Life Update: A Cross-Country Move, House News, and A Question

I want to thank everyone who said a little prayer and kept my daughter and son-in-law in their thoughts this past week as they were traveling across the country to their new home… at least it will be for the next couple of years until they are stationed elsewhere. I miss them so much already but I am so happy to report that they made it safely with almost everything they had tied on the back of their truck… the vacuum cleaner was not so fortunate. They are working on getting settled in and preparing to have their first Christmas away from family… I am so proud but it makes me sad too!

On Wednesday we did get some great news about our house… it should be here next week. She said 100% next week so I’m getting really excited! There is a slew of things we need to take care of now that we actually have all the permits… like applying for new electrical service. I have a couple of questions on the application that the contractor has to help me with but I am so ready to go and get this done!

I am not so ready to move because I know I have a TON of stuff crammed in this tiny house… I’m gonna try to do a quick walk-thru video for your guys this week if I get a chance.  Most people know that 600 square feet is not a lot of room for so many people but many of them don’t quite realize just how small it really is until they actually see it. Or when I Facetime them and stand in one room while turning in a circle to show them the whole house… yep the whole house from one spot! You can read about what we ate at their last visit in this post: Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Casserole

Well, something else happened on Wednesday… Mr. Awesome got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM! Whooooooo!!!! I can’t believe it but I did say YES!!! It all seems a little surreal at the moment as we have so much going on but we are so happy and EXCITED. We have not set a date yet but we do have a couple of ideas floating around.

I know there was a time that I said I wouldn’t do the whole marriage thing again but I’ve had to learn… the hard way… that you should NEVER say NEVER because GOD often has other plans in store. I had prayed and prayed for a long time before I met Mr. Awesome and then I had pretty much given up when he happened to dance his way into my life… I truly NEVER expected to meet anyone when I signed for square dance classes. GOD does work in mysterious ways.

Thursday we had a great meal with friends and family who overflowed our tiny house. We actually ate our dinner outside as the weather was so nice here. There was plenty of good food and fellowship plus I got to spend some quality time with a couple of my older kids who were able to make it for dinner. We actually finished up the leftovers last night for dinner so we are very thankful for that. If you need some ideas for using up your leftovers check out this post: Susie Q’s Top Ten Ways to Use Up Turkey Leftovers.

The kids have been begging to go play in the dirt piles again but I just haven’t felt like going out there to supervise… maybe tomorrow we’ll let them have one last go at the pile with their toy tractors and dump trucks… if you haven’t seen the photos from before then check out this post: What do you do when life gives you dirt?

We will post more updates about EVERYTHING as soon as we find out more information. Be warned that you may soon be flooded with house pictures… I’m sure I’ll be posting TONS of pictures. I’m also hoping to get back on schedule with our homeschool adventure, By the Shores of Silver Lake Adventure Adventure Weekly Guide Links, this week and we’ll be posting some updates about that as well.

I’m also planning to do another big freezer cooking as we have just about eaten all of the ones we made earlier this month… they really did save us quite a few times when things got a little crazy here. You can read about our last freezer cooking in this post: 35+ Freezer Meals In One Day! We are having one of the Stuffed Shells with some sauteed zucchini and yellow squash and some Quick & Easy Garlic Bread… yummy!

We pray that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive in your hearts as we enter into Christmas!

Oh… here’s a picture of the ring:


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