me.)

All of the bloodwork came back good with the exception of my thyroid levels… something I’ve never had an issue with before. The doctor gave me some lab orders to have completed before my next appointment which will be at a high-risk clinic.

I went home not feeling too concerned as the doctor hadn’t seemed too concerned with the results. That changed when she called me back the next day and told me that she had consulted with one of the high-risk doctors and they had agreed that I should start on some thyroid medication. So the next day I started my first dose… it seems to have exacerbated my morning sickness symptoms… ughhh!

I have spent the past couple of weeks on the couch with a puke bucket close at hand. The first couple of weeks I was trying to stay on the Trim Healthy Mama plan but that has been temporarily abandoned as I have had a difficult time keeping anything down. This week I have been surviving mainly on mango slices, cheese sticks, cheese crackers, ginger ale, and hot tea. My sister bought me some preggo pops and some morning sickness tea which does help as well. (I have tried to eat a bit from some of our meals as well but it usually comes back up.)

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It’s been a chore just to make sure the basic things are getting completed but everyone has been chipping in and helping out. Thank goodness for Walmart Grocery Pickup as going into the grocery store is pure torture with all of the smells and such! Did I mention that I have this new superpower of being able to smell things before anyone else? Not fun!

In spite of feeling like I’ve not done a thing all day I find that I must go to bed super early almost every day! I seriously do feel bad for Mr. Awesome as I’m sure this is not how he had pictured our ‘honeymoon period’ would be but he has truly been a lifesaver through this trying period. I know that this too will pass and every day is a day closer to when this phase is over… for now though I will just continue to binge watch some ‘Fixer Upper’ and ‘Counting On’.

I will admit that this has been rather scary with the problems we’ve already faced and not knowing what issues the thyroid problem could have caused has been hard for me. We do have an appointment in a couple of weeks to see the high-risk clinic and have some more bloodwork done. We will also have an ultrasound done at the appointment. Please say a little prayer that everything goes well!

Anyways I’m starting to feel a bit of nausea coming on so I probably need to refill my ginger ale and grab a few crackers but first let me show you a quick picture of the way I told Mr. Awesome our baby news… lol…


I think I might have mentioned this in one of our earlier posts but I can’t remember. He happened to be playing Minecraft the night I had found out that we were expecting. I had been trying to wait for the ‘right time’ and trying to figure out how to tell him when this idea came to me.

The kids were in bed so I thought we could sit and play a bit so I went to where he was and started to build my own little house. He really wasn’t paying a lot of attention to what I was doing so I was able to build this version of the ‘HOLLYWOOD‘ sign that said ‘NEW BABY PEREZ 2020‘… lol.

I took him a bit before he saw it and then it did take a few seconds for it to sink in… I wish I had taken a video but I didn’t plan that far ahead. He was in shock, just as I was, but he is excited to meet this little one.

We hope you have all had a wonderful start to the new year and that you have a wonderful weekend!

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