Life Update: A Christmas Dance and a Quick House Update

Hey y’all… I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping everyone updated but if you follow me on Facebook you’ve been seeing the progress that has been happening on the house since our last update. I’ll fill you in the progress below but first, here is a cute photo from a Christmas Dance that we attended last Saturday… the kids were surprised to learn that the Grinch could square dance!


Also, before I get any farther I want to let you know about this great sale at Norwex!


I’m super excited about the new products coming out in 2020 and will be sharing some of them with you soon!

House Update:

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to move in the house by Christmas and it most likely won’t be until after the New Year… sigh… this was a HUGE disappointment as I’ve been so trusting that they would do what they said they would do but instead, things haven’t gone as planned and people keeping passing the buck… but that is neither here nor there right now I really don’t want to sound negative so we will just focus on what has been finished so far:


Our AC has been installed. There was a slight issue with the electrical but they fixed it so that everything will work just not quite as efficiently as it could… if we upgrade our electrical box in the future they can upgrade the breaker too.


They also came out to work on the well. It was originally said that it would take a day but it ended up being more like three because they got a late start one day and then the truck had some mechanical issues.

While they were fixing the mechanical issues we had a couple of things to sort out with the septic before it could be installed but that was taken care of quickly. They continued to bring out loads of dirt while the well was being taken care of as well.


Finally, on the third day, we had water!

It is a bit of a muddy mess out there right now but it is ready to be connected to the house.


The next day the steps were delivered… they look really nice except that the wrong size steps were ordered for the back patio door… I spoke to the delivery guy who confirmed that the steps he made were what the dealer had ordered. He said he would call them when he got back to the office.

I’ve messaged a couple of different people with no response from anyone… it’s not the end of the world but it would be nice to get what we expected.


Today the crew is out here working on the septic and the finishing crew should be back anytime now to finish up a couple things on the house. Once these crews finish up we will be waiting on the electrician… who it turns out had to wait on the septic because I think it will have a pump of some sort.

All in all the house is coming along. I will be looking for the doormats when I get in the shed this weekend because the red clay from the house pad is getting EVERYWHERE! I’m also gonna look for the curtains because I would like to dress up the room where the tree is going to be… we can’t really go all out with our Christmas decor this year but I would like it to feel a little more like home.

Saturday we plan to put the tree up… that’s tomorrow! Where has the time gone? I feel like the past couple of weeks have gone by so fast… partly because I’ve been so sick and just napping and then also we’ve had SO MUCH going on.

Sunday we have a family dinner to go to. Mr. Awesome has already said he will be making the baked beans and I will probably grab a premade dessert of some kind from the store as I’m just too pooped to cook! It’s probably not a good thing that I’m using our next to last freezer meal for tonight’s dinner… sigh. 

Anyway, I need to get in the shower and try to make myself look more presentable as right now I could probably get a gig with the Walking Dead! This look might not be too bad around Halloween but it probably won’t do well for this season!

We hope you all have a very productive and happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “Life Update: A Christmas Dance and a Quick House Update

  1. Great read!!!! That property your new home is on is beautiful. I’m so happy for all of you. I hope y’all have a great Christmas. Please tell Joan and Ken hello for me.


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