Life Update and A Quick House Tour

So I’ve been trying to get this quick video tour to upload but our internet has been so crappy… well you know how our internet it so it has taken me longer than expected to get this out to you. I’ve also been feeling a bit under the weather and had an ER visit on Sunday where I found out that my potassium was low… sigh… if it isn’t one thing it is another, right? The video tour will be down below but I’ll go ahead and give up a little update on the house since our last update.

This week has been a whole lot of sitting around watching Fixer Upper and other DIY shows plus I’ve been trying to track down a mysterious odor in the house. I thought I had found it yesterday when I finally broke down and unboxed our new vacuum cleaner. I used it to vacuum the couch and small rug which temporarily made the smell disappear but the smell is back with a vengeance… funny thing is that no one else can smell it… ugghhhh!

I really love Shark vacuums and they work so well. Even Mr. Awesome was amazed at the amount of dirt that I picked up in such a small area!

We’ve still been eating on some of those freezer meals that I made last month! I have greatly appreciated all of those ready-made meals this week! I plan to do another mega freezer meal session soon… just as soon as I start feeling a bit better.

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Enough about the old house… let’s talk about the new house. First,  I’ve got a couple of pictures of the view from the back… 

I LOVE the views and have had so much fun watching all of the different birds on the pond already. The boys were really excited to see the view from their room as well! Our current house doesn’t really have a good view of the pond unless you step out on the front porch so it will be really nice to see everything that we’ve been missing out on!


Our house is set up now… well, not completely. The factory people need to come out and finish up the closeup and trim inside as well as finish the closeup and siding on the outside. We also sent in a ton of pictures and a numbered list of things that had been damaged and need to be repaired. Here are a few of those things:

It’s important to document EVERYTHING for future reference in case you need it.

We have fixed the broken windows and will be waiting to install the new windows that the dealer gave us. We also added a few mini blinds to some of the windows as some of the rooms on the front just felt extremely exposed. I did give the windows a good cleaning with one of my handy dandy microfiber cloths, a little bit of water, and a window cloth to shine and BOY you should’ve seen how NASTY the water was! Actually, I should’ve taken a picture so you could’ve seen it but I forgot!

Those microfiber cloths really did a great job getting the dirt, grime, and paint splatters of the glass. Finishing up with the window cloth just adds a little bit of extra shine that you wouldn’t think was possible with just water! I was anxious to go ahead and hang some curtains but Mr. Awesome said I needed to wait on that… pooh!

The setup crew came on Sunday and finished running some of the drains that had been removed for transport so all of that is ready to go when the septic is installed.

According to our last update, on Tuesday, we should see the AC guys, the factory guys, and the steps any day now… nothing so far. We should also have a well and septic before the beginning of next week… nothing there either although they did tell Mr. Awesome yesterday that we would have dirt here today which I haven’t seen that yet either.

We’ve already made our first interest payment and found our that our first house payment will be next month! The dealer wants everything signed off on but we aren’t signing off until each aspect is completed which apparently is causing some delay… but I don’t want to sign off that something has been completed satisfactorily until it is COMPLETED SATISFACTORILY.

The electric company actually sent the engineer out the same day I applied for services and he marked the spot for the pedestal. The electrician, who will also finish up the plumbing, can’t come out until the AC has been brought out… <insert eye roll>… so it is a never-ending cycle. The inspector won’t come out until EVERYONE has finished EVERYTHING has been completed so we are really trying to be PATIENT but it is getting hard when people aren’t showing up as planned! The electric won’t get turned on until the inspection happens either!

Basically, we could still, possibly, be in our house by Christmas but the timeline is getting really tight. I’ve already told EVERYONE that our tree is going up in the new house and Santa has already sent word that he will be delivering gifts to the new house… this means that electric or no electric our tree is going up SOON!

I just went to check and see if anyone had shown up yet but nope… NADA. I also had the girls give the doggie another bath in hopes that this mysterious smell would go away but NOPE it’s still here… Anybody have a clothespin?

I really have to try to track down this smell because it is really getting to me… before I go though I’ll add the video tour to the post so you can have a quick look at the house as it is now. If you follow me on Facebook then you’ve probably already seen the video but here it is again just in case you haven’t seen it:


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