A Christmas To Remember!

So we did get to celebrate Christmas in our new house even though we can’t officially move in yet and we had no power… or heat! We set the tree up and decorated it on Saturday and everyone had a lot of fun helping.

 After the decorating was done it was time to kick the kids out of the house until Christmas as I needed a gift wrapping station. We had all helped to bring in a lot of the boxes I had in the shed… there may still be a gift or two hidden in there somewhere!

That was a lot of work to get all of those gifts wrapped and taken care of as I hadn’t wrapped the first gift, other than a couple that we took to a party, and there were a lot of boxes!

Christmas Morning

After breakfast on Christmas morning, we all trekked over to the house to open gifts… first, we stopped and Nanny’s and Papa’s to open gifts there as it was on the way.

The kids were amazed that Santa had indeed found our house and they were so excited. After opening gifts we had to do a quick clean up as we had more people coming for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Dinner

Before dinner, we had one more surprise…

As everyone probably knows Mr. Awesome and I got engaged before Thanksgiving… as he had taken his dear sweet time with the proposal we decided to go ahead and get this taken care of before either one of us could get cold feet…

We got married!

We got married!

We got married!

We got married!

Yep, we had actually planned on having a housewarming/surprise wedding but seeing that the house isn’t going to be ready for a bit longer we just decided to do it while we had a lot of our family with us. To say that people were surprised was an understatement and even though it wasn’t quite the way we had planned it was very special!

BONUS: Mr. Awesome has no excuse for forgetting our anniversary in the future! 

I had a bit of trouble trying to hide the cake and cupcakes that I made but I did manage to pull it off. Christmas dinner ended up being our wedding reception as well! I’ll list the supplies for the cake below.

One More Surprise

But wait… we have one more surprise for everyone else as well! This little surprise may have shocked Santa more than it did me!


Yep! We found out a few weeks ago that we are expecting a little bundle of joy! This has been the major reason I haven’t been feeling well and haven’t been able to blog as much recently… well, this little one and the house drama. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this pregnancy has already been quite hard on me… please pass the ginger ale and saltines and bring me a pillow for a nap, please!

Trying to keep this secret has been very hard and I had planned to keep it a little longer but my body has already decided that it wasn’t hiding anything and people were getting suspicious so we have been letting them in on it on a ‘need to know’ basis… lol.

Even though our Christmas didn’t go quite as planned or expected it will definitely be a Christmas to remember!

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here are the links to the products I used for the cake and cupcakes:

3 Pcs Mr&Mrs Toppers Natural Wood Cake Decoration Chic Rustic Wedding Mr Mrs Letter Topo for Couple Sweetheart Party Anniversary Birthday

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 –Thank you!



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