Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

I haven’t been talking a lot about our Norwex lately but I can tell you that we are even more in love with these products than we were when we first got them.

We’ve been using the cloths and water to clean the majority of our house and we are loving how easy it is not too mention all the money we’re saving because we aren’t buying so many cleaners. After watching some live demos I’m even more confident in Norwex’s ability to remove viruses and bacteria from the surfaces.

I’m also loving the opportunity to be able to share with others about how Norwex has improved our lives on a daily basis. Just yesterday I happened to use a sample of another laundry detergent. Well, it did smell good and it seemed to work pretty well but the smell has become very overwhelming!

I never realized how the fragrances can linger and affect your sinuses so much. Maybe I’m just a little more sensitive because we’ve had some colds and stuff going around but boy does the smell bother me. I’ve actually had to throw a couple of things back in the hamper to rewash because I just can’t wear them like they are.

Mr. Awesome had even borrowed some of my cloths for work because they’ve had a few customers who were kind of particular about how things were cleaned up. The cloths and water have been amazing for just about every job we’ve tackled!

I just went through my emails and saw this special so I wanted to pass it along so you could give them a try without spending an arm or a leg! I’m gonna try to grab a couple of these deals as well for gifts or maybe for myself because we’ll be needing a few more when we get moved.

I know I’ve gotten a little bit long-winded here but these products really are amazing! You can also like and follow me on Facebook @susieschemfreezone to learn about sales and specials. (There will be plenty more to come before Christmas!)

Just think, you can do some Black a Friday shopping before Thanksgiving and never even leave the house. You can even shop in your PJs and no one will ever know!

I just love this special edition window cloth!

Black Friday Sale starting today! You can purchase any color EnviroCloth® with the Limited-Edition Window Cloth, Nordic for $32.99 (a total bundled savings of 15%)! This offer is available from noon, CST, November 26 to noon, CST, December 1, 2019, while supplies last!

Before I forget… can I ask you all to please keep my daughter and son-in-law in your prayers as they are traveling to their new home this week. I am sad that they won’t be so close but I am so very proud of them and all of their accomplishments!

Thank you!

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