Flash Sale and Quick House Update!

 I’m so sorry I forgot to post the links earlier… my brain has gone on vacation or something… lol!

Hey guys! Things have been SOOO CRAZY around here this week as our house is finally here and in the process of getting set up. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to get the last couple of things taken care of.

I meant to post this sale yesterday… I’ve got make sure I grab a couple of these for myself as well... but I got BUSY and forgot! I’m so sorry!

1 Day FLASH SALE! Laundry Detergent 1kg

This laundry detergent is AMAZING and really does a great job. We use it and/or the liquid on EVERYTHING! We also mix it with a little water to make a paste that cleans a number of items around the house!

I seriously use 3 of these laundry detergent bags a year! Love how long it lasts, I use just a 1/4 of a scoop per load no matter the size and it works every time!   No phosphates, sulphates, bleach, animal testing,etc.   I am proud to recommend this product!

Here is another link to some of the many uses for this amazing detergent!

This bag goes a long way! You can wash up to 100 loads with this super-concentrated powder! Less than 5 cents a load!!!

FLASH SALE! Kitchen Towel & Cloth, graphite

I don’t have any of these YET but I have seen them and actually sold a couple at vendor events… I’m hoping to add a couple to my collection later today. 

These are available in other colors but the graphite is the only one on sale right now… ditch the paper towels and give these a try!

I’ll be posting more pictures of the house soon but for now, here’s a couple from yesterday:

Please say a prayer that we can be in by Christmas… I’ve already told them the tree is going up in the house whether we are living there or not!

If you aren’t following us on Instagram @kirbyzkorner or on Facebook at Kirby’s Kabin Blog then you should go do that now as we have been updating those sites as progress is happening… it is a little quicker than writing a whole blog post but I will get some new pictures up on here soon…

Have a great weekend!

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